Her. (M.C. fanfic)

"Do you love her dad?" Alex asked. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. "I don't know yet."

HEY GUYS ITS KAT. I decided I really wanted to make a story like this. I have some amazing ideas for it so I hope you all love it!


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 

  Michaels pov  "Have an awesome day at school." I said ruffling Alex's hair. He laughed trying to piece his hairstyle back together. "Ah cmon I actually took time to do that." He said chuckling. "Ok well bye." I said chuckling, he grabbed his back pack from the backseat and got out of the car. I noticed he forgot about his lunch. "Hey! Alex! Your going to forget your lunch!" I said. He turned around and ran back to the car. "Oh um. Sorry I didn't notice!! Uh thanks." He said. I watched as he ran off into the school. As I drove down the street I looked at the clock in the car. 8:56. We have song writing at 9. We are planning our sixth album... And we all just have writers block. Like damn.  *at the song writing*  "MICHAELS GOT A LADY FRIEND." Luke said as I walked in. I rolled my eyes. "Shut up." I said. "SHES LIKE TOTALLY INTO HIM TO." He sang in a random tune. "Hey that could be a new song." Cal said. They all laughed and Ashton started clapping a random best while Luke randomly strummed some guitar chords. I sat down rolling my eyes. "Michaels got a lady friend! She's really likes him! And we all know he likes her too. Because Michael is a stupid ass." He said making the last word a dramtic note. They all broke down laughing. "Ha ha ha so funny. I met a girl I like." I said over their laughter. "SO YOU DO LIKE HER." Luke yelled. "LUCAS STOP YELLING." Ashton yelled. "SHUT UP ASHTON." Calum yelled. "WANNA GO BITCH." Ashton yelled. "SHUT UP." I yelled and they all laughed again. "His new girly friend is kinda hot." Luke said. "Yeah she's kinda hot though!" Calum sang. "That songs so old damn." Ashton said. "No an old song is gotta get out." Luke chuckled. In unison calum and Luke started singing it, "EVEN IF THE SKY IS FALLING DOWN EVEN WHEN THE EARTH IS CRUMBLING ROUND OUR FEEEET." They shouted. Ashton and I chuckled. "Now about that girl. How'd you meet her?" Ashton asked. I chuckled scratching the back of my head. "I kinda spilled coffee on her walking down the street." I said. "Woooow." Calum said as Luke slow clapped. "You two need to be separated." I said to Luke and calum. Luke casually punched calum. "You little bitch." Calum said. Luke chuckled. I shook my head laughing. As they went on song writing and shit... I just sat thinking about... Her. Brook. Her smile... It's just, unforgettable. And everything. I've only talked to her for a total of a few hours... But she seems, different. "Michael!" Luke shouted catching me off guard. "Session is over." Luke said chuckling. "Seems like voodoo doll all over agin." Calum said laughing. "STOP WITH THE OLD SONG REFERENCES IT MAKES ME SAD!" Ashton said.  *later that day*  My phone buzzed as I sat watching Netflix. It was Alex.  Alex- hey I'm going to Brayden's again.  Michael- ok what time will I be picking you up?  Alex- I'll walk home. Michael- you sure?  Alex- yeah!  Michael- ok What time will you be home?  Alex- I'll text you when I leave his house.  Michael- ok.  Alex- thanks!  I set down my phone and sighed. I'm alone till probably 9. I closed my eyes and sighed. "Oh!" I exclaimed. Maybe I could ask Brook. Out... Like to a restaurant.  Brooks POV  "Thank you so much for coming over Jess. Your a life saver." I said hugging her, letting her into the house. "No problem. I love taking care of Aubrey." She said. I sat on the couch as Jess sat on the floor with Aubrey. My phone buzzed. Jess looked over my phone. "Ooooo. Who's michael and why is he asking you to dinner?" She said. My eyes widened as I grabbed my phone. I smiled. "Oh um. He's a dude I met at a cafe. And I saw him yesterday to. And I didn't think he was interested. But I think he is then." I said. Jess just stared at me. "Then what are you waiting for! Show me a picture of him first though!" She said. In her teen years she was a huge 5sos fan... "Um you already know what he looks like." I said. "Just show me a picture!" She said. I handed her the phone with the picture that Michael took. She gasped dropping my phone. "No. Your seriously?- wait how?- WAIT MICHAEL CLIFFORD JUST ASKED YOU OUT." She shouted. "SAY YES. REPLY." She shouted again. She handed me my phone.  Michael- hey! Sorry about Luke yesterday.... He's talkative. 😂. But I was um wondering if you wanted to go get some dinner or something? So go on a date I guess? I um it's fine if you don't want to go.... But just asking. 😊 Brooklyn- of course I would love to go! What time?  Michael- yay! You replied! 😂 how about 5:30? So a few hours! Where do you wanna go?  Brooklyn- have you ever been to Jamie's? The Italian place (a/n- It's an actual restaurant in downtown Sydney 😂)  Michael- I love it! So meet you there at 5:30?  Brooklyn- yup!  I set down my phone. "So? Is it a date?" Jess asked. I smiled. "I'm going to that Italian place at 5:30." I said. "Will you be able to baby sit?" I asked. "Of course!" She said. "Thankyou so much!" I said.  *skip to 5:00*   Michaels pov  As I slid my arms into a black and white flannel my phone buzzed. I groaned picking it up since it was ringing.  Michael- hello?  Luke- hiiiii Michael- what do you want? I need to finish putting on a shirt.  Luke- scandalous.  Michael- what do you want?  Luke- calum and I are getting drinks want to come?  Michael- no. I have a date.  Luke- oh my god! CALUM MICHAEL IS GOING ON A DATE.  Michael- why are you guys acting like its a huge deal.  Luke- because you haven't dated anyone since melis- Michael- we do not speak of her name. Luke- well you'll be speaking brooks.  Michael- if you meant that in a nasty way then ew.  Luke- I meant it in the gross way.  Michael- can I finish getting ready? I'd rather actually look nice.  Luke- fine. Have fun. And wear protection. Michael- what happened to your innocence you little weirdo Luke- SEEEX  I hung up laughing at Luke's stupidity. I buttoned up my shirt. I have twenty minutes. It takes me five to do my hair. Five to shave. Um... Seven or ten to get to the place. I quickly started getting.  Brooks pov *4:30. Duh*  "Should I wear like a dress? Or a skirt and shirt? Or like pants and a shirt?" I asked Jess. I was just wearing a robe since I plan on showering. "Wear a dress. Oh you should wear that yellow dress that has the puffy bottom. Ooo! With those strappy black sandal shoes!" She said. "And curl your hair. It looks better curled." She said. I nodded in approval. I quickly hopped in the shower, shaving my legs and arms and armpits. Because I felt like it. I quickly got out and blow dryed my shoulder length hair. I curled my hair, and did my makeup. Some small winged eyeliner, mascara, and some light pink lipstick. I walked into the living room showing off my hair and makeup. "Wow. In surprised you dropped out of beauty school." She said. "I actually went to a school for SFX makeup genius. Not beauty." I said. She chuckled. "Go out on your dress! And heels! It's 5:10! It takes 15 minutes to get there! You have 5 minutes!" She said. "Shit! Um I'll go do that!" I said. I ran into my room, slipping into the little sundress. (It looks formal but it's a knee length sun dress so it's not mega classy) and slipped on my heels. I grabbed my purse. And ran into the living room picking up Aubrey. "I'll be back in a few hours sweety." I said kissing her head. "I love you." I said setting her back next to Jess. "Uh call me if you need me." I said. "Have fun! Not to much fun! You already have one kid!" She said as I ran out the door.  *She's drives into the parking lot*  Should I text him I'm here? Or... What if he doesn't show up? Maybe he'll text me. Before I could over think things I saw Michael by the front door. He sat down on a bench. He looked like a fucking god. Like damn. He is attractive. His skinny jeans, his flannel, and his hair and everything about him. I flattened out my dress and stepped out of my car. Michael noticed me and waved.  Michaels pov  I saw a girl walk out of a car and I quickly realized it was Brook. She looked stunning. She's beautiful. She walked over and stood in front of me. "Hi." She said with an awkward smile. I stood there for a second before realizing I didn't respond. "Oh um hi." I said awkwardly. "Sorry you just look stunning." I said quietly. I could see the red flush her cheeks, "thank you..." She said with a smile. He stood in silence. "Um we should probably-" I said slightly pointing to the restaurant. "Yeah.." She said. We walked in. *about twenty minutes into date*  "I have to say service here is really quick." She said. We got our food about ten minutes ago and we've just been talking. "So Michael. How's life?" Brook asked taking a drink of wine. I chuckled. "Pretty good. Filled with the struggles of a single dad." I said. She smiled. "Well we will have to change that single part then." She said. I smiled. "How about you mrs.James what has been going on with you." I asked drinking some wine myself. "Aubrey, aubrey? And Aubrey." She said. I laughed a little, we talked and ate and drank for about an hour. We were both sorta drunk but not like full on black out drunk.  Brooke's pov  We were both laughing at some random crap because alcohol is something that makes you take nothing seriously. "What should we do now my lady." Michael said in a British accent. I giggled, "let's just walk around. It's a beautiful night." I declared. He smiled. "Perfect idea. You know your so smart." He said. I laughed. We walked around the streets of downtown. We got to this beautiful park that had delicate music playing. It was a small boat dock, there was a patio and the trees were garnished with paper laterns. "Dance with me!" I said grabbing both of michaels hands, he was surprised but he laughed. He twirled me around and pulled me closer to where our bodies were touching. I felt his breath as we danced. "Hm. I never knew a little punk rocker could slow dance." I said. He chuckled. "Well i have my ways." He said. He spun me around again, he pulled me closer our faces were inches apart. I looked into his green eyes. I swear I almost just kissed him... But I didn't. I stepped away laughing awkwardly. "Uh sorry." He said. "Um no worries," I said awkwardly. I smiled, a song that I recognized played, and being in my drunken state i skipped around spinning and dancing. I looked back at Michael who was staring at me smiling. "what are you looking at?" I giggled. "Nothing. Just you." He said. I felt a raindrop fall on my forehead. "Awe. It's gonna rain." I said. Michael was carrying a jacket for no reason... The fuck? "Here take mine. I thought it might." He said. Oh that explains it. "No... You only have your flannel." I said. He walked over placing it on my shoulders. "I insist." He said. Soon enough it started almost pouring. "Holy shit." I heard Michael say laughing. The lights were still lit and the music was still playing. "Should we find some shelter?" I asked. "Why bother? Rain is fun." He said. He grabbed my hands pulling me close as we ball room danced like idiots. We both laughed a the water splashed at our feet. We were getting weird looks from strangers passing by with umbrellas, we didn't care though. We were having fun. Michaels pov We were both soaking wet with water. Her hair was in her face, un curled, her makeup was dripping just a tiny bit, but she had the most beautiful smile. As we ballroomed danced like idiots our hands felt like they were supposed to be together. I spun her around and I pulled her close so we were inches apart. Even with the rain pouring on her skin, and her hair dripping... She was beautiful. Her blue eyes were impossible not to get lost in. "We should probably get going soon." She said chuckling. "Oh what a shame..." I said. I grabbed her hand as we walked through the pouring. "Wait one more thing." She said as she stopped. I turned around, "wha-" she cut me off by cupping my face and pressing her lips against mine. I was caught off guard at first but trust me... I've wanted to kiss her since the beginning of this date. I placed my hands on her back pulling her closer to me. Her hand were no longer on my face but on the back of my neck. She pulled away biting her lip. She chuckled, grabbed my hand and started walking with our fingers intertwined like nothing happened. I looked at her in confusion. She looked back at me. "What?" She questioned. I wiped some rain out of my face. "What was that kiss for?" I questioned smiling. She smiled, "I've always wanted to kiss someone in the rain. And you happen to be my fantastic date." She said. I smiled, I smiled as we walked with our hands were connected. I don't care that we were soaked with water and still walking in the rain. I just took an amazing girl on a date and she kissed me. Damn. We walked til we got back to our cars. "I believe this is yours." She said handing me the jacket. "Michael I had an amazing time." She said. I smiled, "I did to." She smiled, "so does that mean there is a possible second date in the future?" She asked. I nodded, "hopefully many more after that." I said. "Goodnight Michael." She said with a smile. "Goodnight Brook." I said as I walked towards my car and she got into hers. I sat in the drivers seat of mine. Before starting the car I layed my head back with a big happy sigh and a huge happy smile. I started my car and started driving as I got on the high way I got a call. Luke. What the hell? I pressed answer and turned on my Bluetooth that was installed into my car.  Michael- hi?  Luke- dude your date is all over the Internet already.  Michael- I literally just left the parking lot.  Luke- well you making out with Brook is all over vine and YouTube.  Michael- I did not "make out" with her. It was our first "official" date.  Luke- well I guess some people where following you two because there is pictures of you two walking downtown, laughing, you giving her your coat, and some videos and pictures of you two kissing. Dude it was and still is pouring. You are both insane. Michael- how the fuck do you know all of this stuff so easily?  Luke- cal had to go home because one of his dogs got out. So I was stalking fans on Twitter.  I had an incoming call from Alex.  Michael- hey Luke I'm going have to let you go. Alex is calling.  Luke- ok. Bye!  Michael- bye.  I cancelled Luke's call and accepted Alex's. Alex sounded out of breath.  Michael- whoa whoa whoa. Why are you out of breath. I thought you were just walking.  Alex- these kids... They were... Chasing me... And I was to far.... From brays.... And they won't leave the.... Doorstep because your car isn't here...  Michael- shit. I'm on my way. Stay on the phone with me. I'll be two minutes.  Alex kept saying please hurry and I could hear pounding on the door through the phone. Those little ass faces. I got in my parking lot and I saw them at the door. They didn't notice me. I hung up on Alex. "Hey! What the hell are you kids doing?! Get away from my door before I call the police!" I shouted rushing out of my car. "Shit guys run." I heard one of them say as they all ran away. I knocked on the door. "Alex let me in. It's just me." I said. I heard the lock unlock itself. He opened it and his face was really pale from being scared and his eyes were red and puffy and had some tears in his eyes, his hair and clothes were soaking wet. "Alex..." I sighed hugging him. He hugged me back tightly. "What happened?" I questioned when he sat on the couch. He sat with his legs crossed. He still had his hood over his head and his sleeves covered his hands. "I was uh walking from b-Brayden's a-and t-they appeared out of no-nowhere and started chasing me- all the way here.. They were yelling at me and stuff..." He said stuttering almost crying. "Shhh. You don't have to explain anymore." I said. Tears started coming down his face, "no no no. Don't cry. They're just assholes." I said scooting closer to him and wrapping my arms around him. "W-why were y-you home?" He stuttered. "Shhh. You just need some sleep. You can skip school tomorrow.... You need it." I said. I hugged him tighter. He didn't need to know about my date. He just need to relax. I will tell him tomorrow. "Why where they chasing you? Who were they?" I asked. "Um. I don't k-know why t-they chased m-me... They I-just did. And I-I think it w-was Kyle something.. And these o-other kids." He said. I hugged him tighter knowing he was terrified. "I'm going to go get clean clothes on... And we can watch a movie or some thing." I said. "Ok..." Alex said blankly staring at the ground. I ruffled his hair, standing up. I walked to my room during my hair with a towel. Slipping into some plaid pj pants and a blank just white shirt. I walked into the living room to see Alex fast asleep on the couch. I smiled still upset that he had to be going through this... I grabbed a blanket placing it over him. I smiled looking down him. "I love you..." I whispered, I turned off the light and walked into my room. I sat on my bed. This day has now officially been weird. I had the most amazing date ever... But my kid was chased down by some other kids. I shook my head pulling the blanket over me. I yawned before turning out my light and slowly falling asleep. 
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