All I can remember was the terrified screams of my family. I didn't know what to do.


1. spark

My name is Kiku Haruke, I'm 16 years old and I live with my mother, father and my baby sister. Today I became a freshman with the new school, my mother convinced me to try to enjoy it but to be honest I'm hating it. First, I met the 'nice kids,' they showed me around campus. That evening I came home with a busted lip and a black eye, I had the option to defend myself, but that's how I got suspended at my old school. Life has been hard, we've move at least 12 times with in four years. When I was little my parents played it off as a game, but I found out what was actually happening on my ninth birthday. A bunch of men in black masks came and had my father at gun point. My mother pushed me back into the house and covered my ears, but even with that I could still hear the guns going off. All my gifts that year were ruined but one, it was my German Sheppard Koi. He was always there for me, and he's the one that helped me the most when we had to move. So this was our thirteenth move, and it was my eleventh school, I was honestly too smart for my own good, so I skipped a few grades. I was often made fun of for it but I didn't care, all I cared about was making it another day in this hell hole. 

​Day two. 5:50am

I rolled over in my bed to check my phone, since we were always moving I never had any of the new stuff. So I had all the old things clothes, phones, toys, and in some extreme cases tooth brushes. 

Koi pulled my covers off, and walked out to start my shower. If he was a person, he would be the world's best butler. I got up and slipped on my half-chewed bunny slippers. I walked out to the living room where my mom and dad were stressing over jobs and paying for the house, I had gotten use to it, saying that it has been happening since I was a baby. But I get through each day one leg at a time, I don't even bother to talk to them anymore, it's not like they'll listen anyway. After I took my shower I came out and put on my uniform, it really sucked but it was a decent school. I made some bacon and eggs, like I usually do every morning. We always had something to eat because I was the one buying groceries with my part time job, usually that's the parents job to care and provide, nope its me, ever since I was old enough. Koi always got half of everything that I ate because we couldn't afford dog food, or really anything for that matter, if I want to get I'm something I have to do over time and hope and pray that I have enough to buy him a food dish, a proper collar, or even chew toy. So far he has a collar made out of scraps of our leather couch and the ID tag is the bottom of a soda can that I managed to round out, it sucks but it manages to do its job. I waved goodbye but I was only acknowledged by a bark and a tail wag from Koi, "damn loan sharks," I mumbled closing the door. I quickly darted through the entrance trying not to be noticed, but low and behold when I sat down my 'best friends' show up. I tried to ignore them by reverting my attention to my drawing till it was so rudely throw into the fountain.

"good morning to you too Kenzie," I grumbled trying to muster up the will power not to curb stomp her face.

"whatever, I still owed you for yesterday," she picked me up by the collar on my shirt and literally spit in my face, 'how the hell does no one see this! What do I need to wear a neon sign that says; hello, I'm the new girl, this bitch and her gang like to beat me up, help if your free.'

Kenzie is the type of person that every teacher likes, but in reality she's just a bitch that wears too much red lip stick. Besides that, she's the captain of the cheerleading team, everyone knows her, she's either loved or hated. Most people go for the second option. As for her minions Ashlee, Megan, and Trixie, they follow her like sheep, so if anything they're just mirrors of Kenzie.

"Go pick it up," Kenzie commanded pointing to the fountain, I sighed and walked over, she obviously can't comprehend that heels click when they hit the sidewalk. I'm guessing her plan was to beat my head in with the side of the fountain, no this isn't happening again. I felt her fingers snaked through my hair, 'this is too easy' I thought to myself, I leaned forward and pulled back head butting her in the face. She pulled back holding her bloody nose scowling at me, I simply stood grabbing my drenched note pad and brushing myself off, "do you need me to get your velvet rag princess? Or call the hospital?" I said in the most mocking tone, (in her perspective). 

She glared at me one last time before she stormed off, I couldn't help but chuckle, so I did. But realized the time, 7:55 am, 'great I have five minutes to get to class, and it's on the other side of campus!' I broke into a run and just when I thought I was home free, just as my fingers grazed the handle I briefly made out the face of Ashlee. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" I muttered some other stuff but it shouldn't be said. When the door opened, and in the doorway was a raven haired boy with the bluest eyes I had ever seen, "your Kiku Haruke right? I'm Kaito" he was cute, not gonna lie, I smiled and nodded extending my hand, "nice to meet you Kaito, and thank you from opening the door," I could've talked to this guy in the doorway all day but lets just say the teacher interrupted, Kaito's face turned a shade of red I didn't even know existed, he's cute but I doubt it would work out.

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