Bi The Way

Sam is eight when she meets Aaron. Fifteen when she meets Gallagher. And not old enough to deal with bisexuality and depression.


3. Shia Surprise

"Holy mother of God." I whisper to myself. I can't believe she's here. Not only is she here, she grew up. Her once bowl cut grew out into long beautiful dark brown hair that curled just perfectly. She had a freckled completion and her smile still lit up the room. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress that ended just before her knee and showed off her best features.
And her face, her smile, looked like something out of a book. 
"Sam," a voice broke my thoughts " is everything alright?" Mr. Farmer asked looking at me like I had a head wound. He was literally like a dad to all of his students. 
"Yes, yes of course. Everything is fine." I tell him "I just saw someone," I look back at Aaron "who I haven't seen in a very long time." I tell him in a kind of dream state. I can't believe how much she grew up, she looks so different, so beautiful. I mean, she was beautiful before, but now, she kind of had an aura  about her of warmth that I could feel from this end of the room. It was like she was the human embodiment of hugs, cats and good books. I couldn't imagine her any other way other than how I saw her right there. I must have stared at her for too long because she turned around and looked right at me. And that's when I ducked my head behind the person next to me, Mr. Farmer. Who upon feeling me his behind him said "Yes," he nodded his head "this is very normal behaviour for someone who is fine." he said, projecting his words back towards me. "Shhhhh!" I hushed him, and hit him on the shoulder, I was worried that he would attract her attention. I grab hold of his shoulders and slowly bring my head up to see if she is still looking, but, thankfully she turned around and continued her conversation. 
"So, who's that?" Mr. Wilson asked very casually. 
"Her name is Aaron. We used to be friend until she moved away," I say just above a whisper "but I guessed she moved back." I still kept my eyes on her the whole time.

"Really? Oh you should go say hi." he said hitting me with his elbow "She seems so nice!" 

"Stop being my mom." I turn to him "Not, everyone is as amazing as you and I. We just happen to be the human versions  of Winnie the Pooh." I say picking up my fork and knife again, but I steal a glance back to Aaron "For all I know she could be a serial killer." I shrug my shoulders

"No serial killer has kittens painted on the toes of her shoes." A voice comes up from behind us ", and she does, so your in the clear." A boy with blonde hair, big nose and brilliant blue eyes pulls up a chair next to me. "Hey Harry," Mr. Farmer says through a mouthful of potato salad (yes, potato salad, we had only the classiest foods at our grad dinner) "so, you talked to her, is she nice?"

"Well," he said, caressing his chin, thoughtfully, "I was over there for about two minutes and  she complemented my tie, told me I should try stand up, and asked about you, and where you were, and if you were here tonight, and what you were wearing." he looked at me exhausted. "You need to go see that girl." 

"I don't want to."

"Do it."

"No." I restated then, they teamed up on me.

"Do it." Mr. Farmer and Harry say in unison "Do it! Do it! Do it!" in sequence they bang their fists on the table and chant 

"Oh my god!" I stop them "I will go if you stop chanting like some sort of cult." I push out my chair.

"Oh we are a cult" Harry calls after me "We follow your social life. Sacrifice animals to it, later tonight, we are getting matching tattoos." I start walking away, while giving him the finger behind my back.


(Okay break time. This part coming up is what I now refer to as the longest walk of my life. Here is how it went.) 

I was walking towards Aaron when, in an instant, somewhere around a thousand different things went wrong. I was about ten feet behind her when out of the corner of my eye I see a football, that then hits my head. I stumble to the side, where the hell did that come from? To stop myself from falling I put my hand out reaching for something to hold on to, and that thing just happened to be the shoulder of easily the cutest boy in school "Hey hold on there," he said putting me back up straight "Are you okay Sam?" his green eyes bigger than every. 

"Yeah thanks Collin." I say, starting to walk away, and thats when I trip over my own feet and spill the contents of my small purse all over the ground. It wasn't anything embarrassing or weird, but there were wrappers from about eleven thousand different candies from when I went to the movies three weeks ago. So after I picked those up, I readjusted myself and started to walk over to Aaron (which, if you remember, was the object of this whole endeavour) when, out of fucking no where, all of the lights get really low, and music, slow music, starts playing, and I'm in the middle of the room. Shit. People start getting into couples around me, and I'm looking for a way out but I can't find one, so I'm just stuck surrounded by a mob of disgustingly happy couples. Then I feel a hand on my back that soon spins me around to face it's owner. "Hey, you looked like you were in trouble," Collin says grabbing my hand, while keeping the other one on my back "So consider me the rescue party."

"Thanks man." I say trying to keep up with his superior dance skills. He is about 5'11'' with piercing green eyes and flaming red hair. His pale complexion doesn't have a blemish on it. He is like one of those kids who goes through puberty in like two days then, boom, adulthood. Every girl in the school had a crush on him, well, except me and the closeted lesbians.  "So," I say trying to continue the conversation "I can't remember if you came here with a date or not?" I ask, keeping it very cool. 

"No" he responded almost too quickly "Did you?"

"No." I say

"Really? I thought that you and Harry came together." he said spinning me around

"No, we just drove in together, we live right next door to each other." I say. I keep looking  around for Aaron but I can't find her.

"Oh, I guess I just thought that you guys were dating." I look back to him

"Yeah, we get that a lot. That and 'Oh are you guys twins?' But we aren't we have just known each other since, well, the womb basically." I say, then finish with "But I would sooner date my cat than Harry." thankfully, for my sake, he laughed at that. 

"Well, alright then." he said through what I can only describe as giggles "Say, you two  should come out with me and my sister after this, we are going to go bowling after the party."

"Bowling in our nice semi dresses and suits?" I ask

"Yeah, its awesome!" he said

"Yeah, sure we wil... wait," I stop myself "Your sister?" I didn't know he had a sister. 

"Yeah, well, my step sister. She just flew in from BC to stay with me for the summer" he said, I can hear the song ending "Oh yeah?" I say in a stand offish tone, I know what he is going to say, But I don't want him to say it "Yeah! She's great," I can hear the song end, we stop dancing "her name is..." 

"Hi." someone interrupts "I'm Aaron."

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