This is Me

Hi I'm Ashley Hemmings. I'm Luke's twin sister. I have a very controlling and sometimes abusive boyfriend. He never lets me be me and when I try to be myself he hits me. Only three people know what he does to me my brothers jack, Ben and my friend Calum.


3. oh crap

Ashley's pov:

I woke up and saw Calum was still asleep. I tried to get out of bed but I was pulled back down. I turned over and saw Calum staring at me. He said " Your not going anywhere until I get a good morning kiss." I sat up and put my legs on both sides of Calum's torso and sat on his stomach. I leaned down and kissed him. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I heard somebody say "hey ash-um ok sorry I uh ash tell me next time you have a guy over." It was Luke. I don't think he knew it was Calum. He would be pretty pissed if he knew. We pulled away and I said " Cal, Luke can never find out or else he will kill you." He said " I know- wait is that my green day shirt?" I said "yea I stole it frown you a couple of months ago." He brought his mouth close to my ear and said " keep it, it looks damn fine on you." He kissed right below my ear. I blushed uncontrollably. I got off of him and sat in the bed. I said " I don't want you to leave. Oh I have an idea climb out of my window and text Luke saying that your coming over wait a few minutes and knock on he door and we can hang out some more." He said " great idea babe." I kissed him once more and let go and he said "I love your hair it looks amazing." He put his clothes back on and climbed out of the window and jumped off of the ledge and landed on the ground.

Calum's pov:

I landed in the ground and hid behind some bushes and texted Luke saying that I will be over in about five minutes. He said ok. I waited a few more minutes and went to the door. I heard somebody running and then somebody falling and then the door opened. I saw Luke at the door and Ashley on the ground pouting like a 5 yr old. I walked over to her and helped her up she said "thank you kind sir." And giggled while I just stared at her lips remembering what they felt like and how the cold metal from her lip felt against my lips. Luke looked at us funny but brushed it off. He walked in to the kitchen and I pulled Ashley into the hall way and smashed my lips on hers. I heard a giggle but not just any giggle it was Ashton. I pulled away from Ashley and looked at Ashton he said " ugh finally." And I looked behind him and saw Mikey and a very pissed off Luke. I said "Luke I.." He cut me off and said " Save it I knew you liked her but I told you she was off limits. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!!" I slowly walked out of there house and closed the door. I walked up to my car and kicked the tires until I heard a thump. I turned around to see a duffel bag on the ground and Ashley jumping out of the window. She grabbed her bag and said " what are you waiting for lets go." I just stared at her highly confused. She grabbed my keys and opens the door and stuffed her bag in to my car. She stood right in front of me and kissed me. She pulled away and said "let's go." We hopped in the car and drove off. Her phone started to ring she answered it and said "Hello..... No Luke I'm fine..... I wanted to get away from you.....Go to hell."


Hey guys so please comment if I should change anything tkx for reading

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