This is Me

Hi I'm Ashley Hemmings. I'm Luke's twin sister. I have a very controlling and sometimes abusive boyfriend. He never lets me be me and when I try to be myself he hits me. Only three people know what he does to me my brothers jack, Ben and my friend Calum.


1. letting lose

Ashley's pov:

Finally my older brothers were home they have spent the last year in England. I can finally break free from Cole my boyfriend. He says he loves me but he doesn't he just wants me to make him popular he makes me dress like a girl and when I say no he threatens me and Luke. Since my brothers are back I can finally breakup with him for good and then I may have a chance with the boy I have loved for 4 years. Today is Friday and there is a party tonight that my brothers band is going to play at and I have a perfect plan. I get home from school and get out of this girly crap and change into some black skinny jeans and an AC/DC muscle tee and black converse. I brush my blond hair and flop it to the side and I put my lip ring in and change my belly ring to black. I walk out of my room to see my brother and his band playing video games i hear them talking so I ease drop a little. I here them say

L-Luke C-Calum M-Mikey A-Ash

L- there is something up with Ashley but i don't know what it is I mean she is completely different at school than when she is with us and she never hangs out with us in public.

C- I know and she hides her piercings.

M- I know but why? she use to be like us and was not afraid to show it but ever since she started dating Cole she has been so different at school.

A- what do you think he is doing to her.

At that moment I walked in and said " this." I lifted up my shirt and showed them the bruise I got a week ago. They all looked concerned and pissed. I said " I'm still the same Ashley but he makes me be different he threatens me and you guys but that is all going to change tonight." Calum said " what do you mean?" Then jack and Ben bursts through r to door and I said " now I feel safe enough to be me and dump his ass. I And I'm going to show everybody who I am. And by the way the girls are coming over too." Then Luke said " ugh they are just so girly." Then I said " ha they are so not girly their boy friends are Cole's best friends they are doing the same thing to them. I have a plain but um I was wondering if 5sos wouldn't mind playing along side The Supernatural." And Calum said " who is The Supernatural?" I said " well I'm the bass player Jennifer is the lead singer Sarah is the lead guitar and grace is the drummer." Calum said " you are in a band." I nodded and said " yeah I only told Luke, Jack, and Ben tho because we are not the girly kinda band at all." He said " what is your best cover?" I said " How You Remind Me by Nickelback." He said " I love that song." I said " so do you guys mind if we play with you guys kinda like a band collab. Here I have a list of songs we could play." I handed Calum the list it read.

American Idiot

Try Hard

How You Remind Me

Out of My Limit

Social Causality

Teenage Dirtbag

Independence Day

Calum read it and said "I don't mind." And the rest of the boys said " yeah it would be fun." Then I said " and this is how I'm telling everybody who I really am. Oh and Mikey I need a favour." He said " what is it?" I healed up multiple boxes of hair dye and said " me and the girls want to dye our hair." He said " YESS finally I've been wanting to dye your hair forever. What colour do you want it?" I said " blue." He smiled. The girls busted through the door and yelled " Let's get the party started!!" Then I walked up to them and said " yeah we can start when you guys don't look like hubba bubba bubble gum." While pointing to what they are wearing. They all ran up the stairs and went in to my room. When they came down Jen was wearing a nirvana tee and black skinny jeans. Sara was wearing a blink 182 shirt with black ripped skinny jeans. Grace was wearing a Nickelback shirt and black skinny jeans. We walked in to the living room and I said " Mikey time to work your magic." He jumped up and grabbed the stuff we needed. When we were done my blond hair was now blue, Jen's hair was a nice light blue with dark blue tips, Sara had bright pink tips, and grace had bright red hair. We were ready for tonight. The party started at 9:00 and we had to be there at 8:00 to set up. We drove there and set up we had four microphones one for me and Calum one for Luke and Jennifer one for Mikey and Sarah and one for Grace and Ashton to use when they aren't playing drums.

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