Who am I?

*This is my first Teen Wolf fanfiction and am putting on here to see if it is trash or not. I'm not sure if there are many Teen Wolf fans on here, but it seems like there aren't that many, so enjoy!*

Tera thinks she's pretty normal. Aside from the fact that she has no friends and has an obsession with a guy from her dreams. That was normal for her, just doing nothing as one trip to the bathroom changed her life, as she meets the man of her dreams, literally!


6. Stiles

Stiles' P.O.V

I stared at Tera as she began falling in her chair. My eyes widened and I caught her before she fell onto the floor. Holy shit, what the fuck happened?! I quickly pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket dialling Derek, why the fuck am I calling him? I shrugged it off as I heard the Sourwolf answer the phone,

What Stiles?” he asked annoyed like always and I sighed,

“I don’t know. Tera just passed out and I don’t think she’s human, we need to get her to Deaton, but I need to find a way to get her out of school without being busted.” Derek sighed on the phone,

You need my help don’t you.” I growled, seriously? Right now, he’s deciding to be a dick?

“Of course right now you dick head!” I growled silently and Derek sighed again,

Fine, take her to the back door of the library, I’ll be there in a sec.” that was all he said before hanging up. My eyes widened and I shoved my phone back into my pocket and stood up, wrapping my arms around Tera and picking her up— or at least trying to.

“Fuck!” I growled when suddenly she was picked up by someone. That someone was Derek, the Sourwolf. Seriously dude? I rolled my eyes annoyed as Derek started towards the back door of the library which was swinging open. I rolled my eyes again as we ran over to my jeep,

“Drive Stiles.” I nodded and watched as Derek climbed into the back placing Tera's head on his lap. I looked at him confused but shook it off as I climbed into the front seat and started the jeep without a problem for once.

I drove too fast for the speed limit, but got to Deaton's in record time. Derek was running in instantly as he placed her on the table, confusing the fuck out of Deaton, Scott and Isaac. I sighed at Derek who had a look of fear on his face, but he couldn’t control it.

“She’s not human.” I muttered catching everyone’s attention. Deaton spoke first,

“What do you mean ‘She’s not human’?” I sighed,

“Well she’s not. She can tell who’s supernatural and can hold a thick ass book in one hand while I can’t even hold it, plus that book is full of supernatural things and writing I could not understand.” Deaton sighed,

“I think we’ll have to put her in the ice. Maybe we can get some answers.” Everyone nodded but Derek looked annoyed about it.

“Scott, I need you to come with me to get the book. I can’t pick it up but maybe because you’re a werewolf you can.” Scott nodded and the two of us left.

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