Of Monsters, Angels and Men (Not Necessarily In That Order)

Gabriel and Castiel Novak are brothers in arms. But, with an all out war with angels against demons fast approaching, they are both flung into the deep end. Can Cas and Gabriel stop impending doom? Or will Raziel and Lucifer get the better of both the hunters and their angel compatriots? (Little bit of a reverse!verse with some OCs thrown in. Enjoy!)


2. A Date With An Angel

Gabriel fished his watch out of his pocket, taking care not to attract Castiel’s attention. It was eleven already; they had been at the Gas ‘N Sip for hours, but still no sign of their winged companion. Castiel was staring at the road, watching every passing car to see if he could spot the familiar license plate of the Impala. Gabriel had never understood Cas’ obsession with the blonde-haired angel, but he put up with it nonetheless. After all, that was what brothers were for right, putting up with each other until breaking point. He slid his antique watch back into his pocket so that he could check the ammunition. Three G36c assault rifles in the back, the faded Webley in his side holster and the demon knife that Castiel had insisted on carrying when Gabriel had offered him a gun. “ I can manage without a gun, Gabriel.” Cas insisted.

“Something will come at you, boy wonder, and that penknife there won’t stop it.” Gabriel said, his smile creeping into his voice. The conversation would have continued, if it were not for the late arrival of their angel friend.


Dean sauntered out of the Gas ‘N Sip, immediately recognising Castiel’s car and Gabriel’s monster of a motorbike. Cas had his hands deep in his pockets, and Gabriel’s brow furrowed. Dean approached them, his face lighting up at Gabriel’s scowl, “You been waiting long?”

“Dean, does four hours sound like long to you?” Gabriel put his Webley back in its holster and crossed his arms, the sarcasm in his voice almost tangible, “What got you to bring us to the middle of nowhere anyway?” Gabriel glanced at his little brother, giving Cas a shove when he realised Cas was staring.

Dean smiled, “Ran into some angels from my old garrison. They were pissed. And I mean seriously. Looks like disobeying gets you a hit from the God Squad.” Dean gestured to his lower half and now Cas could see that his pants were torn and that a large, bleeding, wound protruded from his shirt at the shoulder. Dean pressed his thumb to his lip, which was still bleeding, “They didn’t do half as good a job as they could have done. Demons have them on the run. Somethin’ big is goin’ down and I have no idea what.”

Castiel pulled the demon knife from inside his pants, “So, the demons are gathering. Because of the supposed apocalypse?” Dean rolled his eyes, “Cas, we’ve been over this a thousand times, it’s startin’ and you,” he gestured to the Novaks, “are supposed to be the only ones who can stop it. It ain’t gonna be any different, no matter how many times I tell ya.”


Of course, you and I know that Castiel, Gabriel and Dean could have gone on like this for hours. Their gathering was disrupted by the appearance of a demon hoard. Gabriel ran to the trunk of the car, throwing a rifle to Dean, who primed it, passing it back to Gabriel as the latter emptied an entire cartridge at the demons. Castiel grappled with two, plunging his knife into their chests. The remaining demons were taken care of by Dean, who smote them.

The last demon had drawn himself into shadow, but Gabriel was too quick for him, cornering him. Gabriel’s hand twitched on the trigger of the Webley, Dean and Cas pulling up behind him. But they were, all three of them, beaten to the kill. The demon collapsed, but Gabriel refused to holster his gun, as a figure drew into the light. Caspar put the blood stained knife into his pocket, “I’m not here to fight you.” The four of them would have been quite a sight to any passer by at this moment. Gabriel, the self-professed ‘King of Cool’, with his gun pointed at Caspar, the crossroads demon. The angel Dean with the rifle in hand at his side, and Castiel, the younger brother, his grip tight around the knife. Their faces, illuminated in the dim glow of the Gas ‘N Sip, were pictures of steely determination, mirrored by one another.

Cas was the first to speak, “Gabriel, put the gun down.” The older brother didn’t obey, instead moving the gun up above Caspar’s heart, “Give me a good reason why little bro, and I’ll do it.”

Caspar put his hands up in surrender, “I could give you-”

Dean interrupted him, raising the rifle and shrugging Cas’ hand off when the younger Novak tried to force the rifle down, “He wants a good reason, jackass.”


Caspar dropped his hands, “Like I said, I’m not here to fight.”

Gabriel smirked, “Like I said, I’m not putting the gun down till I get a good reason why.”

It was Caspar’s turn to smirk, his eyes on the barrel of Dean’s rifle, “I’m a demon. I killed a demon. Do you need any better reason than that? Let’s just say I know when to jump ship.”

Dean looked confused, his grip on the rifle easing a little, “What do you mean?”

Caspar rolled his eyes, “It’s demon vs angel out there. Angels are going nuclear and we’re losing. Figured there was no harm in joining the winning side.” He gestured to Dean.

So that was why the angels had been too busy to deal with him. Angels and demons at war, fighting over what was left of humanity, and the hundreds of souls that hung in the balance. Dean eased with the rifle. Perhaps dealing with a demon, for the good of, oh, I don’t know, millions of lives wasn’t such a bad idea as the heavenly patrol made it sound.

Castiel gave Dean a thankful look and turned to Gabriel. He felt his brother ease as he placed a wary hand on Gabriel’s arm. The look they exchanged simply said, ‘Not yet.’



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