Of Monsters, Angels and Men (Not Necessarily In That Order)

Gabriel and Castiel Novak are brothers in arms. But, with an all out war with angels against demons fast approaching, they are both flung into the deep end. Can Cas and Gabriel stop impending doom? Or will Raziel and Lucifer get the better of both the hunters and their angel compatriots? (Little bit of a reverse!verse with some OCs thrown in. Enjoy!)


3. At The Novak's

And that was how the two brothers, the angel and the demon ended up in the Novak residence some three hours later. Truth be told, Lauren wasn’t really keeping count at this point. She had gotten used to the boys being out late, hunting things. She had also gotten used to Castiel bringing the angel home, although there were few times when she actually noticed he was there.

Gabriel sauntered in, looking windswept as ever, “Hi, Mom” Castiel sooned followed him sheepishly, the angel at his side, “Hello, Mother.” Dean winked at her, but Lauren ignored him, as she always did and smiled at Castiel over the counter, “Hello, Castiel.”

Another boy followed them, but Lauren had gotten to a point where she ignored the others they brought. Lauren had presumed he was a hunter (of course now she knows different). They traipsed into the front room, Gabriel flicking the light on and placing his rifles on the table and Castiel checking the large pile of mail that had amounted itself throughout the previous day. Dean planted himself on the couch.


Caspar stood in the doorway, feeling out of place in the home of the hunters. He looked around. There was no sign in the Novak residence that hunters lived here. In truth, the guns on the table looked out of place in what was an otherwise homely living room. The angel’s eyes followed him. Caspar shifted his weight uneasily; he knew of Dean by reputation. His constant staring made Caspar uncomfortable; especially because the angel had not let Caspar out of his sights since the gas station. The angel cleared his throat, “So, you got a name, hotshot?”

Caspar started, “Me, or the meat suit?” He got pleasure out of saying those words, as they made Dean wince, “You.”

Caspar sighed, “Caspar Josiah Chevalier. Not that I need to ask who you are.”

Dean smirked, “Weren’t you the Chevalier who fought in the Napoleonic War? The one who butchered men on the field? What did you sell your soul for?”

Caspar laughed, “Better aim.” Castiel looked up from the mail he was reading, “I hope it was worth it.” He would have continued, if the phone had not rung in that exact moment. Lauren called from the kitchen, “Castiel.” Castiel traipsed into the hall and picked up the phone.

Caspar would’ve listened in to the conversation, but couldn’t hear Castiel’s voice from the hall and shrugged, “Got a year for my soul, and my aim is better than ever.” Caspar aimed at the light with his finger, making it explode with a quiet, “Pow.” Dean flicked it back on and Gabriel threw their, in his eyes, less than welcome guest a glance that reeked of disapproval. Caspar returned it, pulling his throwing knife out of his pocket and, aiming at the dartboard in the corner, threw it, hitting a bullseye. Castiel cleared his throat as Caspar went to pull the knife back out, a note in his hand, “ Gabriel.” The older brother looked up from his favourite Webley, “What?” He repeated himself when Castiel didn’t answer, “Cas, what?” Castiel sighed, “Jo and Ellen think they’ve found a lead on the Colt.” Gabriel picked up the rifles, “Thank…” He threw a glance in Dean’s direction, but Dean was sunk in Gabriel’s copy of Busty Asian Beauties, “Nevermind, did they say where?” Castiel gave him the note, “They didn’t say where, but they told me where they want us to meet them.” Cas tapped the note.

Gabriel gave an elated sigh; they had been looking for the Colt for weeks, in fact, since they had heard of Lucifer’s release from the cage. In truth, Gabriel and Castiel hadn’t believed Dean when he told them about the apocalypse. But, it’s hard to dispute what’s right in front of you, right? The signs were all there, omens of what was to come. The apocalypse was coming. Not that any of them, Dean included, actually knew what that meant. Not that I knew what that meant.


 But, of course, you’ve heard this all before. You know another version of our story. Who am I kidding, you don’t just know it, you’ve seen it all happen. But, our story, well, it was a little different. And no spoilers. But, I guess, I’m filling in the bits of our story that you don’t know.

Dean laid down the copy of Busty Asian Beauties he was holding, “Couldn’t say where it was over the phone?” Castiel sighed, “You never know who could be listening.” Caspar interrupted, “Well, I guess you’re all going?” Gabriel snorted, “Not afraid, are you?”

Caspar glared at him, “Would you mind? So far you’ve insulted my integrity and my pride, and now my courage.” Gabriel squared up to Caspar, even though Caspar was at least half a foot taller than he was, “What would you like me to do then, smart arse?” And it was at that point that I had to intervene.


So, I guess I should introduce myself. Since you don’t know me either. My name is Arya, well, Ariel. My appearance, well, I’m 5”8, with black hair that reaches to my waist. I usually have it tied up in a plait. My eyes are golden brown, and I wear black. Always. Black boots, with black leggings, black shirt and a black waistcoat, underneath a large black overcoat. I don’t use Ariel, cause, let’s face it, I sound like a princess. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the complete opposite. And, perhaps most important of all, is the fact that I’m a demon. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m in my own body. Well, mine-ish. The soul vacated this spot a long time ago. 


I pushed Gabriel back, squaring up to Caspar, as the latter backed away a little, “Hey, you two, pack it in.” Dean smiled at me, “Arya. How long have you been spying on us?” I returned his smile, “Long enough.” I turned back to Caspar, “Lavigne, right?”

Caspar nodded at me, but all I could see in his eyes was fear. The demon was afraid of me. Well, that was a feeling I was going to have to get used to. I straightened up, “Well, we can use all the men we can get, ‘cause before today is done, we’re gonna have to steal the Colt, fight a demon horde, killing anyone who gets in our way, and ice the Devil. You up to that?” He nodded at me. I smiled, “Good, then let’s go meet Ellen and Jo.”

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