Stalia imagines

Some imagines with Stalia..


1. First

Malia breaking down in front of Stiles about her mother.

Malia normally don’t break down in front of Stiles, but she could not hold it anymore and tears streamed down her face. She had been lying to him, lying to him for a long time. Stiles face turns from happy to worried in one second and hurry over to her, with all his caring self. His lovely eyes looks right into hers and put his hand on her thigh. “Malia?” Just him saying her name so still, got more tears to fall. His right hand moves up to her face, to remove a piece of hair. “What’s wrong?” Malia desperately try to wipe tears of her face, with the back of her hand. She cannot take it anymore and just needs comfort. Then surprisingly Malia almost jumps into his arms and swings her arms around Stiles, and digs her head into his neck. She is crying more than she has ever done and ever thought she would, but she needs to get it of her chest. She can feel Stiles stroke his hands up and down her back, “It’s all going to be okay Malia. “ However in Malias mind it will not, because the one person she cares the most about and is most loyal to, she’ve been lying to. “No it’s not, it –it. “ She hesitates, moves her head away from his neck, and looks directly into his eyes. Though she knows, she have to stand up and she does. Stiles is still confused, he knows she is sad than she have ever been, but over what? He wanted to stand up and hug her but can see that she have something on her heart. “I’ve been lying to you” as she always do when she is nervous, she looks down to the ground. He feels the urge to take her hand in his and so he did. “One night I was driving home with Theo from school and I drove the car. We drove by where I crashed and I-I.” Stiles pulls her down to the bed, so she can sit beside him. He takes her hand in his and do a little positive smile. “I got flashbacks of the car crash and I saw – I saw my mom. She was shooting after us and she is the one who caused it.” Malia gasping after breath. Stiles immediately face turns almost white and puts his arms around her and telling her “It’s going to be okay, I promise. “ 


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