Bi The Way

Sam is eight when she meets Aaron. Fifteen when she meets Gallagher. And not old enough to deal with bisexuality and depression.


4. Well... Shit

"Hey Aaron." Collin says while I stand with my mouth open "This is my friend..." 

"Sam!" Aaron cries and hugs me. I hug her back in a state of shock and awe. I can't think. I can barely put my arms around her. It's all I can do to smile and hug back. And she smells good, like cinnamon and apples, so that didn't help with the whole thinking thing. "It's been so long!" she says pulling away from me. "Yeah, yeah it has." I half heartedly respond "It's... it's really good to see you." 

"Wait, you guys know each other?" Collin breaks in 

"Yes, brother of mine," Aaron says, taking my arm "We were thick as thieves until I moved away." she made a sad smile. "But now I am back and hell is going to be raised!" she pointed her finger into the air proclaiming her plan. "Hahaha yes!" I say. This is what I wanted, her to be happy to see me, and to pick up right where we left off. 

"So, you two finally met." Harry comes up behind me and puts his arm around me "You looked like a fucking disaster walking over here." he says.

"Wow, thanks. you look like a fucking disaster all the time." I reply "On that note, Collin just invited us to go bowling with his sister." I say hoping he gets my point

"Bowling, hell yeah!" he says totally oblivious "Wait, you're siblings?" he says after the conversation had moved forward.

"Good job, Sherlock." I say under my breath.

"Yeah, we are." Aaron said, in her kind, sweet way "My mom married his dad when I was ten, then everyone but me moved back here but I stayed in BC to go to a special program for musical theatre students." she said, I noted that she still had her arm in mine. 

"Excuse me, ladies and gentil men," a voice came through the speakers and everyone turned toward the stage "We are now docking, please get off in an orderly fashion and if I could ask all of the men to help the ladies off the boat that would be very kind. Thank you." almost as soon as he was done speaking all of the students started making their way to the door 

"Oh, will you boys help us get off the boat, how cute is that?" she asked me

"Oh, very." I reply "I like helping all of the girls, they all walk down like they're princesses and it's hilarious." I say

"You help too?" she asked

"Well, yeah." I say, hoping she doesn't judge me too hard

"I want to help too!" she says excited "That sounds like fun! I could be a man!"

"Well, then," I readjust her arm in mine "Follow me Sir." I say as I lead her to the stairs

"Okay, so when the girls come down these ridiculously slippery stairs, you put out your hand and lead them down. It's pretty straight forward."

"Cool. Can I stand next to you?" I stare at her 

"Umm, yeah," I say "Yes, yes of course you can." I lead her down the stairs and we stand halfway from the bottom, with Collin on my right and Aaron on my left. The people start coming down the stairs and we all hold out our hands. I see the girl who's boob I touched earlier that night. She saw me and made a big show of  not taking my hand and scoffing at me.

"Why are you doing that?" Aaron asks her.

"Doing what?" the girl replies innocently

"Not taking the hand she so nicely offered you." Abby said. "That's incredibly rude." the girl rolled her eyes and started to walk forward, but looses her footing on the slippery steps and grabs the railing. She shoots Aaron and I dirty looks and continues down the stairs. 


We wait for everyone to get off the boat and then wait again for Collin and Aaron's mom to come and take us to the bowling ally. Everyone is saying their goodbyes when I hear some foot steps come up behind us. "Hello Ms. Adams." I hear a voice say from behind me. Mr. Farmer and Mr. Wilson were standing with their hands in their pockets "Are you going to introduce us to your friend?" Mr. Farmer asks "This is Collin's sister Aaron." I say giving a knowing smile to Mr. Farmer. 

"How do you do Aaron? Mr. Wilson asks, he and Mr. Farmer both stick out their hands at the same time

"What are you two? Muppets?" I whisper to them while they shake hands with Aaron. "It's a pleasure to meet you Sirs." Aaron says and they both stand a little taller. She has a way of doing that to people. Making them feel like royalty just by doing the littlest thing. We all talked for a little while making small talk until we said our goodbyes and made our way to the bowling ally

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