Dawn of the Titans

The Titans reigned for thousands of years before the gods stole the show. Now, it's time for revenge... maybe


2. Anfang

Some people don't believe in magic or gods or titans. But, I don't give a crap about other people. They can believe what ever the fuck they want to believe. I know what I know, and that is; I'm a titan, not a known one, I'm kinda like part of the secret police or some shit. While other titans were thrown into Tartarus I was given a lifetime of fighting an eagle of immeasurable strength. A brief description of me in a textbook would say:

"Although it's never been completely confirmed, there has been some records that documented the worship of a young girl titan that was the supposed leader of a group of lesser titans dedicated to the protection of teenaged girls. She has been described in a few different forms, but most common is the depiction of a 17 year old girl with pale skin, light reddish blonde hair, and two different colored eyes, one pale green and the other a stormy blue. Not many records have survived of this titan, but in the records that did survive they all have one name in common, Delta. Delta is a known symbol of change, and it was once prophesied that the bearer of the name would bring change the world desperately needed."

Only some of this is true. For example, yes, I am known as Delta, but I will not bring the change this world truly needs, it is past fucking saving there's no way this world can be saved. The world is long since been lost, and I am done trying to save it. Instead, I've decided to live my life and pay for the consequences my actions make. To start, I need a few worthy friends to join me on my journey.

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