Who am I?

*This is my first Teen Wolf fanfiction and am putting on here to see if it is trash or not. I'm not sure if there are many Teen Wolf fans on here, but it seems like there aren't that many, so enjoy!*

Tera thinks she's pretty normal. Aside from the fact that she has no friends and has an obsession with a guy from her dreams. That was normal for her, just doing nothing as one trip to the bathroom changed her life, as she meets the man of her dreams, literally!


5. Tera

I spent the rest of the day hiding out in the library. No one confronted me because they knew they weren’t going to be getting an answer. And I was fine with that, but what I wasn’t fine with, was the fact that Stiles was not so discreetly watching me from across the room, hiding behind a book about the male reproductive system.

My shoulders sagged as I scratched the back of my head while I stared at my computer screen, up was a webpage about the Chimera. I have been searching through the computer for the last three hours, and nothing, absolutely nothing about memory loss when it comes to seeing one. All it talks about is how if you see one, it’s a very bad omen, and how they breathe fire. Now that is cool, who wouldn’t want to breathe fire? But then there’s bad side— the killing and gory stuff. I sighed as I shut down the computer and walked over to Stiles, who tried to hide in his big red jumper as I approached him.

“Stiles, I’m not stupid. I know you’re watching me, now come help me research the chimera, I haven’t read that much about it. I want to know more.” Stiles sighed and stood up dropping the book he was ‘reading’ down in the chair he was sitting in. I smiled lightly at him as we walked over to the fictional section. Stiles looked at me confused,

“What the hell are we doing in here?” I shrugged, how am I going to explain this so he’ll understand?

“Let’s just say if you want to research mythical creatures, children’s books are the best place to go. Plus, every library, even if they don’t know they have it, has an old book on creatures. Things like banshees, werewolves— well any were animal, umm— what else— reapers, chimeras, kitsunes, and even druids. Cool right?” Stiles nodded slowly,

“And you believe in all that stuff right?” I nodded a smile on my face as I reached up and began climbing the bookshelf. This caused Stiles to shit himself, “Holy shit— what are you doing?! Get down from there!” he whisper shouted and I laughed,

“No thanks, I need to get the book.” Stiles sighed and began looking around praying no one was going to walk down here. Please, the only time someone walks down here is when it’s me. But I wasn’t going to be telling Stiles that any time soon, this is amusing.

I was now at the top of the bookshelf, and I was the book sitting there like it always was. My smile grew as I grabbed and climbed back down only using one hand, freaking out Stiles even more. I rolled my eyes and laughed at him, dropping the book into his hands. It was huge, about the length of my forearm both ways. And it was about three inches thick, plus the binding was leather so it weighed a ton— and this is what caused Stiles to drop it.

“Sorry?” he muttered and I sighed. Seriously— okay to be honest it’s not that heavy, so why did he drop it? I bent down picking the book up with one hand.

“Why did you drop it?” I asked confused and Stiles looked at me weirdly,

“You don’t find that book extremely heavy?” I shook my head and walked out of the isle and over to a table in the corner of the room, pulling up two chairs sitting myself in one of them as Stiles sat himself in the other one. I smiled at him and pulled open the book, turning to a page about werewolves. Stiles looked at me annoyed,

“What are you doing?” I sighed and pointed to facts about werewolves, mainly their changes.

“I want you to tell me about werewolves since I know you aren’t anything mythical or supernatural.” Stiles growled at me,

“And you know that how?” I sighed and turned away from him.

“I can tell from your voice.” Stiles' anger disappeared and he frowned,

“How can you tell?” I sighed and turned back to face him.

“Your voice, I don’t understand it— but people that are human or normal or whatever, they sound foggy and I can’t hear them clearly like I’m under water. But when someone is supernatural their voice is crystal clear like people should sound. It only started a couple of months ago, trust me if you’re weirded out I’m going to be really surprised.” Stiles' frown grew,

“No— I’m not surprised, just confused. You aren’t human, you know that right?” I nodded,

“Trust me I know. I recorded myself one time, and I talked to my Mum, she sounded foggy when I played it back, but I was crystal clear. So I started looking into mythical creatures but I haven’t found anything. It’s weird— do you think you know what I could be?” Stiles shook his head and smiled lightly,

“No I don’t, but I’ll help you to find out.” My eyes widened and I smiled at him,

“Really?” I asked and he nodded. My smile grew fully and I threw my arms around him, hugging him tightly,

“Thank you so much Stiles!” right now words could not describe how happy I was. No one has ever done anything like this before. None of my old friends would have, but Stiles and his friends were different, they weren’t all human. “So what’s Lydia, just out of curiosity?” Stiles laughed,

“She’s a banshee—” he trailed off as if he was going to say more,

“What is it?” I asked scared. What if it were something bad? Could it be something bad? What does he know? Can he help me without researching anything? Is there another way to find out? I wanted to be asking him there words, but nothing would leave my mouth. I stared at Stiles as everything began to get hazy.

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