Who am I?

*This is my first Teen Wolf fanfiction and am putting on here to see if it is trash or not. I'm not sure if there are many Teen Wolf fans on here, but it seems like there aren't that many, so enjoy!*

Tera thinks she's pretty normal. Aside from the fact that she has no friends and has an obsession with a guy from her dreams. That was normal for her, just doing nothing as one trip to the bathroom changed her life, as she meets the man of her dreams, literally!


1. Tera

*This book won't be done in chapters since I can't be bother figuring out where I should start or end the chapters so... enjoy!*


Tera’s P.O.V

I groaned as I was pushed to the floor by two boys running past. I’m not sure if it was an accident since people think it’s funny to push me over all the time, but didn’t really care anymore. I quickly grabbed my sketching book which flew across the passageway and was also being kicked around by other students, not caring at all.

Once I was properly upright, I dusted off my black skinny jeans and fixed up my long sleeve grey shirt that was so big it hung on my like a really short dress. I stared at my beat up old converse, my favourite shoes and pretty much my old shoes, but that didn’t faze me. Just as long as I had my converse I was happy.

I then flipped open my sketching book to check if any of the pages were ripped or damaged which thank god none were. I let out a breath of relief as I stared at one of the pages. It was of a man— he was the man I saw in my dreams. His shortish black hair was spiked up on his head, with bright blue eyes, seeming to be glowing, standing out against his tanned skin. But you couldn’t tell that in the drawing, since the only colour was his eyes.

I smiled weakly as my fingers danced over the stubble drawn on his face. He looked so real, but he was just someone I made up in my dreams, so it was obvious he wasn’t truly real. I sighed and snapped my book shut, walking out into the courtyard so I could set my book down at my usual table.

As I reached into my bag, a shadow came over me. I turned around to see it was just the sun being hidden by the clouds. I let out a breath of relief that no one was there, I cannot deal with anyone right now I swear to god. I turned back around and reached into my bag again pulling my iPod and earphones from it. I smiled dully and plugged the earphones in then placing the buds into my ears as Psychosocial by Slipknot came on, soothing me instantly.

I then shoved my iPod into my back pocket, ready to sit down and start drawing, when I suddenly needed to go to the toilet. Fucking hell, why now of all times? I sighed annoyed and picked up my sketch book, walking quickly to the back of the school where some toilets were. No one bar me pretty much went back there, mainly because it was scarier than being in the boiler room, and all the lights flickered.

It never really fazed me since I always found comfort in the dark. Because in the dark is when I saw that man. It seemed whenever it was dark, it seemed like everything was a dream and it allowed me to see the man doing different things. Sometimes he was working out like doing chin up or push ups— which was weird but I didn’t really care, and other times he was fighting people or things.

Whenever I saw that, it felt like everything was suddenly a nightmare. Nothing was alright and there was blood everywhere and the screaming was just never ending. The dream never ended until I was laying there frozen and screaming in my bed or I was just standing there frozen and screaming. I closed my eyes dropping the thought as I pushed open the door to the toilets, dropping my bag on the floor next to the sinks.

When I was finished I walked over to the sinks as Dark Dreams by Blood on the Dance Floor came on, and Dahvie Vanity’s voice washed over me. I smiled at the song, considering some of the dreams I have are pretty dark, I mean, the guy I draw sometimes has fangs to pair with his long pointed ears, while hair also filled his jaw line, causing his stubble to disappear.

I turned the tap on in front of me, the water running all over my hands the coolness of them. I smiled and relaxed when one of my earphones fell out causing me to groan. I went to go turn the tap off, but water was no longer running out of it, it was pure red— like blood. I gasped as it ran over my hands and an odd smell filled the room. It smelled like blood which made me think. Is the water actually blood or is it just water dyed red like they do in the movies?

I gasped looked up to see something in the mirror. Unlike most people, I didn’t turn around to see if it was real. Because when that happens people turn around and it’s gone, then they get attacked. This thing— I was staring at, it refused to look away from my reflection in the mirror. It looked confused at the mirror— does it even know what a mirror is?

I didn’t want to blink in fear of the creature disappearing from my sight, but as much as I didn’t want to, it happened. I blinked but the creature remained still, continuously staring at me, when something crashed into its side, throwing it into the wall. The bang caused me to turn around and stare at whatever threw it into the wall.

It was him— the man from my dreams! I wanted to cry out to him, but I felt like something had stolen my voice and at the same time, it felt like there was something lodged in my throat.

The creature than stood up from its place against the wall before running out of the open window somehow managing to fit through it, this caused the man to growl lowly before turning to run out the door, but froze when he saw me. I too froze when I was finally able to see into his eyes properly. They were a bright, shining blue— just like my dreams.

I smiled and walked over to him, causing him to tense up, but relax at the same time. I wonder why he did that. I frowned and reached a hand up, placing it on his cheek causing him to tense up again.

“Don’t be scared,” I muttered causing the man to completely relax, the hair from his face leaving, shrinking away into his skin again, and leaving his usual stubble. The points on his ears grew in again, the same as his canines. I smiled at him as he looked almost normal, aside from his eyes. But I liked those, “It’s really you,” I muttered again causing the man to frown.

“What do you mean?” he muttered in return. I sighed dropping my hand from his face.

“I see you all the time— well whenever it’s dark. That’s where I see things and they hide in my mind and let me see things, mainly you though. I have proof,” I turned away from him and grabbed my sketch book from below the sink. I smiled and opened to a page turning back around to see he was still standing there, a confused look on his face. I frowned and walked over to him, holding the book out.

He grabbed it hesitantly before turning it around so the book was upright according to him. I bit my lip and looked down at my shoes, not wanting to see his reaction. What if he thinks I’m a freak, that I stalk him or something? Well he can magically grow hair; change his ear shape and the colour of his eyes. If he thinks I’m a freak, I’ll just tell him to look at himself.

“Did you draw these?” I looked up to see him with a ghost of a smile on his face. Hmm, he looks like someone who doesn’t smile often. So why is he smiling, it’s not like the drawings are anything special.

“Yeah I did, why, is it important?” the man shook his head,

“I’m not sure. What’s your name?” I frowned, I better be getting his name in return.

“Tera, Tera Whitehall. What’s yours?” the man frowned at me, causing me to frown.

“You say you dream about me, yet you don’t know my name.” I growled lowly. What the hell is he getting at?

“Do you think I’m a stalker?!” I half shouted in his face, causing him to wince before composing himself and growling right back at me.

“Of course I think you’re a freaking stalker! You have drawn pictures of me doing stuff that I have never seen before. I have been in dozens of fights but none of them are like this. “Where do you get these?” I winced and took a step back.

“I just see them and afterwards I draw them before I forget. Now please just tell me your name. I want to know if you’re real!” the man growled again.

“My name is Derek Hale— and if you ever think it’s a good thing to stalk me again, I will rip your throat out.” I blinked and suddenly he was gone. I sighed and whimpered, what the hell is wrong with him? Umm, okay never mind I guess I came off as a bit weird. But it’s not my fault; it’s whatever causes my dreams fault. Now— Derek Hale, where have I heard that name before? Hale?

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