Who am I?

*This is my first Teen Wolf fanfiction and am putting on here to see if it is trash or not. I'm not sure if there are many Teen Wolf fans on here, but it seems like there aren't that many, so enjoy!*

Tera thinks she's pretty normal. Aside from the fact that she has no friends and has an obsession with a guy from her dreams. That was normal for her, just doing nothing as one trip to the bathroom changed her life, as she meets the man of her dreams, literally!


8. Tera

Tera’s P.O.V

I stood next to the tub, nervous as all hell. They were literally going to nearly kill me— and I was letting them?! I bit down on my lower lip and turned to Derek who was standing next to me. I really didn’t want to do this, but if I truly weren’t human, than I wanted to know, but did it really have to involve killing me?

“Are you ready?” I looked up to see Deaton standing at the end of the bath and I nodded. I had taken my shirt off not wanting to get it wet, but I kept my jeans on. I nodded wearily and Deaton smiled, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve done this before and it works every time, no side effects.” I nodded and moved so I was standing next to the bath when a hand grabbed my wrist,

“There’s no need to do this, you know that right?” I nodded at Derek, grabbing his wrist with my other hand,

“I know. But I guess I need answers so I can understand where I stand in this world. I’ve never fit in, and I want to be able to understand it. Please don’t worry.” Derek nodded and walked away a little bit as I lifted one foot into the water, almost jumped back out again, but I kept going until my legs were in. I then sat down and the water and ice flowed up to my neck.

My teeth began to chatter as my body began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. I looked to Derek who was standing behind me again, his hands sitting on the edge of the tub, gripping it tightly. I nodded at him and turned to Deaton who was standing next to the tub, Scott, Stiles and Isaac behind him.

“Are you ready?” I nodded and turned so I was facing forward. I closed my eyes, fear running through my body. I couldn’t feel the cold now, my body was numb. Hands were suddenly on my shoulders and as suddenly as they were on me, my head was under water before I could even breathe.

Water instantly flooded into my mouth, flooding my lungs. I could feel it. I could hear it. My heart sped up so fast I couldn’t believe it hadn’t exploded. My hands and legs started moving out of my control, trying to force me upwards. People say when you’re drowning, you get weaker and weaker because of lack of oxygen to the brain and heart, but I feel like I’m stronger right now.

My head suddenly bursts out on top of the water and air enters my full lungs, burning them as I am sent back under. My head hurts my chest too. I slowly open my eyes to see a flower going past in the rush of bubbles that are forming from me moving around. My eyes then gently close as my brain shuts down.

I can’t move, but I’m still here. I can feel my body slowly being moved upwards until my head is above the water. I can’t open my eyes, it’s too hard and I don’t have the energy. Am I dead or something? Is this what’s supposed to happen?

“Tera— can you hear me?” I want to nod, but I can’t move. So I try to speak, my lips only parting, letting water out. There were still mass amounts of water in my lungs but it was a little better.

“Y-yes—” I didn’t sound the same. My voice was foggy. I then opened my eyes, but I didn’t see the operation room of a veterinary clinic. Everything was hazy around the sides, like a dream, but I knew I wasn’t asleep.

“Tera, you have to understand me. This may very well hurt you. Not physically, but mentally. We are going through your head to find memories you very well may not know you have. But if we do not find out what you are, we will not be able to help you. Do you understand?” I growled but I guess it was just me in here. I continued looking around as my body answered Deaton,

“Yes.” Whatever, I need to find out where I am. They were thick as posts everywhere, holding up an infrastructure, with dark red walls on every side. Two of those sides had doors that were opposite each other. I watched as one door opened and two people walked in conversing between each other. I walked over to them to see myself was one of them, but I looked different. I had knee length hair, tied up in a tight ponytail, a black ribbon holding it. In my left hand I was carrying a giant weapon. It was a stick that was my height, with a giant curved blade on the end of it, the blade glowing a dark blue.

“Can you tell me where you are Tera?” I think I answered him. I’m not sure. I’ll say it myself anyway.

“I think I’m in a temple. There are red walls with giant posts all around. And then there’s me, talking to some chick, but I’m not me. I look different,” I didn’t say anymore as the other me and the chick were in hearing range.

“Don’t worry about Sensei, Neko. He’ll be fine, once he gets back, we will test our strength to see if we are strong enough to have our own apprentices. Becoming what we need to be is no easy test Neko, you need to remember that.” The girl, Neko nodded. She was pretty; she had blonde hair around her waist with crystal clear blue eyes and a baby face. She looked young but old at the same time.

“I know Tera. I’m just scared I will never be ready to be a reaper. It’s so hard and Sensei is a great teacher and all. I just feel like he will never believe I am ready to leave the temple.” Tera nodded,

“We all feel that Neko, but we need to expand our grasps on things before we can let go, so you need to understand what your fears are, grab a hold of them, and then let go of them.” Neko nodded and smiled,

“You’re right Tera; you’re going to be a great reaper.” Tera laughed and hugged Neko with one arm, the thing in the other. They pulled away from the hug and Neko stared at Tera’s thing. What is that thing?

“Has your scythe gotten bigger?” Tera nodded and smiled,

“Yes, I’m so happy about that.” Neko smiled happily but her eyes shown with sadness.

“Oh well that’s good. Mine hasn’t.” Tera smiled sadly,

“Aw, that’s okay. It will don’t worry.” Neko smiled sadly, a scythe? But that’s a powerful weapon, so why do I have one? Well— why does the other me have one? I then felt something forcing my eyes shut and once I compelled, they opened again to show me a battle ground. I frowned and looked around. I was now outside a crumbling down temple. What the hell happened?

I then saw me again, but I was beaten up, my scythe barely being held, as if I were too weak to carry it. I gasped and ran over to me, who had now stood up and was staring at me.

“Why are you doing this Neko?” I frowned and turned around to see Neko standing behind me. Her long blonde hair was covered in blood along with a smear across her face. She was wearing a weak smirk.

“I did it because I wanted to. I knew I was never going to become a reaper unless I killed Sensei, but when I killed him it wasn’t enough.” Tera growled taking a step but falling to the ground.

“So you had to kill every reaper?! Doing that— IT’S UNSPEAKABLE NEKO! You’ve killed everyone. All of our friends, all of our family, all for power? Why would commit such evil?” Neko shrugged holding a sword in her hands, fiddling with it.

“Because it was fun. Don’t you get that Tera? It was fun.” Tera gasped and suddenly vomited. My hands covered my mouth as I screamed. Images abused my head, filling and filling of lives, the same girl, but different each time. All up until this moment, and I knew what happens next.

“Sorry Neko, but I can’t let you rule over a world with no reapers.” The words left my mouth as I watched the other me stop vomiting and jump up, launching herself at Neko, but Neko was fast, moving her blade as it struck right through Tera, who gasped and looked down, her middle now impaled on the blade. Neko laughed. And laughed, and laughed. Her head thrown back as an evil laughter left her mouth,

“Sorry Neko, but I can’t let you rule over a world with no reapers.” The words then left the other me’s mouth as she moved and sliced Neko’s head off with her scythe.

Please wake up Tera. Hurry back we need you,’ Derek? I turned around and closed my eyes. I didn’t want to watch me die. I was finished here. I began coughing, my lunging burning with cold heat. I was rolled over onto my side where I vomited the water that was residing in my lungs.

I opened my eyes to see Derek holding my body; the others were standing a bit away. Deaton had a worried look on his face. I was confused, why was he so worried? Everything went to plan right?

“What happened?” I asked turning to Derek and sitting up,

“You were actually dead. You have been for the last hour.” I gasped and looked around. Everything looked the same, I just hurt all over.

“Deaton, is this true?” Deaton nodded,

“Yes. We shortly lost contact with you after you went under and didn’t respond after telling us where you were. We waited a few minutes before pulling you out and waking you up. Did you see anything else?” I nodded and stood up, feeling a hunch. I held up left hand out and repeated the words,

“Watashi wa warashi no kama o jisan,” the all looked at me oddly, but I watched as it appeared, slowly growing until it was in my hand, my scythe. “Bring me my scythe- watashi wa warashi no kama o jisan. That’s what it stands for.” Everyone nodded confused, “I’m a reaper, and an old one at that.

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