Her. (M.C. fanfic)

"Do you love her dad?" Alex asked. I sighed running my fingers through my hair. "I don't know yet."

HEY GUYS ITS KAT. I decided I really wanted to make a story like this. I have some amazing ideas for it so I hope you all love it!


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

*next day*

Alex's pov

"Alex?" The teacher called in attendance. "Here..." I said glumly. I layed my head in my arms as attendance went on. I heard some chuckles come from a few boys as I felt a crumpled up piece of paper hit my head. I groaned quietly reading it.

'Hiya dumbass what happened to your blue hair? Felt like being a blue berry was to gay? Well you still look like a girl.'

It read. The stupidity of the note frustrated me. If he is going to insult me he might as well make sense. I slumped back in my chair. Kyle made a fake cough, "fatass." He whispered causing the whole class to laugh. "Class! Be quiet!" She said hitting her desk with a ruler. Yeah. Of course she doesn't get precious little Kyle in trouble either. She continued on with her lesson about stupid math. I didn't listen because who cares anyway. I looked down at my stomach and cringed. Kyle saw me and he chuckled under his breath. I layed my head in my arms. I just want this day to be over. I hate school. I miss being on tour and exploring the world. I've probably been to more places in this world than anyone in this classroom will ever be... But I'm stuck here with ass hats. I just kept in my thoughts as class went on. "Ok class. Your homework will be text book page 254. Questions 1-24." She said catching me off guard. Shit. THIS IS WHY I HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION. Everyone was grabbing there stuff for lunch. I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing correctly since I was lost in my thoughts. I slugged down grabbing my lunch box. The bell rang and the teacher dismissed us. As I walked down the hall I pulled my black hoodie over my hair. I sat down at my usual spot at the end of the table. I stared down at my lunchbox. I sighed... I can't let Kyle get to me. I pulled out a bag of carrots. I sighed eating a few of them. Someone sat across from me. "Hi." They said. I didn't looked up I just waved at him with a carrot. "Your Alex right? Alex Clifford? Your dad is the reason I play guitar... But thats not why I am here." He said. "Cool." I mumbled. "I'm actually in your class. I sit next Kyle. That ass. I'm sorry he was saying that shit. I've been to school with him since kindergarten. He's not ever said a single word to me." He said. "I'm Braydon by the way." He said he was eating a slice of pizza. "Hey my dad was talking about you." I mumbled. "Oh yeah my dad and him used to be friends but they kinda stopped being friends... I think like two or three years ago. I was never able to meet mich- your dad. But yeah." He said. "Are you only eating carrots?" He questioned. I shrugged. "I have a sandwich... I'm just not really hungry." I said. He glared at me. "I know you are. Just eat the sandwich." He said chuckling. "You talk a lot for being the quiet on of the grade." I sighed taking the sandwich out of my bag. "What's wrong? I like know we just met. But you seem down." He said. I took a bite of my sandwich. "It's just a bad date to be having a bad day." I said. "What happened on this day?" He asked. "I woke up to my dad crying not being able to find my mom... Because she left." I said. "Wow. Uh I'm sorry. Seriously. I'm extremely sorry." He said. "Nah. It's no big deal.... No one besides my dad and I really care..." I said. We sat in silence eating for a few minutes. "Do you wanna come to my house to play video games or something? I have to walk home each day...and I have no friends." He said. I shrugged. "Sure. Let me text my dad." I said pulling out my phone.

Alex- hey can I ask you something?

Dad- of course. Whatcha need brush.

Dad- bruh*

Alex- can I go over to a friends house after school today?

Dad- yeah! Who? And are you doing ok? I know today is a pretty hard day.

Alex- awesome! And Braydon. And yeah I'm doing better.

Dad- ok call me if you need me and tell me when you need me to pick you up.

Alex- awesome. Bye.

Dad- wwwuuuvvvv yoiuuuuu

Alex- 😒 love you to

I put my phone back into my pocket. "Yeah I can go over. My dad just wants me to text him when to pick me up." I said. "Can I like meet your dad." He said. I chuckled. "Duh." I said. He smiled and pumped his fists in the air. "YUS." He said and we both laughed... Then Kyle and his little followers walked over. "Hiya ladies." He said as all of them sat down. "Leave us alone Kyle." Braydon said... Wow. "Aw am I interrupting your little date." He said. "Oh fuck off." I said. They all glared at me. "Whatcha going to do about it fatass." He said. I looked away from him. "Kyle go run with your little fuck buddies to find some different victim to try to earn the popularity you apparently survive on." Brandon said. I looked up at him surprise. I then looked at Kyle and his little gang, who were all glaring at Brandon. "Let's go. These fuck faces don't deserve our time." Kyle said. "OooOooo we're so scared." Brandon scowled. Kyle rolled his eyes as his little group walked off. "How the hell do you talk to them like that?" I questioned. He chuckled. "Well when you've been in this school for a while you learn to fend for yourself." He said. "What about having friends?" I questioned interested in the conversation. "I've never had em." He replied eating some more pizza, "that's why you are going to be mine." He said with food still in his mouth. "Cool?" I said. "Extremely." He replied. We talked about the new skyrim that came out a few days ago and how we were going to play it after school until the lunch bell rang and we headed back.

Michaels POV

"Can we take a lunch break or something? We've been working for three hours and have two lyrics done." I suggested. "I shall second that." Calum said. Ashton and Luke shrugged at each other. "Ok how bout we meet back at 9 tomorrow... Just brainstorm. I have kids to pick up. And Michael does to." Luke said. "Well Alex is apparently going to a friends house." I said. "Cool." I said. We all talked about random shit, mainly our family's, before we headed out. "Hey Luke wanna join me for lunch at that one cafe place?" I questioned. He shrugged. "Sure." He said. The cafe was a five minute walk from the place we were writing. "So how's life lucifer." I asked as we walked. "Pretty well. Except em and I had a fight last night... The girls are pretty upset." He said. I looked at him in confusion. "Fight?" I asked. He sighed, "yeah. I mentioned something about an upcoming tour soon and she started freaking out... I tried not yelling and shit... But she was and thought it was a way of telling her to calm down... So I started yelling and yeah." He said. "Wow. Sounds complicated." I said. He nodded as we walked in. We both ordered some food and coffee and sat down. "So michaelangelo dork how's your life." He asked. "Rough.... Alex is having some issues in school with people. Yesterday he was almost in tears." I said taking a sip of coffee. "Why?" Luke questioned. "Kids making fun of the way he dressed." I said. "Ass faces. Most twelve year olds are ass faces." He said. I nodded my head. For a few minutes we talked about issues he was having with Emma. His wife. Then she walked in. Brook. With a stroller, and of course a baby. She looked stressed... I felt bad even though I've known her for less than 48 hours. "Michael? Michael!" Luke said catching my attention. "Wha- what?" I asked. "Who are you looking at?" He questioned looking behind us. "Oh um no one." I said. After about a minute she walked over. "Hey!" She said. "Hi Brook." I said smiling. "Are you just here like everyday?" She questioned chuckling. "Basically." I said chuckling. Luke cleared his throat catching our attention. "Oh uh um this is Luke." I said collecting myself. "Hi! I'm brook." She said as she shook Luke's hand. "And this is Aubrey." She said chuckling motioning towards the baby who was fast asleep. "She's adorable." Luke said. "You can uh join us if you want." I said. She smiled. "Yeah I think I will." She said. I quickly stood up pulling her a chair to sit at. "Why Thank you." She said with a smile. Her smile is so prett- snap out of it.

Alex's pov

"Ok class remember to do your homework." The teacher said as we all packed up to go. Braydon packed up quicker than me and came and sat on my desk. He pulled out a random bag of chips. "Food is good." He said eating some. I chuckled under my breath. "Want some?" He asked pointing the bags towards me. I shook my head. "Nah." I threw my bag over one of my shoulders. I placed my hood over my head. "It's raining outside..." Braydon groaned. "eh. I don't mind this kind of weather. I kinda like it." I said. Braydon chuckled. "I'm used to warm weather." He said. "I'm used to tour buses." I said quietly. "What?" He asked. "Nothing." I replied. We walked out of the school as the rain started pouring on us. "Rain, rain, rain raaaiiiinnn." Braydon sang to some random tune. I chuckled. "Do you know how to do our math home-" I started saying. I was interrupted by Kyle. "Hey fuck faces!" He screamed through the sheets of rain. We both turned around to see him and his friends. "What do you want?" Braydon asked. I pulled my hood further to hide my face. "To teach you not to mess with us." He said. Shit. Braydon leaned over to me. "When I say go we turn around and run. As fast as we can. Just follow me." He said. I nodded. You could barely fucking see anything in this rain. But I knew they were getting closer. "You little bitches shouldn't mess with us." Kyle said. "Or what?" Braydon said. "This!" They said charging at us. "Go!" Braydon yelled. We both ran as fast as we could through the rain. I could here the splashes of Kyle and his friends behind us. "Come back here!" He screamed. Bray kept running until we turned a corner to a crappy looking apartment building. He violently slammed the button on one the apartment number buzzers. The door quickly unlocked and we ran into the dry lobby, bray slammed the door which clicked to lock. Kyle and his friends were in the parking lot. "Thank the lord for Pete." He said out of breath. The lobby reaked of cigarette and B.O. I looked around. Wall paper was peeling in some places while a few lights were flickering. It seemed very run down but had a welcoming feel to it "Here follow me." He said walking up the loudest stairs I've ever heard. I followed up behind him. He twisted a knob on a door when we got to the third floor. The hallway was poorly lighten and all the doors looked like something from a horror movie. He groaned when it didn't open. "Pete let me in!" He said banging on the door. A series of locks was heard as the door opened slightly, "password." The dude stated. Bray sighed, "I'm not saying it I have a friend with me." He said. Pete opened the door all the way. When I saw him I knew he was 19 or 20s. "Hiya brays friend. I'm his brother. Pete." He said. "This is Alex. He doesn't talk much. We were being chased by this asshole Kyle so sorry for the buzzer thing. And btw it's Alex Clifford. Not that other Alex." I was confused about the 'other' Alex. He set down his backpack on the floor. He took off his hoodie and threw it at pete. "As in son of Michael Clifford?" Pete questioned. I nodded slowly. "Dude that's fucking awesome. I remember Mikey. He used to hang around here... But he just stopped. Braydon never shuts up about mic-" Braydon threw a shoe at him shutting him up as I tried holding back laughter. "Well Alex and I are going to go play video games... Sooooo bye." He said as Braydon grabbed my arm dragging me threw a hall. We passed a room that reaked of alcohol and cigars. "Sorry. That's my mom and dads room. A few years ago they kinda got addicted to smokes and booze... I think that's about the time I started obsessing over your dad, which I realize sounds weird... But at least he's famous and I'm not obsessing over some random person... But that's not the point. Buuut that's also about the time my dad and yours stopped being good friends. He won't tell me what actually happened between them though." He said. As he finished I sat down on the messy floor. Man this kid talks a lot. "Oh and sorry about the floor I just don't really clean my room. Ever. Ohhh be careful I was trying to dye my hair green and it split over there. So don't sit there." He said throwing some random pieces of clothes in an over flowing basket. I looked around his room. There was a fender electric in the corner of his room, and some tangled chords leading to an amp. I looked around the walls. There was random posters. A lot of 5sos, a few hey violet, even some atl. So he likes the older stuff. I even saw a few Michael posters. Dam its weird thinking my dad is some peoples idols. "So Alex... Tell me about yourself. I already know a shit load about your dad... Damnit I'm still creepy." He said handing me a controller. The game was just shooting a ton of random shit so it was pretty easy to talk. "Umm ok well. My middle names is James... Ever say it I'll personally stab you... Um I play drums. My drum teacher is ash. Er Ashton. And I call all the other members uncle.. Luke and cal. Um. My mom left three years ago.. On this day. I still think she'll come back... But she's slow I guess. Uhhh I've never been to a public school. And after two days I mainly fucking hate it." I said. "Wow. Your story can be pretty depressing... I guess uh. Rockstar kid life is kinda hard." He said. "Yeah. I'm used to it." I replied. "No matter who someone is, no one should be used to anything depressing." He said. I looked over at him and shook my head. "What?" He questioned still completely focused on the screen. "How do you always look on the brighter side of things?" I questioned. "Because I've been through some shit and I didn't have anyone else besides Pete. And he was going through some serious shit and I realized that the stuff I was going through wasn't worth crying over soo. My goal is to help people who go through stuff." He said. "Well good for you." I said. For the next few hours we talked and played different games screaming at each other when the other one won.

"I think I'm going to call my dad." I said with a yawn. "Ok."

Alex- heeeeey can you pick me up?

Dad- of course! Where?

Alex- Braydon's and his address Issa

Dad- don't worry I know.

Alex- oh ok. And can you like come to the door. Braydon is apparently like one of your biggest fans... So yeah.

Dad- of course! Last time I actually saw Braydon he was a baby or a toddler.

Alex- ok see you in 5.

I put down my phone. "My dad is coming. You know you can meet him." I said. His eyes widened. "wait really?" He questioned. "Yeah. He's my dad. And I'm considering you're my friend. So be lucky." I said. He smiled a huge smile. "Yes!" He cheered. We talked for a few minutes before we walked into the living room after hearing the buzzer in the living room. "Are you two expecting someone?!" Pete yelled from the couch. "Yeah! It's my dad." I said back. "Oh ok." He said letting him in. Braydon was holding his cool but I could tell he was really excited. We heard a knock at the door and I ran to get it. "Dad!" I said happily as I opened it and he hugged me. "Hello. How was video games?" He said. I looked back at Braydon who was just staring at dad. "Ah you must be Braydon. Haven't seen you since you were like extremely tiny. Heeey! Pete!" He said. "Ello there Mikey." Pete said. "Oh my god you know him pete! Why didn't you ever let me meet him! You buttface!" Braydon said. "Oh uh um you are uh my uh idol and you uh are like uh awesome." He said and I laughed a little.

A/n- hope you guys are liking it! I'm going to try an update at least three times a week on this story. And I'll tell you if it's different. But yeah. Comment what you think will happen with the story!

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