Hagrid's Farewell

Hagrid, gamekeeper and care of magical creatures professor of hogwarts, one of Harry's oldest and most beloved of friends has been visited by death. Will Harry be able to say farewell one last time?


1. Master of Death

Harry walked across the dewy grass to Hagrid's once occupied cabin with a heavy cloak over his head. It was not his usual invisibility cloak which he used to cause mischief and rule breaking during his time in Hogwarts, however a cloak of depressive sadness he had not felt in a long time. It seemed as though the whole of Hogwarts was there near the edge of the forbidden forest (excluding unsurprisingly the majority of Slytherin house) to bid him farewell. But Harry was not grieving because Hagrid was gone, no, it was because he wasn't able to say goodbye and thank him for taking him away from the Durseys' iron grip. Lily gave a small sob and pressed her face harder against Harry's stomach. 

"It's alright Lily, I bet he's having a good time there with blast ended skrewts and dragons." Said Harry,

hardly convinced himself. Harry placed a large orange flower which was humming a song lightly Lily had taught it on Hagrid's grave, wiping his eyes under his glasses.

"Hey Harry" Teddy mumbled "he talked about you a lot you know, in his last few days."

Teddy gave what was meant to be a reassuring smile but Harry felt his chest tighten harder and only managed a small nod. He stared behind Teddy into the smoky depths of the Forbidden Forest. Did he dare? Harry wiped his nose. He didn't get to say goodbye after all. It will only be a quick goodbye. Yes, Harry thought making up his mind. As the ceremony concluded with many big noses being blown and sloppy tears being shed Harry slowly made his way behind the cabin towards the forbidden forest, dodging Ginny's watchful eyes. Harry remembered the place he was where he threw it as if it were only yesterday. Red eyes with slits for pupils staring at him with hatred and on his last breath, fear. Harry took some breaths to calm himself from his traumatic memories and continued down the rough, broken branch path. Suddenly, he came to a stop where he stood all those years ago. Taking a shaky breath, he took out his wand and whispered 

"accio resurrection stone."

The small, dark stone flew from the forest landing neatly into the palm of Harry's hand. He closed his eyes and kept them closed until he heard

 "Hello Harry, come ter say goodbye have 'yeh?" 

The large bearded man stood in front of him fading in and out slightly, but it was good enough for Harry.

"Yeah" Harry said voice shaking "well...goodbye then. Oh, and thank you for saving me from the Dursleys and giving Duddley a pig tail. He still clutches his buttocks whenever he hears anything about wizards" Harry smiled.

"Oh, well don' go around saying tha', strictly speakin' I wasn' allowed ter do magic." 

But you're dead Harry thought.

"Hullo Teddy, decided ter join us did yeh?"

Harry whipped around to see that Teddy was staring wide eyed, his turquoise hair standing on end gaping at Harry and Hagrid.

"No, what? You're dead like...really really dead."

He stood looking for an explanation from Harry but it was Hagrid who answered

"yeh know wha' they say, death is life's second biggest adventure."

Then, it only took Harry a moment, but in that moment he may have changed Teddy's whole life.

"Ted, would you like to meet your parents?"

"Yes" he whispered.

Harry closed his eyes again and opened them to see Lupin and Tonks there with a sad smile.

"Wotcher Teddy" said Tonks "I knew turquoise was your colour. Remus didn't I say turquoise would be his colour?" "No you specifically mentioned some particularly violent shade of violet, darling" replied Lupin. "Nah, I remember turquoise, good memory"

"Mum, Dad?" whispered Teddy

and lunged at them. Only to fall onto the dirt of the forest. Harry knew what he felt like. Just like when he saw his parents in the mirror of erised, but when he reached out he felt cold glass instead of warm skin.

"Now, keep a strong face and a strong heart. We may not be tangible but we do exist in the world of life in you, Teddy. Always remember that"

Lupin looked at Teddy with such love, only a fellow father like Harry himself could understand.

"Say goodbye Ted. You know they're not going to be here forever" Harry said.

"Harry, you look so much like your father. Except for your eyes. You have your mothers eyes."Lupin smiled once more.

"Goodbye Teddy"

they said in union as if they knew what Harry was going to do.

"No, don't go. I have so much to tell you" Teddy whispered with tears leaking out of his eyes. "I miss you."

"We miss you too." Said Tonks. "Bye, Harry" said Hagrid "Goodbye, Hagrid." And once again he threw the resurrection stone into the misty depths of the Forbidden Forest. 

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