Her. (M.C. fanfic)

"Do you love her dad?" Alex asked. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. "I don't know yet."

HEY GUYS ITS KAT. I decided I really wanted to make a story like this. I have some amazing ideas for it so I hope you all love it!


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Brooks pov

"It was amazing. Michaels amazing. rain is amazing." I said to Jess falling back into the couch. "Girl you are soaked head to toe. Why?" She asked. I smiled. "After we went to dinner we went walking around the city and you know that one park against the water? Well we were there and we were dancing around and it started pouring but we continued on just dancing. It felt like we were the only ones in the world. And we kissed and I felt like nothing else mattered." I said. "You two kissed?!?" She asked. I smiled and nodded. "It was now officially one of the best nights of my life." I said. "Where's Aubrey? I missed her.." I said. Jess chuckled. "You should get showered and stuff. Aubrey's asleep." She said. "Can I get you payed tomorrow?" I asked. She nodded. "Of course. Now get yourself cleaned up. Oh and don't forget that you have that job interview at 4pm tomorrow." She said. "Thank you. You are a life saver." I said.

*the next day*

Alex's pov

I opened my eyes slowly. I looked around, this isn't my room. I soon realized it was the living room. I sat up yawning. I still had my hood on but I was wrapped in a blanket. I rubbed my eyes. I smiled realizing I didn't have to go to school. I pulled out my phone to check the time... 9:00... Dads probably sleeping. I noticed a few notifications.

'Michael Clifford caught kissing Mystery girl last night'

'Is Michael Clifford finding a new girl for his family?'

'Michael Clifford goes on date and even kisses girl! *video included*'

Wait what? I clicked on the one that said it had a video. A girl blabbed on about a mystery girl. There was a ton of pictures. He was at a restaurant with a girl in one. She had short brown hair and was wearing a yellow dress. In another photo it looked like they were almost dancing in a park while it was just pouring rain. They both had huge smiles on their faces and they looked to be almost laughing. Another they were walking down the street and she had on my dads coat. It's the coat he always wears. And then came the video. They were walking and they just kissed.... And it was raining. I have declared they are both insane. I turned off my phone. Why didn't he tell me he was dating someone? Did he think I would get mad? Who is she? I unwrapped myself out of my blanket burrito. I stretched a bit and walked to my dads room. I knocked on the door groggily. I heard a shuffle and a groan. "Come in?" He said and I chuckled. I opened the door. I clearly woke him up. At least he got to sleep in. He needs it I guess. "Morning buddy." He said. "Good morning!" I said jumping over him to the other side of his bed. He laughed sitting up rubbing his eyes and yawning. "Why are you so happy. I expected you just woke up." He said. Kinda at least... He just woke up so he's kinda slow. "Well...." I said pulling up a picture of him kissing that one girl. I handed him my phone. "Who's she?" I asked. He rubbed his eyes, "ah shit. I was going to tell you. I forgot about the whole spreading around the whole internet thing, you were just upset-" he was rambling on. I cut him off, "dad!" I said. "What?" He questioned. "I'm fine! Just who is she? And like how long have you been like dating her I guess? And why didn't you tell me about her?" I asked. My phone buzzed and he handed it back to me. "Before I go into any detail. I need coffee." He said. The text I got was from Braydon.

Braydon- hey why aren't you in class?

Alex- there was an incident last night and my dad let me stay home. I got kinda terrified.


Alex- calm down dude. Kyle and his friends chased me to my house and didn't leave til my dad got home.


Alex- Braydon calm down. He didn't hurt me or anything. And he just wants attention or some shit.

Braydon- true. You better be at school tomorrow.

Alex- it's Friday.

Braydon- then your letting me come to your house tomorrow.

Alex- fine. Now I gotta go.

Braydon- fine. I'll give you the homework tomorrow.

Alex- awesome bye!

Braydon- bye fuck face.

I chuckled turning off my phone. "Let's go to some place so I can get coffee. I'll get you hot chocolate." dad said. "Ok! Let me get into something other than this. Also know as different jeans and hoodie." I said hopping off the bed. I ran into my room and putting on a different pair of jeans and my blue hoodie. I walked into the living room with my vans on and my dad was grabbing his wallet. "Let's go! And I have recording at noon. Do you want to come with?" He asked. "Yes! I miss Luke and cal. I've seen ash but not the others." I said.

*at the cafe*

The waiter put down or drinks in front of us. We were sitting at a table that had a booth on one side and some chairs on the other. I sat on the booth. I still had my hood on.... It's comfy. I took a sip of my hot chocolate. "Ok so who's the girl?" I asked. He chuckled. "Her name is Brook. I met her a few days ago. I've had coffee with her twice. Just casual. I asked her on a date finding out that you wouldn't be home for a while. Which I'm so sorry I wasn't." He said. "Ok. Seems legit. Now when do I meet her. Because if she doesn't like me. That would suck." I said and he laughed. His eyes widened and he smiled looking a bit behind me. "Well I guess your meeting her now." He said. I looked behind me and saw a girl with a stroller walking towards us. She looked like the girl in the picture... Same short brown hair. "You left out the kid part dad." I said. "Oh yeah she has like a year and a half year old named Aubrey." He said as she walked at the table. "I guess you really are always here..." She said. Dad stood up and hugged her. "Hello to you to." She said to him. "Oh this is Alex..." He said smiling at me. "Hi." I said quietly. "Hey! I'm Brook... Sorry if this is awkward. Same thing happened when I was about 14. Except it was my mom. And I had to meet some random dude to." She said and I chuckled. "You can join us if you want. If your not in a hurry." My dad said. "That would be cool. I can't drop off Aubrey til 10:30. So I have time. Is it ok if i sit with you guys?" She asked the last question directing at me. I shrugged. "Sure." I said. She smiled and sat in the chair next to my dad. They actually sat pretty close. The baby was sleeping in the stroller. I have to admit. The baby is adorable. I sat and drank my hot chocolate as they talked. They seemed to never stop. Like they never got bored. They laughed and talked and talked. It was nice. I'm not much of a talker... I'm used to talking to musicians. If that makes sense? Like I've met some really awesome people. They are all older bands now. My dad was friends with them. But I've never seen dad this happy since mom left. I actually didn't even notice it had been almost an hour when Brook said she had to leave. "It was nice seeing you." She said and she kissed him on the cheek. "And it was wonderful meeting you." She said. Dad and her talked about something for a minute and she left. He sat down with a smile on her face. "You really like her don't you?" I asked. He looked at me with an eyebrow raised. "Why'd you think that?" He asked. "Because... You never just talk non stop for an hour." I said. He chuckled. "Well she's different. She's nice." I said.

*skip to the next day*

"DAD BRAYDONS COMING OVER! HES BIKING HERE!" I shouted from my room. "Ok! Why don't you two go to the park or something?" He asked walking in my room. "Ew outdoors." I said. "Cmon. There aren't that bad. The park is nice. Kids are always there. Maybe you and bray could make some new friends or something." He said. I groaned. "But I would have to ride my bike down there." I said. "Cmon. You haven't used your bike in like a year. I wonder if you even fit on it." He said. "Fine." I said. Almost perfect timing I hear a knock at the door. I run past my dad to see Braydon. "HELLO FRIEND WHO LEFT ME ALONE ON FRIDAY." He said laughing. "Well you seem hyper." I said. "I had an energy drink. Bad idea for a 13 year old." He said as he walked inside. "Your just lucky that your even older than me. I just turned 12 like four months ago or something." I said. "Well I turned 13 last month. So HA!" He said. My dad walked into the living room where bray and I were sitting. "Ello Braydon." He said. "Hi! Im currently trying not to fan boy. Which is hard since I have to much caffeine in my system. You should be proud." He said and I started laughing. "Well good job for not fan boying." My dad said chuckling. "Dad thinks we should go to the park... Wanna go?" I questioned. "HECK YEA." He shouted. I heard dad chuckle in the kitchen because of Braydons excitement. I groaned as I stood up and followed Braydon to our bikes.

*at the park*

"I hate bikes." I said as I jumped off mine into the grass before the bike even stopped. Braydon did the same as we let our bikes fall to the ground. "We must claim a tree." Braydon said. "Not like a dog. I'm not peeing on a tree. Like that we can hang out at. This is like right in the middle of our houses so it's perfect." Braydon said. I chuckled. I pointed at a giant tree. "That one." I said. He shrugged and we walked over. I sat against the tree. I pulled my hood over my head and leaned against the tree. "Why do you always do that?" Bray questioned sitting next to me. "What?" I asked in confusion. Looking up at the sky. "Your hood. At anytime you can, you always have your hood on. Why?" He asked pulling some grass out of the ground. I shrugged. "No one feels the need to talk to someone with a hood on." I said. "That's actually..... True." Bray said. For the next thirty minutes he wouldn't shut up about my dad with the girl.

"Ooooooo." He said like a kid. I chuckled. "Hello fuckers." Someone said. I looked in the direction of the voice. Kyle was standing in front of us. "What do you want?" Braydon spat. "Oh look at little bray bray getting all protective over the little ass hat." One dude named chase said. Kyle chuckled. "So Alex. Why weren't you at school? Got to scared from us." Kyle scowled. "Shut up." I said. "Oh and I heard your sorry excuse for a dad has a new little fuck buddy. Is he finally replacing your stupid mom. You know the one that left you losers." He said with an evil smirk. I stayed silent. "Watch what you say." Bray scowled at Kyle. "Awe maybe that's why your so depressed. Because your dad is horrible and your mommy completely left you both because your not worthy of love." Kyle said. Something in the back of my mind clicked. I shot up to wear I was standing face to face with Kyle. I was a bit taller than him since both of my parents where tall. "You better shut up you sorry excuse for a human being." I spat at Kyle. "Yeah? And what will you do if I don't?" He said with an evil smirk. Without waiting I full on punched him in the side of the face making him stumble backwards a little bit. "Whoa Alex calm down." Braydon said standing next to me. "Oh you shouldn't have done that." Kyle spat leaping towards me. He repeatedly punched me in the face, hitting my nose and my eye. I stumbled backwards and fell to my ass against the tree as Kyle took one final kick to my stomach. "HEY BACK OFF." Braydon yelled. He full on kicked Kyle in the stomach causing him to fall back and him and his little buddies ran away. Braydon kneaded down next to me. "Dude! What the fuck where you thinking? Kyle is fucking trained in some fighting technique. And surprisingly 14 because he was held back because he was a dumb fuck." He said. "Ah shit your bleeding..." He said. I don't know where though. My lip felt swollen, I couldn't really see through one of my eyes, and my nose felt like it was ripped off. I felt a tear fall out of one of my eyes. I hid my face in my hands. "I don't know." I don't know I said with a shaken voice. "Ah shit. It's because he mentioned your mom? Isnt it?" He said. I nodded my head. "Cmon lets get back to your house. Your bleeding and need ice. He stood up helping me up. I walked slowly next to him. We walked past our bikes. "What about our bikes?" I questioned. "Screw the bikes we are walking." He said.

Michaels pov

I heard the locks being unlocked at the door. And I heard bray and Alex walk in. "Hey dudes! How was- what the fuck happened?!" Alex and Braydon walked in and Alex had a bloody nose that was all dried up but his lip was swollen and bleeding and his eye was different shades of purple. "Alex! What happened?! Braydon explain. Now." I said jumping up. I quickly ran to the freezer. "Sit on the couch Alex! I'm getting you an ice pack." I said. I grabbed a bag of frozen carrots. Which I never knew we had. I walked back into the living room carefully placing the bag near his eye. "Hold this there." I said. "Mr.Clifford I'm so sorry I let this happen." Braydon said. I had also grabbed a damp wash cloth. "As long as you didn't do it, it's fine but please explain what the hell even happened." I said. "Look up." I told Alex as I carefully tried wiping away some of the blood and just cleaning his face. He winced when I got to his lip. "Well- uh- we were at the park. Duh. And we were talking about... Stuff... Kyle and his little followers-" I cut him off as I continued cleaning off Alex. "Are those the kids who chased you on Thursday?" I asked alex. He nodded slightly. I sighed, "continue Braydon." I said. "And then Kyle was talking about you. And Alex's mom. And Alex punched Kyle... Surprisingly hard. He almost fell backwards.... But Kyle is 14... And is like in some kind of karate classes... And athletic. So basically he started punching alex and then Alex fell over and he kicked him in the stomach, and then I kicked Kyle... I used to be a swimmer so he almost fell over so they all ran off." He said. "He kicked you in the stomach? Is there a bruise there?" I asked Alex. Alex winced again as I kept wiping away some blood, but he nodded. I sighed. "Braydon do you need a ride home?" I asked. "Yeah. I left my bike at the park. Could you just drive me there? If you want... You don't have to." I said. "Yeah. It's not a trouble. Just let me get another ice pack." I said standing up. "Here put this on your lip, to stop the bleeding. I'll take you to he doctors. You might need stitches." I groaned. Alex sighed. "I'm sorry dad. I shouldn't of punched him. He was just being an asshole about me. About you and about mom and I just don't know why... But I punched him." He said. "Alex... You don't have to worry. But I'm going to be having to explain to press and shit before I'm blamed for this." I said walking to the kitchen and grabbing a Baggie filling it with ice. I ran my fingers through my hair. There is going to be a shit load of rumors the second people realize it's Alex Clifford with stitches and a black eye. And that little ass hat Kyle. what the fuck do I do with him? I walked back in to the living room. Braydon was casually standing in a corner humming some random song. "Lay down." I told Alex who was sitting on the edge of the couch. He flinched a bit as he layed down. I sighed. "Ok where is the bruise?" I asked. He lifted his shirt slightly and I could already see the huge bruise on his stomach. "Ah that's gotta hurt." I said. He nodded. I set the ice pack down. "Ok. Um I have to drive Braydon to the park. Don't worry I'll lock the doors I'll be back In a few minutes. Then I'll get you to the doctors." I said. He nodded slightly.

Alex's pov

Dad was acting very jittery and shit. That means he was either really angry or really worried. Hopefully it's worried. Him and Braydon left. I leaned over flinching in pain to grab the remote. I turned on Netflix and watched some random movie. I layed back closing my eyes. Why did I punch him!? Everybody knows you don't mess with Kyle... Oh shit, he's going to kill me on moNday. If I could hit myself, I would. But Kyle already did that. I sighed. He deserved it right? And how was Braydon able To just kick him and get him to run away... Never mind that. My phone buzzed. I groaned in pain grabbing it. It was a Twitter notification. 'Alex Clifford Black Eyed And Walking With Stranger' I rolled my eyes. How the fuck did they already know. I clicked on it to read. They had a picture of me and Braydon walking towards my house. I didn't realize I looked as bad as I did. Damn. I read into the article. They mentioned my dad so I read deeper into it. 'Could the rockstar dad Michael Clifford be the blame for this?' I rolled my eyes. I quickly needed to tweet.

@Alex_The_Dino- my dad had nothing to do with my screwed up face. I punched a kid and he decided to punch me back... So stop blaming my dad.

I sighed. It all of a sudden got a shit load of retweets and faves. Even ash, cal, and Luke retweeted it so it was insane. The boys even started texting me on a group chat.



Ashton- and why did you punch a kid?

Calum- Alex. Your like a puppy. And no one punches a puppy! Who hit you?


Alex- guys calm down.


Alex- I punched the kid first. So he kinda just fought back


Alex- thanks Luke.

I turned off my phone right as dad walked in. "Are you able to walk?" He questioned as he walked in. "Yeah... I mean I walked home.." I said. He sighed, "you should have called me." He said. "That's what Kyle would've wanted. I wasn't going to let him win." I groaned. "Well he gave you stitches. And thank you for tweeting that it wasn't me." He said. "Well it wasn't and you don't need the rumors and neither do i." I said sitting up. I was holding the ice pack to my lip now since the pain was kicking in. "Ok well let's go get you stitches." Dad said

*after the doctors*

"Am I going to have a scar?" I questioned. "I don't know. I have a scar in my eyebrow." Dad said. "And also don't worry I've been punched in the face to." He said. I looked at him holding an ice pack to my eye. "Who punched you?" I asked. "Luke." He said. I laughed. "I need to high five him for that." I said. "My child is rude." He said. I laughed. "I know."

A/n- I'm going to skip a few months to get things rolling. Lol.

*5 months later*

Alex's pov

"BRAY I SWEAR TO GOD IM GOING TO KILL YOU!" I shouted. Braydon was chuckling. My dad walked into my room. "Why are you going to kill him? And why are you yelling? You know Aubrey is here." He said. "He unplugged the controller while I was trying to kill his charature!" I said. Dad laughed a little. "Well murder him if you please. Just don't scream. We have a two year old in our apartment." He said. I smirked evilly at Braydon and he stopped laughing. He looked scared. "Don't you dare try Alex." He said. "DIE!" I shouted attacking him.

Brooke's pov

"DIE!" We heard Alex scream, followed by a thud and laughs from both of them. Michael chuckled sitting next to me on the couch. Aubrey was in a play pen interested in a stuffed animal. "Are you sure you want to move in here?" He asked chuckling a little. "Of course... Just two more weeks." I said remembering my stupid lease. "Well I'm not letting you be homeless." He said. "And I appreciate that." I said. "And I mean having my girlfriend live with me isn't to bad." He said. I laughed. He turned on the tv and the news came on. "Ew. News. We should watch the old Episodes of the Big Bang theory." He said. "I'm fine with that." I said. He turned it on and I leaned my head on his shoulder. "Has Alex been doing better with people?" I asked tiredly. Moving across town and dealing with a two year old is tiring. "I mean him and bray are still clearly best friends. They are basically inseparable. But he's complained about that kid Kyle more. But his scar is fading kinda." He said. I frowned. Alex had a nasty scar leading from his lip down to almost his the tip of his Chin. "I hate that he gets bullied." I said. "Trust me. He has his own little fan base just because of his last name... If only he could be friends with one of them. But Braydon is pretty awesome." He said.

Michaels pov

I wrapped my arm around brooks shoulder pulling her closer. She kept her head rested on my shoulder. Aubrey was mumbling in her little baby talk. It is mind blowing how fast things are moving. I mean yeah some couples they move in with each other after like one month... But I mean most couples don't have one who has a kid almost 13 and one who's two. I kissed her head. "You should get Jess to babysit." I said. "I can take you out somewhere. Like go see a movie..." I said. "I'm excited for the time when we can get Alex and Braydon to babysit." She said. "Maybe we can.... I trust them." I said. Right as i said that, Braydon came running in. "I've concealed him but I need a place to hide... Uh-" he said, but he was cut off by Alex running in. "Braydon. You will die." He said. I tried to hold back laughter. "I should run right?" Braydon asked Brook and I. We both nodded. Braydon ran past Alex back to Alex's room, alex followed. Brook and I looked at each other before bursting out laughing. "I mean we could ask them to watch her." She said. "Alex?! Braydon?!" I shouted. I heard a loud thump. And then Alex came running in. He had an evil smile. A few seconds later Braydon stumbled in. "Yeah?" Alex questioned. "Brook and I want to go see a movie or something and I want you and Braydon to watch Aubrey." I said. "What's in it for us?" Braydon questioned. "I'll give you each ten bucks." I said "deal." They said in unison. I chuckled.

*a few hours later*

Brooke's pov

"Do you really wanna go to a movie?" I asked as we walked down the street. Our fingers were intertwined as our arms swung as we walked. "No I just wanted to get out of the house." He said. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "We should just walk. And talk." He said. "I like that idea." I said with a giggle. "So how was your day?" He asked. I smiled, "it was filled with the sound of twelve year old death threats and screams from a two year old." I said. He chuckled. We walked for an hour and ended up walking along a beach pier. I chuckled at something cheesy Michael said. "See that's why I love you, you laugh at my terrible jokes." He said. I stopped walking and looked at him. "What?" He asked. "Did I say something wrong?" He asked with a worried look. "No. That's the first time you said I love you." I said. "Oh.... Um. Then to make it less stupid... Brook. I'm am so in love with you it's insane." He said. I smiled and I felt a rush of heat to my face. "Then Michael, I love you too." I said. He smiled, "I don't think you realize how long I've wanted to say that." He said. Before I could say anything, he grabbed my hands, he spun me around, pulled me close and kissed me. I could feel both of our smiles through the kiss, as we both laughed a little. I pulled away and just looked into his eyes... I don't think I ever thought that the dude who spilt coffee all over me... Would be saying he's in love with me 5 months later. "You're one of the best things to ever happen to me. So thank you." He said. I kissed him once more. As we were still kissing his phone started buzzing. He chuckled taking his phone out. "It's Alex." He said.

Michaels pov

As I answered the phone I grabbed brooks hand as we started walking again.

Michael- Ello?

Alex- um how do you change a diaper?

Michael- oh my god... Does Braydon know?


Alex- no.

Michael- *i sighed with a chuckle*

Braydon in the background- WHY IS THERE SO MUCH POOP?!?

Michael- we will be home in half an hour ok.

Alex- please hurry.... Braydon fails at changing diapers.

Alex's pov

The line went dead. "Braydon stop running!" I shouted watching him. Aubrey started screaming. "Uhhh. No. Um. Shhhh? Please don't cry." I said to Aubrey. I took the dirty diaper out from under her trying my hardest not puke. I set it in a bag. "Um. Get me duct tape." I said to Braydon. "Ok." He said grabbing some. I somehow put a new diaper on her and sealing it on with duct tape. I picked her up wiping the tears away from her eyes. "Shhh. Your mom will be home soon." I said. Braydon was sitting in a corner with his hands over his eyes. "Is the poop gone?" He questioned. I laughed. "Yeah dumbass." I said. I set down Aubrey to where she was standing up. I let her grab onto my thumbs as she walked around the room with me helping her. Yeah she can walk perfectly fine on her own but she's lazy. Like me. "She's cute when she isn't crying and screaming." Braydon said.

"Tell me about it." I said. "We're home!" I heard my dad yell. "Hey Aubrey!" Brook said in a baby voice running over to her. I picked her up, handing her over to Brook. "Um Alex?" She said. "What?" I asked helping Braydon stand up. "Why is their duct tape on her diaper." She said chuckling. Dad started laughing. "WE DONT KNOW HOW TO CHANGE DIAPERS." Braydon said. They both laughed. "YOU TR- never mind your a mom you know how to change them. I am merely a 13 year old." Braydon said and I laughed. "I can sleep over right? I don't want to bike home at nine at night." He asked. "Of course Brayden." Dad said. "Pay up dad." I said. He sighed grabbing two ten dollar bills out of his pocket handing each of us one. Braydon and I high fived and ran into my room.

Michaels pov

I sat on the couch next to Brook who was holding Aubrey in her lap. "Hi." I said quietly to Aubrey kissing her and the head as she giggled. Brook was smiling. "It's good you get along with aubrey..." She said. I chuckled. "Well it's good you get along with alex." I said. She smiled. I leaned over gently kissing her, also making sure to not crush Aubrey. She handed Aubrey over to me. "I have to go shower because i feel gross. Take thy child." She said. I chuckled sitting aubrey in my lap hugging her close to my chest. "Ok I'll take like twenty minutes so yeah." She said she leaned over pecking me on the lips. I heard the door to my bedroom close. I turned Aubrey around, standing her up on my knees to where we were face to face. "Hi." I said in a baby voice causing her to giggle. She bubbled a few words that didn't make sense. She's perfectly capable of talking a little bit but when she's tired she just gives up. "Your tired aren't you?" I questioned as she yawned. I grabbed the remote turning on one of the investigation murder show things. I layed down the couch. Aubrey was still sitting on top of me. "What are you looking at?" I questioned as she giggled. After a few minutes of her giggling and making fart noises she ended up laying down on my chest, falling asleep. Her little baby snores where right in my ear. I found myself slowly falling asleep to the quiet sound of the TV and Aubrey sleeping.

Brooks pov

I stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around myself. I dried myself off and dried my hair slipping into a pair of sweatpants I casually have here. No. I haven't actually like slept with Michael but I've stayed the night... And I'm moving in with him so yeah. I have clothing... Stop judging. I couldn't find a clean shirt though so I stole one of Michael's. I grabbed my phone walking into the living room, I smiled seeing what I saw. Michael was fast asleep on the couch and Aubrey was laying on his chest fast asleep. I snapped a picture.

@riverbrook- *image* Aubrey fell asleep on Michael while I was in the shower. Both really sleepy I guess. It's a nice surprise to see.

I said. It got a lot of attention in a matter of minutes. I walked over to the two carefully picking up Aubrey. I made sure to not wake her up. I set her down in her crib, turning on a baby monitor and tucking her in. I looked over at Michael who had woken up. "I got a picture of you two because your adorable." I said quietly. He smiled, he opened his arms and I walked over cuddling up next to him. He wrapped his arms around me as I sat on his lap. We watched a few movies, cuddling, cute little kisses and stuff. "I'm gonna go check on the boys since its midnight." He said tiredly. "Ok..." I said. He sloppily stood up and I collapsed onto the couch hugging a pillow. I heard him open the door. He walked back to me. He yawned. "They are asleep as far as I know." He said. "I'm going to bed..." He said. I groaned, "I'm coming with." I said. Michael walked towards the bedroom, but I quickly kissed aubreys head and followed. I walked in and he was already in bed. I walked over getting on the opposite side. We were facing eacother, he smiled a tired smile. "Goodnight..." He said in a raspy voice. "Night Mikey." I said. I turned around. I felt his hand wrap around my waist and he pulled me closer cuddling against me. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck. "I love you." He whispered kissing the back of my neck. I smiled as I closed my eyes. I heard little snores from Michael before I could say it back, "I love you too." I still whispered.

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