Who am I?

*This is my first Teen Wolf fanfiction and am putting on here to see if it is trash or not. I'm not sure if there are many Teen Wolf fans on here, but it seems like there aren't that many, so enjoy!*

Tera thinks she's pretty normal. Aside from the fact that she has no friends and has an obsession with a guy from her dreams. That was normal for her, just doing nothing as one trip to the bathroom changed her life, as she meets the man of her dreams, literally!


2. Derek

*Remember NOT CHAPTERS!!!* 

Derek’s P.O.V

What the hell is up with that chick?! First she is not at all scared about my being a werewolf, second she doesn’t even care that she was almost eaten by that thing, which is confusing the hell out of Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac and Deaton! I’m beginning to think that the creature doesn’t have a human form because otherwise it would be a cannibal, which is just fucked up.

This creature is the most of recent things that we have been attacked by, and none of us have any clue what the fuck it is! And this girl, Tera was just standing there staring at it in the mirror, not a single look of fear on her face. The only way you could tell something was up, was because her heart beat spiked every few seconds. But after the creature ran away, all she cared about was me. She thought I wasn’t real, I mean what the hell!

I sighed as I climbed out of my car out front of Deaton’s vet shop or whatever the hell it’s called. We normally just call it Deaton’s place since we have never actually seen him outside of it— that’s bizarre. As I pushed the door open my sensitive ears were abused with a shouting match. From what it sounded like, it seems it was between Deaton and Lydia.

“But I heard her screaming! She was supposed to die!” I winced at Lydia’s pitch. Fuck I hate banshees sometimes. Who the hell is she going on about? As I walked into back room, I saw Lydia being held back by Stiles and Isaac who had weirded out looks on their faces. It took a moment, but every soon turned to face me, since I was the one they sent out to track down the creature.

“Did you find it?” Lydia asked stubbornly, wanting the answers as soon as possible. Is it about that girl she said she heard screaming.

“Yes, Lydia I did. And hello to you to.” Lydia frowned and crossed her arms across her chest.

“What happened? Did it get her?” I shook my head and everyone gasped bar Deaton.

“But how?” I shrugged. I seriously do not know why that creature didn’t eat her like the last four people it’s attacked. Fucking hell, Beacon Hills is turning into the town with the highest murder number in recent years, or well at least it seems like it.

“When I got there, the water was turning red just like the other times, but the girl wasn’t really fazed by it until her earphone came out. Then she looked up into the mirror and froze. I knew she was looking at the creature, but she didn’t try and turn around to see if it was real or not, and she didn’t even scream. She just stood there staring at it in the mirror, till I went and attacked it. Then she turned around and choked up as she looked at me. I was fully transformed so I guess that’s understandable, but it wasn’t that. She said it was because she recognised me, and she somehow managed to get me to change back. I don’t know how she did it, but she then said something about ‘Is it really you?’ and I was confused as all hell, until she turned around to pick up this book.” which was still sitting in my car at this very moment… shit. What the fuck am I going to do about that? Stiles perked up as I said book,

“What was she wearing?” I cocked an eyebrow at him and he sighed, causing his hair to fall into his face,

“What the hell do you mean by that?” I growled annoyed that I was being asked stupid questions again. Stiles sighed and walked up to me,

“Okay Sourwolf, I’ll dumb it down for you. Was she wearing a pair of really beaten up old converse?” I blanked my face and nodded,

“Yeah I think she was. What does that got to do with anything?” Stiles gasped and started laughing,

“You were talking with Tera! HA, this is awesome. She never talks to anyone. Not even the teachers! Trust me I know, I have four classes a day with her. All she does it sit there in class and draw in this black binder book. She carries it about everywhere, and I mean everywhere, it doesn’t go away in gym and she doesn’t even put it in her bag. I mean, the girl is a level one nut job.” Lydia growled since that’s what some people called her.

“She’s not a nut job Stiles, she’s just different. Remember me after Peter attacked me. I ran around the town naked for two days! All she does is have an obsession with a book.” I frowned and interrupted,

“And Me.” this caused everyone to turn and face me.

“Wha— what do you mean by that Derek?” I sighed not actually wanting to get into it, but I guess they needed to know. Scott and Stiles generally freak out at bizarre information so how the hell am I going to explain to them that a girl they sort of know has a weird obsession with me.

“That book you say she carries everywhere, it is full of drawings of me. Some are of me changed, and some others are me looking normal. But then there are some of me fighting different things and doing other stuff.” I trailed off near the end, not really wanting to talk about the more private drawings of me working out. “I just don’t understand how she got them!” I growled and walked over to the wall, slamming my hand into the wall furious and confused. I turned back around to face everyone who was looking at me with fear in their eyes bar Scott who was confused.

“What are you thinking?” I asked Scott, but Stiles answered,

“I’m thinking— we need to go and interrogate her. See what she knows and see if she knows anything about what we are fighting.” I sighed and raised my eyebrows at him,

“Does it look like I was talking to you?” Stiles frowned annoyed and raised his hands to surrender just like he always does when it comes to arguing with me— well most the time. Scott rolled his eyes,

“I don’t know. But I think Stiles is right, we need to talk to her, but not with any hostility.” See this is why he is a true alpha. I nodded in agreement with Deaton, Lydia and Isaac. Who is going to go since it will just be weird if we all confront her. Wow, why am I even thinking about this? I shouldn’t care at all, I don’t care about anything unless it comes to family and right now everyone here is my family— my pack. Well not my pack, Scott’s pack, but we are still are all in it together.

“Who will go?” asked Deaton knowing he wouldn’t be going. Scott stopped for a moment, thinking.

“I don’t know. Maybe Lydia, Stiles, Derek if he wants to, and me.” everyone nodded agreeing with that. Isaac didn’t really like talking to people about normal stuff; he prefers more attacking the supernatural over talking to some random girl. We all knew where we were going; we just— didn’t know what we were going to say.

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