This is Me

Hi I'm Ashley Hemmings. I'm Luke's twin sister. I have a very controlling and sometimes abusive boyfriend. He never lets me be me and when I try to be myself he hits me. Only three people know what he does to me my brothers jack, Ben and my friend Calum.


4. why did you

Ashley's pov:

When we pulled up to the red light Calum turned to me and asked "Why did you come?" I said " because my brother was being a huge jerk." He looked at me for a second before smashing his lips on mine. We kiss for what seemed like hours until we heard a car horn. Calum started to drive agin. We finally pulled up to his house and we got out. He ran to my door and opens it for me. We walked to the door hand in hand. He opened the door and walked in dragging me behind him. He yelled "MOM WE ARE HOME!" Joy walked up to us and said " Ashley dear I didn't know you were coming." I said "Yeah sorry about that I just needed to get away from my brother." And she said "well you can stay as long as you want." She walked back in to the kitchen and Calum drug me up to the guest room. I walked in and out my stuff down. Mali came running in and said "ASH!! Hey girl. How long are you staying?" I said "hey um I don't know." Then she said "What happened I know you, you never want to get away from you bro you love hanging out with him?" I said " it's a LONG story." She said " I have all day." I told her everything and she started jumping up and down saying "Finally I have been shipping Cashley for ever." I said " nothing's official yet." And she said "how many times have you guys kissed?" I said "7" and she said "yeah you guys are so official." I said " now we're not." Then we heard someone say "who? What?" I turned to see Calum standing there shirtless with sweat pants hanging low on his hips. I almost drooled but I pulled it together and said "nothing." And Mali said " oh I was just saying how official you g.." I clapped my hand over her mouth but she licked it and said " guys are." Calum didn't say and u thing he just walked over to the bed and sat down. He pulled me into his lap and cupped my face and kissed me VERY passionately. I pushed in his chest so he would lay down and I was now sitting on his stomach and his hands were resting on my waist. I ran one hand up and down his torso and traced his tattoos. I heard a door shut but I just kept on making out with Calum. He flipped us over so he was on top and he had his hands on both side of me while my legs were wrapped around his hips. I heard someone say "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!" We pulled apart and looked at a highly pissed off Luke. "GOD CALUM WHAT THE HELL I WAS GOING TO SAY IM SORRY BUT YOU DONT EVEN CARE WHAT I SAY SO." I went up to him and slapped him. He held his face and said "what the hell was that for." I said "did it even cross your mind that Calum makes me happy that he could be the one and that I have loved him since I was 14. Did any of that cross your mind." Luke said "Ash I'm sorry I didn't know I'm so sorry I jus..." I said " think that Calum will just break my heart when he finds someone prettier funnier. Luke Calum was thee for me every time Cole hurt me he noticed the first time that cole had done something he saw that something was off when you didn't see anything that was happing . All of those late night dates with cole they ended early and I went crying to Calum he was always there for me. He protected me at school and tried his hardest to protect me out of school. He would never hurt me." Luke looked at Calum and said "Is that true?" Calum said "Yeah I would never hurt her. The reason I went through so many girls was because I was trying to find a girl that I had a spark with like the one I have with Ashley because I knew she was off limits but I never found that. I Love Ashley and I have for a long time." Luke said " ok Filene but if you hurt her I will KILL you." And with that he walked out. It was 10 at night so I said " ok I'm going to take a shower and get some sleep I'll see you in the morning." Calum walked out and I jumped in the shower. *skip shower* I put on one of Calum's shirts that I stole it was like a dress so I didn't wear any shorts. I crawled in to bed and fell asleep. I woke up sweating. I had a VERY bad dream about cole. I looked at the time and saw that it was 1:00 am. I got out of bed and walked into Calum's room. I poked his bare arm and he turned over and opens his eyes and said "Ashley?" I said " I can't sleep I had a nightmare." He patted the spot next to him I crawled under the covers and cuddled up to Calum. He rubbed my back and kissed my forehead. I fell asleep in no time.


Ok so the next chapter will have a new character her name is Hailey she has bright red hair and wears black skinny jeans vans and band tees she is funny sweet and caring. BTW if you haven't read my other fan diva I have three others right now and I am working on one called 'the hunters' Otis a cross between 5sos and the TV show Supernatural. It is about a girl named Lucy Winchester she is Sam and Dean winchesters little sister. It is based right after they stopped the apocalypse and demons want to kill Lucy so Sam and Dean send her to live with some ex-hunters and Lucy's best friend Lola she is trying to have a normal life but stay safe and stay undetected.

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