Her. (M.C. fanfic)

"Do you love her dad?" Alex asked. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. "I don't know yet."

HEY GUYS ITS KAT. I decided I really wanted to make a story like this. I have some amazing ideas for it so I hope you all love it!


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Alex's pov

I woke up to Braydon snoring. I groaned checking the time on my phone. 9 in the morning. I grabbed a pillow off my bed and threw it at Braydon who was on the floor. He bolted up "who what what?" He said. He sighed and yawned. "I'm gonna go wake up my dad and Brook. Be right back." I said yawning. I walked out of my room sluggishly. I walked to theirs. They were all cuddled up close to eachother. I cleared my throat. "WAKE UP!" I screamed and they both sat up quickly. Braydon walked in and we both laughed. Bray yawned. "I gotta bike home. I have lessons at 10:00. See you tomorrow at school." He said. "Ok. BYEEEE." I said as he walked out. I laughed jumping onto their bed. They both looked groggy. "Morning adult units." I said. "Good morning Alex." Brook said. She fell back into her pillow. My dad and I chuckled. "Morning buddy...." As he said that he got an evil smirk on his face. "Don't you dare." I scowled. He jumped out of bed grabbing me over his shoulder. "BROOK HELP ME." I said as he ran out of the room with me over his shoulder. I saw her get out of bed chasing after us. "Your getting to heavy Alex! Stop growing!" He said chuckling as he ran. Aubrey was sitting in her crib sucking on her pacifier just watching as he ran around the living room and kitchen as Brook chased after us. After a few minutes he got tired and he set me down on the couch. "Finally!" I said. He laughed, "your not so little anymore..." He said. Brook walked over standing next to dad. He leaned over and kissed her. "Ew. Save that for when I'm not around." I said. They both laughed. "Today we are helping Brook get her stuff over here. So do you wanna help with that or do you wanna babysit?" Dad asked. "I'll babysit. But Brook can you teach me how to change her diaper? I have no idea." I said. "Of course."

Michaels pov

I smiled as Brook was teaching Alex. I sighed a happy sigh walking into our room to put a shirt on. I slipped on a nirvana shirt and walked back into the living. Alex and Brook were already in the kitchen making something. I snapped a photo right as Alex was flicking flour in brooks face. I smiled at the cute picture. "You two are ridiculous." I said as Brook flicked flour right back at him. They both laughed as they continued making the food. I walked over to Aubrey. "Who's an adorable little girl?" I said as I walked over to her, she started giggling. I picked her up and raised her over my head spinning her in the air. She laughed and giggled a bit. I held her close in my arms as I walked into the kitchen. I set Aubrey in her high chair. "What do I feed her?" I questioned. "Just some yogurt and banana slices." Brook said. I walked to the fridge and took out some vanilla yogurt and I sliced up a banana. I pulled a chair in front of aubs. I fed her as they made pancakes. Aubrey threw bananas at me quite often. "You need to eat the banana. Not throw it at me." I said chuckling trying to give her some. "More." She said in her little baby voice. I chuckled. "You can have the rest of the banana if you stop throwing it at me." I said. She giggled. "Juice!" She shouted. I looked over at Brook who was serving Alex some pancakes. "I have her some apple juice in a sippy cup in the fridge. You can set her on the floor and she'll drink her juice as she walks around." She said. I smiled taking aubs out of her crib. I held her as I grabbed her juice handing it to her. She cheered drinking some of it. I set her down on the floor. I walked back into the kitchen. "Mmmm. Pancakes." I said as Alex handed me a plate. "Can we sit in the living room?" Alex asked. "Yes. Go put something on!" I said. "Ok!" Alex cheered running with his plate to the living room. I walked over to Brook, she was sitting on the counter drinking some coffee on her phone. I walked in front of her, in between her legs, I set my hands her knees. "I never get to actually say good morning." I said. She set down her phone. She smiled. "Thank you for feeding Aubrey this morning." She said. "No problem. Thank you for making breakfast." I said. I leaned forward kissing her. She pulled away chuckling. "We should go join Alex." She said. "Just one more." I said. She giggled kissing me. "Ok now let's go." I said. We walked into the living room. Alex was sitting on the floor eating and messing around with aubs while watching tv. I smiled. As I ate I went on Twitter posting the picture I took of Alex and Brook.

@Michael5SOS: *image* Brook and Alex made breakfast and it was pretty good. Brook still has some flour in her hair.... Don't tell her.

I tweeted a few more random crap.

@Michael5SOS: MOVING DAY. Alex is taking care of baby. That shall be interesting.

@Michael5SOS: I WUV YOU @riverbrook ur cute

@Michael5SOS: Luke stop tweeting pictures of 14 year old me.

I put down my phone when I finished eating. "In going to go get dressed... Then you and I can leave to get all my stuff. There isn't much so it should only take a few hours." Brook said. "Ok..." I said. I pecked her on the lips before she left to get dressed.

*skip to after moving stuff and crap*

Brooke's pov

I groaned sitting into the truck we rented. "I officially dislike your fans." I said as he sat in the drivers seat. "Why?" He questioned. "Every picture you post with me in it gets so much hate. Any tweet or Instagram or any thing involving me your fans create plots on how I'm using you for fame. Or that your management put us together." I said. "It's Ashton and the Briana chick from like almost ten years ago." Michael said. "Yeah snd they aren't together any more." I said. He reached over as he was driving, using his free hand to hold mine. "Who cares if they aren't together. He found someone he loves. And I found you. And I love you... Like a lot. I don't care if any fan hates you because honestly if they hate you, they are rude and I don't like them. In the interview I have to be at tomorrow they'll probably ask about you... And if they do I'll address that because they are stupid fuck face." He said kissing my knuckles. I chuckled. "Oh Michael.i love you." I said. We drove until we got into the parking lot of his place... Well now ours? That's weird to think about. He's letting Aubrey have the extra room... So there is Alex's room, aubreys, and ours. "Ok I'm going to go grab Alex to help bring stuff in." Michael said. "Ok perfect!" I said. I jumped out of my seat, going to the back of the truck. As I started opening it up I couldn't get the thought out of my mind that Michael will leave me because the fans hate me... I shook it off as Alex and Michael walked out. Why is a twelve year old only a few inches shorter than me? I know he's almost 13... But I'm 5'9" and Alex is like 5'6" or 7". Well I mean Michael is over 6 foot but still. "Here take this in." I said. He groaned taking it anyways. "I hate lifting crap." He said chuckling.

*after all the unloading*

"Thanks for the dinner Brooke." Alex said. "No problem." I smiled. Michael was sitting on the couch with Aubrey in his lap feeding her Mac and cheese. I made some random chicken crap that tasted pretty decent. I watched as Michael made Aubrey giggle and he continued feeding her. I smiled. I looked around at the random the random boxes sighing a happy sigh... I'm actually moving in with someone. Last time I did the relationship ended brutally. As I ate I just sat and thought about everything.... His fans that hate me, Alex, brad...., his ex, everything. He's never even mentioned his ex. "Hey is everything ok?" Michael asked sitting across from me. I didn't even realize Alex had left and was with Aubrey. "Oh nothing. Just thinking." I said. "About what? You seem upset..." He said. I smiled, even though I wasn't the happiest, "it's nothing mike. Don't worry." I said. "You don't seem fine, you seem upset." He said. "Um...." I was about to say something, but I stopped myself. "I'm going to go unpack some stuff in our room." I said. "Ok..." He said. I stood up and walked to the back bedroom. I sat on the bed laying my head in my hands. I can't believe I'm doubting anything. Everybody doubts things right? Michael walked in and I quickly sat up straight. "Hey. Alex is going over to Brays for the night." He said. "Oh ok." I said. He looked at me in confusion. "Brooke. I may not have known you for a long time... But I've known you long enough to know you aren't happy. What's wrong?" He asked. I sighed. "Can we just talk about it later?" I asked. He sighed. "Yeah..." He said quietly. He walked out of the room. I sighed laying on the bed. I hid my face in my hands. I heard the car start outside. I looked out the window. It was just Michael taking Alex to brays. I walked into the living room. Aubrey was sleeping in her little chair thing. I smiled, I picked her up and took her to her room. I was right across from Alex's room. I set her down in her crib, kissing her head and tucking her in. I turned off her light and walked back into the bedroom. I unpacked some of my clothes before I heard Michael walk in the door. He walked into the room. "Ok would you please tell me why your upset?" He asked. I turned around to him holding a few random shirts. "Michael I'm fine. I'm completely fine." I said. He sighed, "I've been with other girls. When you guys say your fine you aren't." He said. "Yeah and exactly how many of them have you just let move in with you?" I snapped. "So that's what this is about?" He asked. "And by the way it's been one girl. Well now two. But the last one left!" He said. "Yeah! The one you've never talked about? You know all about how my last fucking relation ended. I know nothing about yours. Only that she just left." I said. "That's all there is to say! You think I'm lieing? Well here's the truth! I woke up one day to find no one laying next to me, and just a note saying she couldn't deal with Alex or me anymore. I had to explain to my nine year old why is fucking mom just left! Why I still don't even know myself." He said. "So your still waiting for her to come back?" I asked. "I could wait for years and she wouldnt. I need to just get over her." He said. "So I'm just someone who is standing in for her? Just a fucking replacement? See this is why I was doubting things." I said. "That's not what I meant." He said. "Then what did you mean? You just said you could wait but your not going to! Why am I even living here then?" I said. "Your fans hate me! I will never be able to replace Alex's mom. You'll never be over his mom! I'll sit here feeling like I'm totally pointless because currently I feel useless in this damn relationship." I said. "Your not pointless." He said. "Then what am I?! No DONT answer that. I'm getting Aubrey. I'll go stay with Jess or something." I said. I walked towards the door and Michael stood in front of me.

Michaels pov

"Then what am I?! No don't answer that. I'm getting Aubrey. I'll go star with Jess or something." She said. Then everything hit me. No.... She can't let her leave. I can't let her walk out of my life. She started walking towards the bedroom door. I stood in front of her. "Move." She said. I felt my eyes sting. I felt like I was almost choking. "N-no I can't l-let you leave to." I said actually holding back tears. "Why Michael? Why. Your fans fucking hate me. You're still not over that whoever." She said. "I'm completely over her! I can't just forget about her! I was with her for almost ten years and I have a 12 year old with her! But that doesn't mean I love her. I love you. I only love you." I said. I had let a few tears fall. "I can't get over the fact your friends don't like me, or your fans..." She said with tears falling down her cheeks. I wiped her tears away, "I don't care what anyone else thinks about us. It matters what we think. I love you. There is no other girl I would rather be with than you. I hate that you are having these thoughts that I don't love you. But I have never loved anyone more than the girl standing in front of me." I said. She had more tears on her face. "I'm sorry..." She said. "Don't be..." I said. I wiped away her tears and kissed her. After a few minutes the kiss kinda escalated. Do I really have to go into detail?

A/n- HEEELO. I just wanted to give a little shoutout to the user 'Mikey's Little Kitten' no, they did not ask for one, they just commented a lot on different stories so yeah. HOPE YOU LIKING THE STORY. And sorry if the story is moving fast. I'm making it go slower now. 😂

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