Alexander's Problem

We all have secrets. And we all have problems. Maybe that's the problem with me. Maybe I don't have secrets. Maybe I don't have problems. Well, I don't think I do. Maybe my problem is I have no problems, but wouldn't that be considered a problem? I guess it would be.
I wonder what other people's problems are. Like what's Alexander's problem. He's always quiet during school. He never speaks unless he's being spoken to, which I find odd. Why wouldn't you want to talk? I wonder why he doesn't talk. I wonder what happened to him.
This year, I'm going to find out what his problem is.


2. Day Two: Eat with Alexander

    Surprisingly, all my morning classes passed pretty quickly. We had a substitute in English, so everyone basically talked and did whatever. I think I was the only working on what we were supposed to be working on—a worksheet on Transitional Devices. Honestly, I feel bad for our substitute. He was a really nice guy. He kept glancing at me though. I think it was because  I wasn't talking or sitting with people. Sorry Mister Substitute, I don't have a problem, so I don't have friends. I wonder what his problem is. I wonder if he has friends. Maybe he doesn't have a problem either, so he's a loner. I like him though. He's my favorite substitute so far. All the others have been rude and not just to me, but they mainly were mean to me. I think it's because I don't have a problem.

      In maths, we just took a test. It was pretty easy. I was the first one to finish as usual. The whole period was a read/work on homework period. Well, it was just a read period because we had no English homework.

      Chemistry was like every other day. Our boring teacher Mr. Lucifer—a name that doesn't fit him at all. He's actually really nice and kind. People make fun of him for his last name. He doesn't change it because he says he'll feel like he's not apart of his family—gave  us a lab. We all divided into partners—me alone of course. Mr. Lucifer acts like my best friend though. He says I'm his favorite student. That always makes me smile. It might be childish, but I still think it's nice that I'm his favorite.

      Lastly, we had Physical Education. It's kind of smart that they put P.E. before lunch, so that way we won't get hungry during our last two classes. The boys, excluding Alexander, played basketball while the the girls, including me, did gymnastics. I tried to get out of doing gymnastics to sit with Alexander, but the P.E. teacher hates me. It's okay though, not everyone has to like me.

      Now I was off to lunch. The cafeteria was crowded except for one table. Alexander's table. I swear, no one sits there even during other people's lunch. I'm going to sit with him again. I hope he doesn't mind. I don't think he will, seeing how he didn't say anything when I sat on the bus with him yesterday.

      I grabbed my lunch from the lunch lady Lucy and walked over to his table. The room suddenly fell quiet. All eyes were watching me with piqued curiosity. Well, everyone but Alexander. I placed my tray down next to Alexander with a soft 'thud'. He glanced up at me, blinked a couple of times, and went back to whatever he was doing. I don't think he eats lunch. Lunch was silent after that. 

     When the bell rang, Alexander was the first to leave. I watched his retreating form before smiling to myself. Phase two was just completed. Good job me! Tomorrow, I'm going to talk to him.


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