Tom vs 'other' forces of evil

In his seemingly doomed quest for Star Butterfly's affection ,Tom (let's say his last name is Locust ) enrolls in Echo creek academy . Meanwhile Janna Johnson (local wild child and "weirdness enthusiast") and Kofi Fritz (intelligent illusionist and best friend to Janna ) just missed out on a chance to visit a town in Organ that's known to have all kind of weird stuff happen there but now something weird is living with them !

I own Kofi fritz and my other OCs that's it . NOTHING ELSE


1. Tom,Janna,and Kofie

"It was all fool proof" ,Tom thought as he walked to the principals office with his father .

All he had to do was kill that stupid karate boy and wipe Star's mind of his existence.

''I really don't understand why you would enroll in this pathetic Earth academy just to win back the heart of that incompetent Muwni princess" , Toms father a demonic being that looked similar to a vapiric,bull-like,shark-ish creature with three eyes and a suit and tie .

 Tom didn't expect someone like his father to understand what he and Star once had ,but that didn't matter now though all that mattered now was the death of Marco Diez so every think could be the way it should have been.

In another part of the school, step siblings Janna Johnson and Kofie Fritz sat in there class room complaining about there last missed adventure to one of the weirdest places in America while waiting for school to end .

''I cant believe we didn't find our way to Orogan this summer ", Kofie complained.

''Well ,I wanted to checkout the floating cliffs but , at least the view from here is pretty decent", Janna sighed staring at her clueless crush at the front of the class as usual .

" I know what else should make you feel better besides the 'karate kid movie they aught to have already made'' said Kofie , a boy that was a tad pudgy with an old fashion top hat and a t-shirt with a playing card on it, in an annoyed tone snapping janna out of her quick day dream .

"Oh, really ,what, ''asked the girl ?

" I won a sweepstakes for three visitors passes to the old 'Western Wave' waterpark'',cheered Kofie pulling the passes out and playfully waving it in the girls face .

Janna then could barley contain her self and held in a loud shriek .

"Oh my goodness your the greatest", Janna squeaked!

"but what are we going to do  with that extra pass" the brunette ask ?

"We cant ask Jackie, since she's visiting her aunt and uncle this weekend ",said Kofie?

" How about Jonathan " ,ask Janna looking over at the surprisingly friendly (surprising to Kofie anyway) football star ?

" You don't  remember that feel trip we went on " ,asked the boy sarcasticly?

" I remember he couldn't keep his hands of anything", Janna admitted ruling there other friend out completely.

 Janna all of a sudden began smiling widely.

"We could ask Mar-'' ,Janna was cut off.

"NO ''Kofie interrupted refusing to be a third wheel to some weird stupid  flirting.

''Well who else then'', snapped Janna in defeat!

''Hmmm I guess I - '' Kofie was cut off by the voice  enter-com.

''Janna Johnson and Kofie Fritz to the principals office'' said a woman's voice .

As soon as the two walked out of class Kofie turned to Janna.

''Whatcha do this time", he ask sarcastically ?

''Ya know how M.r Dixon went missing a week ago'' ,ask Janna with a nervous look ?

'' Oh no ...'', Kofie said making a scared expression .

" Dude you make to many gadgets to be this  gullible'' ,Janna joked as they walked up to the principals office.

"Principal Skeeves ; you wanted to see us sir" asked Kofie shyly ?

Instead of saying hello the jovial looking principal push past the two kids running down the hall laughing with gold coins and jewels dripping from his finger.

The two watched the man run twards the exit and then herd a throat clearing behind them. 

They turned around and looked inside the principle's office to see a hell beast in a suit and tie vanishing in a plume a fire and though Kofie saw the three eyed guy from earlier that year that was rumored to have dated Star Butterfly Janna saw the hot demon boy from early that year .

''Uuuuh I think your suppose to show me around '', Tom spoke since the other two apparently weren't going to .  

Janna and Kofie showed the  prince around the school and It didn't take to long before he became inpatient.

''Ok could one of you just direct me to Marco Diez and Star Butterfly'', asked Tom a bit grouchily ?

''Well , man the bell for dismissal just rang a minute or two so I recon your cute self just mist em' '' said Janna with a bit of a grin.

 '' And, if your not gonna go track them down you could always come stay with me '', she continued .

"The next thing the two of them new the creature was on the ground in a fetal position shivering ,hyperventilating, and  using one hand scratching a bunnies head with the other's thumb in his mouth .

Janna and Kofie then backed away slowly and then ran home as fast as they could .

Later that that day.

''Oh my gosh, I wonder what that guys problem'', asked Kofie as he and Janna walked in the kitchen ?

'' Why don't you rude children ask him" ,asked Janna's father in his you two are busted voice while sitting at the kitchen table having spaghetti with that same weird demon kid from earlier ?

''You kids should know better than to leave a kind young man from a far away place alone on the ground having an episode'', the man scolded?

"Now I want you two to apologize while I run to the store to prepare food for everyone including our new house guest", he continued ?

"House guest", asked Janna ?

"Didn't principal Skeeves inform you, Tom would be stay with us as a house guest ", the man ask ?

"I guess it slipped his mind", Kofie,sighed ?

Janna's father soon left the kids alone and it didn't take long for the  interrogation to begin.

"Who are you ",demanded Janna ,threating Tom with a spell book with text she couldn't read !

"I think you  know just how far  demon blood can take you at the magic market ", Kofie threatened pulling a bat out of his hat .

"A Magic hat with a bat ;.... how cute ",said Tom rolling all three of his eyes and turning the wooden bat to ash with the snap off his fingers . 

He then turn to Janna .

" A book of magic, including banishment spells ?Yay, I  know you can't read that ?

"You didn't KNOW that",corrected Janna ,putting her book away ?

"just listen", he started .

"Ok, I'm not going to offer  you any deals or house keeping services cause we all know that's been done  " said Tom .But all I want is to stay hear while I chase my happiness.

The two humans eyed him confused .

How's bout we actually turn it into a deal ; I'll  destroy your enemies ,I'll clean your house, I'll clean your home, Ill even protect your house from my ache nemesis and let you pet my bunny ", said Tom sweating nervously .  

"What was that last part", ask Janna ?

"I knew you couldn't resist '',said Tom offering Janna his little pink bunny .

"I ment the arch nemesis outside my house thing '' Janna yelled. 

"Oh yay that's Ziona and her army ;one of my dads Ex-wives that wants to kidnap and ransum me which I take offence to since that's usually a princess problem ", explained Tom as he and the others looked outside the living room window  to se a woman with green skin and a resemblance to Tom only her eyes had mascara tear marking unlike toms scar like markings a dark colored dress with a bat on it and several monsters behind her  .

"Come out quietly with your hands in the air", she yelled crazily.

"You brought monsters to my house", yelled Janna with very mixed emotions

Well I haven't herd from her for a while, but I'll get her to leave her one way or another if I simply must said Tom cracking his fingers and walking out the front door .

''Ziona, I already told you keep you and my dads spats between you and my dad'', he started visibly annoyed .

"No can do Tomas ; your the one thing your father seems to actually care about so im going to auction you to the highest bidder and take your magic from your body '',she giggle madly !

"Well, listen Z, I'm on Earth trying to fix my own slim chance at love ;you should at least be able  to relate to that " ,ask Tom?

"Nope",Ziona responded simply !

Then her monsters went after Tom .

"Batwing ballista "yelled Tom ,making bats appear from know ware and attacking several monsters.

 One big monster attempted to crush Tom with his hammer but Tom dodged knocked the monster out with his heel

Another tried to punch Tom, of whom retaliated with a fire blast.

Then several monsters dog piled on Tom and it looked like it might have been over but a now angered Tom blew them all away with an explosion sending all the monsters in different directions .

Toms eyes glowed red  and he walked closer and closer to Ziona and her monsters with  foot prints of ash being left in his wake .

"Now I'm going to tell you one last time ; go aw-".

Suddenly Tom was knocked back by a kind of force field which seemed to weaken him .

"Like my new crystal ball Tom ; it weakens and repels all other demons near me" ,The demon said gleefully.

"And now this machine will take away all your powers and there is nothing you or your stupid father can do about it ", said Ziona before letting out a loud evil laugh signaling two of her henchmen to grab him and point a gun like weapon at him  !

"Well that's a cliché performance if I ever saw one", said what sounded to be that hat wearing boy .

All of a sudden ,a playing card slashed the gun and the monster holding it was punched in the jaw by Janna.

She then dashed toward Ziona  and jumped out of the way of an energy blast and kicked her and snatched her crystal ball.

Kofie was fast and tuff for such a short and pudgy little guy .

He defeated the monsters surrounding Tom with punches and kicks all wile seemingly bouncing and wizzing around them .

Once Tom got back in the fight the monsters fell into one big pile with Ziona sitting in front of her army .

"This is not the end ;ill be back for you boy'',Ziona hissed ! 

''Ill be back for all off you'',she continued !

"Not without your little dimensional  scissors ",said Tom as he snatched her scissors away .

"That's mine ,brat "yelled Ziona angrily    

"No this cannon is yours",said Kofie with a crazy smile as he made his hat turn into cannon .

Tom then used his  telekinesis on the scissors to cut a dimensional portal behind the pile of monsters.

"Um there's no need for all this 'Tom the bomb', Ziona pleaded .

"Actually ,you M.s and your charming monster friends have just ruined months of hard sweaty yard work",said Kofie sarcastically   as Janna nodded in agreement !

"So there is QUIT the reason for all this ", Kofie laughed like a mad man as he lit the wick on his hat cannon with a match he pulled out of thin air !

"BTW, we kill monsters , like a lot ",said janna looking just as crazy.

All the monsters were now stricken with fear and the laser that blasted them threw the portal into there own dimension .

The three teenagers then jumped ,high fived, and celebrated until they looked at each other uncomfortably .

Ok ......,I apologize for trying to use you guys to get to Star and thank you for saving me .

"Its ok "said Janna .

''Oh , and we're sorry for not helping you when you had your 'panicey what ever' ,continued Kofie .

Well actually , that's kinda the safe thing to do", said Tom.

Kofie and Janna laughed ,before Tom clarified he wasn't joking .

"Well , come inside and we'll help you get unpacked", offered Janna .

"I can still stay here " Tom ask in surprise ?

"Well you don't have any ware else to go, do you" ,asked Kofie? 

"And also my dad said you could stay here", Janna continued as they walked through the yard now scared with craters and dying fires  .

"Well thanks anyway ,also you guys are awesome ; were did you learn how to fight '', the demon boy asked as he finally thought about the fact these were two humans ,.......possibly ?

"My moms a spy and me and Janna fight paranormal junk " , Kofie stated matter of factly .

"Which reminds me are into any of that ",asked Janna? 

"So much", Tom responded simply .   

"I think we've got the perfect little field trip for you then", said Kofie as him and Janna had the same idea while they walked inside the house ignoring the mess Janna's father would come home to .



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