Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

You know the drill- Scenarios with your favourite Creepypasta character as your not-so-lovely boyfriend.

Reminder- Y/N stands for Your Name

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Creepypasta, or their stories. I did make the cover, but the picture I used is not mine. You belong to the Creepypasta you choose ;)


1. 1- Your meeting

Jeff the Killer

Y/N leant against a wall on a busy street, lifting her cigarette to her lips and taking a drag before dropping it to her side again, breathing the smoke out softly. A woman with a child of about six glared at her when she walked past, but Y/N payed no attention to her. It wasn't any of their business what she was doing to her lungs.

She felt a sudden chill, different to the heat of the Summer air, on her left and turned to look at the hooded man beside her. She couldn't make out any of his features- his hood made sure of that. She herself was in a pair of shorts and and a (insert band name here) t-shirt- she wasn't sure how he could handle the heat in those clothes.

She took another breath of her cigarette as the man beside her chuckled lowly. What a creep.

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" He asked. His voice was low, and it sent shivers down Y/N's spine which she refused to acknowledge.

She shrugged, blowing her smoke out in his face as she dropped the cigarette and snuffed it out with her foot.

"Why should I? You're just some guy. Honestly." She rolled her eyes and walked away, her hips swaying. Jeff stared after her with a low growl, watching her ass unashamedly.

Not bad, for some human chick. Maybe she'd be a fun one night stand.

BEN Drowned

Y/N's fingers ran over the keyboard of her computer as she bit her lip, codes running across the screen just slowly enough for her to be able to read them. She lifted -favourite drink- to her lips, taking a sip before setting it back down. She found the glitch in her system, and set about removing it.

She'd been downloading some shitty wizard wallpapers for the fun of it when her computer had crashed. Turned out she'd managed to give herself some glitch through her idiocy, and now she was setting about getting rid of it. It wasn't too hard, really- she was a tech expert.

Her eyes flicked momentarily to the game cartridge that she had on her desk. Her best friend, -best friend's name- had practically thrown it at her at school today, begging her to get rid of the glitch that was apparently 'terrifying'.

It was some old Majora's mask cartridge, with the original wrapping torn off it. She hadn't gotten the chance to take a look at it, but since she was going back to school the next day she figured she'd check out the coding once she'd fixed this virus up.

A few minutes later she'd managed to push the virus onto a USB, which she promptly took out and planned to put in -enemy name-'s locker the next day for shits and giggles.

Picking up the cartridge, she examined it closer then connected the device she usually used for Nintendo 64 cartridges up to her computer, putting Majora's Mask into it then starting the program.

The glitches and viruses were absolutely everywhere. She raised an eyebrow- this had taken a skilled hacker to set up.

She worked on the smaller pieces first, carefully extracting them from the coding without damaging the game itself. Then, a message appeared on screen.


She raised an eyebrow- must have been something the hacker put in. But then, another message appeared before she could continue.

'You're hurting me'

She frowned, clicking on the message. Her screen froze up and she swore as another message appeared.

'You shouldn't have done that'

She growled, frustrated as she closed the computer down completely. Unbeknownst to her, a being watched her from the inside.

BEN, was his name. This chick, the one that had just caused the pain in his head, was the first to challenge him through coding. She was interesting.

He supposed he'd keep her around for a bit. You know, just for fun.

Ticci Toby

You know what's most definitely not the best idea?

Wandering around the woods at night.

You know what's also not the best idea?

Getting lost in the woods at night.

Of course, Y/N hadn't meant to. She'd just gone for a stroll, as she couldn't sleep. Before she knew it, it was midnight and she had no idea where she was.

There were a lot of legends about this place. Legends that made her nervous. Of course, they were just made up to scare little kids so they didn't play in the dangerous woods. They were still pretty terrifying.

The legends about the faceless man, the legends about his 'proxies'. The idea both intrigued and scared her at the same time.

She heard a crack behind her, and spun around, breathing heavily. She wasn't alone. Praying that it was just an animal stepping on a twig, she carefully took a step forward to investigate.

Also not the best idea. She was tackled to the ground, and her shriek was covered by a rotten smelling glove. She stared up at her assailant, prepared to bite his hand, but froze at what she saw.

It was Ticci Toby. One of the proxies. She had to be hallucinating.

He twitched again, grinning at her. It was barely visible beneath his mouth guard, however. Then, he spoke.

"Hi! You're really pretty! I'm Toby!" His voice was surprisingly cheerful, and Y/N was surprised by it as she stared up at him without a word. "I have to knock you out now, but don't worry! I'll take you home!" The brown haired boy grinned, and before she could move he hit her with the butt of his cleaner hatchet and she fell silent, victim to darkness.

Seriously, don't go wandering around in the woods at night. It's the stupidest thing you could do.


Y/N had just been collecting meds for her cold when she first saw him.

He'd made quite an entrance- and by that, I mean that he brandished a gun at the cashier, shot the poor man, and took meds for himself, prescription drugs that he wasn't meant to have. Y/N was too busy wondering what kind of person you would have to be to rob a pharmacy, for god's sake, to prevent herself from sneezing as she hid behind a shelf.

The masked man turned around and stalked around the shelf, to see Y/N lying on the floor, shooting him a small smile before scrambling to her feet and running for the door.

Before she even made it two steps closer, she was stopped by running straight into the guy. How he'd moved so fast, she wasn't sure. What she was sure of, however, was that she had to get the hell out of there.

Y/N struggled as the man wrapped his arms around her in order to pin her arms against her side, letting out a high pitched scream. The guy immediately loosened his grip on surprise, wincing,

"Jesus woman, you're fucking loud." His voice was raspy, and Y/N had to admit, pretty sexy. However, he had just killed an innocent pharmacist right before her eyes, and therefore she was obliged to get the hell out of there. She went to run again, only to be stopped. "I'll let you go, but you won't tell anyone what happened here. Got it?" The man muttered in her ear.

Y/N nodded frantically and he let her go, letting her slide out the door with her meds clutched tightly in her hand. She turned and ran to her car, trying her best to forget what she had just witnessed.

Masky chuckled to himself, watching her go. The chick was hot- he'd admit that. Maybe he'd watch her for a bit, before he had to kill her.


Y/N sat on the swing at the park she used to play on as a kid, pushing herself gently. The breeze blew her -hair length- hair back gently, and she smiled to herself.

Y/N was a naturally gentle, kind, person. She didn't do much wrong to anyone. She cared about others more than herself, in fact, and that was what had drawn the shy Hoodie towards her in the first place.

He liked her, so, of course, he stalked her. I mean, what else was he supposed to do? It was all the guy knew, really. Except this time he had no intention of killing her. She was too pretty for that.

He was so caught up in his thoughts of her, in fact, that he didn't notice her approach him.

Y/N waved a hand in front of his masked face "Hello? Are you alright?" Her soft voice brought him out of his daydreaming as he stared at her before turning and sprinting away. She watched him go with a frown on her face.

"I wonder what was wrong..." She murmured, her voice lost in the wind.

Slenderman/The Operator

Y/N was curled up on her camping chair, reading a book by the fire, when the screaming started. A few of the other campers on this shitty school camp had decided to wander off into the forest (no doubt to engage in questionable activities- I'll let you figure out what those are) a while ago, but Y/N herself had stayed behind.

She looked up from her book, expecting just another practical joke, when -classmate name- burst from the trees, covered in blood. He collapsed in front of the fire, sobbing.

"T-there was a f-f-faceless m-man- and-" he passed out before he could finish his sentence, and Y/N leapt out of her seat to check his pulse.


He had died from shock, fear, and whatever else.

The others who had stayed behind sat in a shocked silence, but we're jerked into action when another scream rang through the air. They ran to the cabins, hiding inside and locking the doors. Y/N, having been distracted by hiding her classmate's body from wild animals, had been locked outside.

Then, the faceless man appeared before her. She stared up at him, too afraid to move. A tentacle extended from it's back, lifting her chin as if inspecting her, then dropping it.

'Leave this place.' A voice reverberated through her mind, which was all it took for her to pass out.

Slenderman would have sighed, if he could. He lifted the girl gently and sat her into a chair, disappearing into the forest. He really had no interest in any more unnecessary death.

He was sure that the campers would follow his instruction.

Eyeless Jack

Y/N had heart problems- or, more specifically, she had a literal hole in her heart.

This prevented her from living a normal life, really. She was forbidden to participated in a whole lot of activities, and spent most of her days at home.

When she was let out (for once), she bumped into a tall, hoodie-wearing, male. Stumbling back, she failed at catching herself only for him to catch her. She looked up at him apologetically.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" Y/N noticed that he was wearing some sort of blue mask, but didn't comment on it. It was a normal thing around these parts, really. You saw all sorts of weirdos. Besides, it just made the guy interesting.

When he didn't reply, she tried to strike up a conversation. She didn't get to see many people, so she wasn't passing up this chance.

"I'm Y/N... What's your name?"

Y/N. So that was her name. The man himself, who called himself Eyeless Jack, was already interesting in this girl. For starters, she smelled absolutely divine. Other than that, she was beautiful. Her kidney's would probably taste amazing.

"Jack." He answered shortly. Y/N grinned at him.

"Hey, Jack! I have to go, but I hope to see you around, hey?" The man just nodded, watching her leave with a slight spring in her step.

Yeah, that's all it was. He wanted her kidneys. That was it.

(Sure, Jack, sure.)

Laughing Jack

Y/N fixed her clown outfit, smiling at herself in the mirror as she prepared for her show.

No, she wasn't a killer clown. She was a legitimate clown, in a circus, and she lived for entertaining kids.

She turned, exiting the tent to join the other clowns before the show. She saw another clown out of the corner of her eye and turned to look at him with a frown. The guy must be new- she'd never seen a black and white costume like that. Especially not one with a nose like that.

She approached him cheerily, offering a hand for him to shake.

"Hello! I'm Y/N, or -clown name-! You must be new." The man looked at her hand the back up at her, shaking it carefully. She noticed his claws and frowned slightly. They couldn't be good for the kids- if she was honest with herself, the guy looked terrifying.

He hadn't spoken once, either. Just grinned at her, exposing sharp teeth.

He didn't belong here, she decided. He wasn't wearing the kind of costume that her ringleader would allow. Her boss was very particular on the clowns wearing costumes that didn't scare the kids.

"Uh, you shouldn't be back here. This is workers only..." She murmured, her smile fading. The clown let out a low chuckle, then he just... Disappeared. Just like that, in a cloud of black smoke.

Dismissing the event due to an extreme lack of sleep, Y/N resigned herself to going to get sleeping medicine later on as she headed toward the clown area.

Unbeknownst to her, the black and white clown was still watching her with a horrifying smile on his face.

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