Bi The Way

Sam is eight when she meets Aaron. Fifteen when she meets Gallagher. And not old enough to deal with bisexuality and depression.


5. Balls

As we pulled up to the bowling alley I was hit in the face with the smell of fast food, weed and shoes. The alley was falling down, some of the paint on the outside was chipping, the parking lot was made up of only pot holes, and only half the sign that read  "Fred's Lucky Alley" lit up, so now it read "F      uck Alley". (Which,unfortunately, some people who were between the ally and the apartment building next door, took that very literally.)


We got out of the car and started making out way towards the building when we heard muffled yelling and  things being thrown coming from inside. "Um, maybe we should try the other alley downtown?" Harry suggests, and we all nod. But when we turn around Collin's mom has already driven away.

"I think this is fine." Aaron says sarcastically shrugging. I thought to myself, "Well, it's going to have to be fine." but when we got inside, fine was not the word I would have used. The wall's had spots that were painted different colours, (I can only assume they were painting over stain of some sort) there was almost no light, but there was a black light which lit up Harry and Collin's dress shirts like christmas trees, and there was a distance smell of feet and cigaret smoke coming from the large counter where a man was renting shoes. 

"Are you coming in or not?" he grunted from behind his magazine. He was a short balding man who had pulled about five greasy strips of hair over from one side of his head to the other in efforts to try and hide the dome on his head. He was smoking a long cigar and eating chips, wiping his hand on his white button down shirt. "Umm, yeah, lane for four please?" Collin says, putting his hands in his pockets and rocking back and fourth on his heels

"Take any open lane." he responds, not looking up.

"Can we have shoes?" Collin asks, looking around

"Trust me you don't want them."  

"Okay..." Collin looks at the rest of us "Thanks?" he said. We all walk our way to the farthest lane from the counter. 


We were bout half way through a game when someone came in. It was a boy, about fifteen, wearing skinny jeans and a black sweater. He walked to the counter and sat down on one of the old red stools. The man behind the counter had disappeared. We all took notice to him, but quickly went back to our game. It was my turn to bowl. "I hate bowling in these heels, its weird to walk on these floors with them on." no sooner were the words out of my mouth when my clumsiness reared its ugly head. I tripped over thin air, and as I was falling I saw the bowling ball in my hand and thought "Wow, I don't want to hit my head on that." so I threw my body to the left, and hit my forehead on the machine that distributes the balls. "Ow." I say rolling over "There is floor dirt in my eye I can't see." I blink my eyes and see blurry shapes of people over me "Oh, sweetheart that blood from your head" Abby says 

"Oh, okay." I say (I didn't really understand that blood coming from your head was bad at the time 

"Please move." I hear someone say "I can help, I just need to get in here. " I see an other shape come into view "Hi my name is Gallagher "Can you please go get me a first aid kit, there is one behind the counter." 

"Yep."  I hear Harry say and he runs over to the counter

"Can you tell me what your name is?" the new voice asks

"Her name is Sam." Aaron answers

"I didn't ask you." he spits at her. My head is pounding

"Do you know where you are?" the voice asks 

"That sketchy bowling ally that smells like feet and smoke." I say trying to rub my eyes, he laughs and he pulls my hand down "Right," he chuckles "Try to nit rub your eyes, blink out the blood, rubbing them could push it farther back into the socket. "Uggh" I gag "Eyes are gross." I can see a bit better now, Harry comes back into sight, "Here." he hands Gallagher the kit. 

"What?" Gallagher askes "There's only Sponge Bob Square Pants bandages in here." he pulls out a handful of tiny yellow band aids. "Damn it," he starts pulling off his sweater, which showed the t shirt underneath "Here, we'll use this to stop the bleeding for now." he rolls up the sweater and puts it on my forehead, as he reaches I see his muscular arms and say "Wow, your ripped." i reach up to touch his arms, but I still can't see very clearly and just paw at the air.

"I think she has a concussion." he says through giggling "I don't know if that has anything to do with that last comment..." he trails off "We should get her to the emergency room for stitches." He says, pulling me up in to a sitting sitting position. I start to fall back down, but he puts his leg bent behind my back so I can lean on it. I get a good(ish) look at him for the first time. He has hair that goes just to his ears, that is jet black except for one white streak in his bangs. He has a kind face, but it's all contorted with concern. "My car is outside, me and these guys are going to take you to the hospital, okay?" he says this to me very slowly. "Yes, okay." we start to get up, but Abby starts to protest "We don't even know you. Are you even old enough to drive? he stops "I'm not old enough but I can."

"Aaron, out here everyone can drive, its a small town, we aren't going on a big highway or anything, we probably won't even meet a cop. No one is going to question it." Collin reassures her. He, Harry and Gallagher help me up and we all make our way to the car. He said car, but he meant kidnapper van. It was a white van with tinted windows and bench seats. Abby hopped into the back, and the boys helped me climb in next to her and Harry soon followed. Gallagher pulled the door shut and he and Collin climbed into the front. We started to make our way to the hospital. My head is still hurting, I feel like sitting up it too much so I start to lean on my window, but Aaron pulls me over to her and puts my head on her lap and takes over the job of keeping Gallagher's sweater on my head.

"Don't let her fall asleep." Gallagher says from the drivers seat 

"Why not?" Aaron asks

"She might not wake up." he responds looking straight ahead

"I won't fall asleep." I say to reassure myself and him. We drive a little farther in silence until the light of the hospital sing comes into view. We pull up front and park everyone gets out of the car and Harry helps me out of the car, when I stand up I get more blood in my eye. I don't even see Gallagher come around the side of me, until he grabs around my waist with his strong arms and guides me into the waiting room "Oh," I say as we start walking, it's like I got a head rush and at the same time I got hit by a hammer. "Is everything okay?" Gallagher asks me stopping 

"Yeah, just typical head wound stuff." I respond pushing the sweater up higher up my forehead. He laughs and we continue walking. As we make our way to the emergency room I can't help but to notice that as we are walking he is lifting me a little bit, he is so tall that when his arm is around my waist he is lifting me up because he can't reach down that far without crouching. "How tall are you?" I ask

"What does that have to do with your head?" he asks. We keep turning down the corridors with painting by children and warning signs decorating their walls

"I just wanted to know."

"I'm six foot seven." he says reading a sign above our heads

"Whoa," I remark "Your feet must be huge."  I note, then I start to giggle to myself 

"What?" he asks smiling

"Nothing." I say, I know if I say what I'm thinking that I'll regret it later. We make it to the counter where a woman in her mid forties is sitting looking at her computer, when we get to her she looks up 

"How can I help you?" she asks in a tired and bored voice

"My friend..." Gallagher starts, then pauses "What's your name again?" he whispers to me

"Sam." I say

"Sam. Hit her head and needs some stitches." he tells the nurse.

"Please go sit in the waiting room." we start to walk away, "Wait," she calls after us "Where are this girls parents?"

"Oh!" I say under my breath. I didn't even think about them. They didn't know, they think I'm sleeping over at Harry's tonight. (They let me sleep over there because they think he is as gay as the fourth of July.)

"They are waiting at home. Going to get everything ready for when we get home. Some food, fresh sheets, that kind of thing." he says. It seemed to be enough to convince her. We walk into the sitting room with all of the other people. A man who  has a nasty looking cast on his leg, a new mom and her crying baby and a drunk frat boy. Ahhh, to be in a emergency room on a Friday at eleven thirty. I sit down with Gallagher.

"Where did everyone go?" I ask him

"Coffee." he says pulling out his phone

"Umm, did you guys really call my parents?" I ask nervously

"No, do you want me too?"

"No!" I say too fast. This would just worry them

"Okay. Do you have a place to stay tonight?" he asks not looking up from his phone

"Well, thats a bit forward." I say, offended. Who is he to invite me to his house while I am not in my right mind? That's like the start of a late night crime scene investigation show.

"No," he says "Someone will need to wake you up every few hours." he rolls his eyes at me "And I assume, that if you don't to call your parents, you won't want to go home tonight." he gave me a knowing look.

"Well," I say, out of witty come backs "You know what happens when you assume."

"What happens?" he asks

"You make an ass out of you and me." I tell him looking down at my lap. He laughs until the nurse comes out and asks us to come to the examining room. We make our way down the hallway to the curtained off room. Because we were in this room, we couldn't get any visitors so Collin, Aaron and Harry all had to wait in the waiting room. Soon after the doctor came in to stitch me up. It was more painful than I was expecting. Out of instinct I reached for Gallagher's hand to hold on to. I didn't realize until the doctor was done that he was squeezing my hand back. I cleaned the blood off my forehead and started to make my way out to the waiting room. 

"Hey Sammi." Harry come right up to me, looking at my forehead "Ready to go home?"

"Can we get something to eat first?" I say. Suddenly I became ravenous

"I could go for a burger." Gallagher says "I mean," he continues, putting his hands in his pockets "If it's okay that I come."

"Sure man," Collin chimes in "You drive."

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