Bi The Way

Sam is eight when she meets Aaron. Fifteen when she meets Gallagher. And not old enough to deal with bisexuality and depression.


2. ...Is Straight Up Bitch

When semi formal finally came around, I was not a happy camper. No, I was a camper who's shoes had been peed in by a squirrel. I did't like my dress, my hair looked like a french poodle and my shoes were giving me blisters. But, I was never one to complain while having my picture taken. And that shit happened every five seconds. So I put on a happy face and moved on.

Our semi was held in the high school gym . It was dark and smelled of sweat and sadness. So, it basically embodied every high school experience. The student counsel had spent about fifty dollars on decoration, but the sad streamers and half hearted signs didn't mask the smell of sweat. So. Much. Sweat.


Now every year our school held fundraisers so that we could pay to give the students and teachers a ride on a boat after semi where they would hold a dinner and more dance. So, after my speech, we all walked down to the docks. when we got there I started helping the girls onto the boat with all of the other teachers and some of the boys.  I was helping one girl, who had never really gotten along well with me, she she slipped on the steps. I reached out to grab her but as she fell backwards on me I wrapped my arm around her, accidentally touching her chest. 

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry." I start to ramble as I help her stand back up.

"What are you doing? Trying to feel me up? Get away from me!" she spat at me as she turned to walk up the stairs. "Lesbo!" she screamed from the door of the boat. "No lesbian in her right mind would get caught up in that hetero disaster." I mumbled. Turning towards my teachers, who, to my surprise were all laughing. "Is that really how she talks to you?" one of them, my french teacher, Madame, asked through fits of laughter

"Yes." I said through my teeth.  "And it's not funny."

"No, it's not. But your response sure was." they lead me up towards the boat, still laughing. As we neared the top I saw  all of the students were getting ready to sit down for dinner.  I chose a spot near the end by the teachers. Oddly enough as I went into high school my teachers from grades seven and eight also became high school teachers. One taught english and one taught math. I had both of them. Just before dinner was to be served I heard a familiar laugh. I turned to see who it was. Then, I saw a familiar face, it was the one that matched the laugh. I looked at this person a long time but I couldn't quite place it. Until I her smile. It was Aaron.

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