Torture {Luke Hemmings punk}

Abby was new to school in Australia. She was in year 12 and couldn't wait to graduate, because lets face it. Her life sucked. She got bullied by the most feared guy in school, maybe even in whole Sydney! Luke Hemmings. The tattoo and piercing covered guy who gets everything he wants with a snap of his fingers.


2. Chapter 2

{Abby's POV}
It was finally Friday. The last week has been hell. No one will talk to me, all because of Luke. He's kind of my the boss of this school. I bumped into him once more this week, and he slapped me. Yes. He fucking slapped me. I didn't dare to say anything, because I was afraid he was going to do it again, so I just rushed to my next class.

As Mrs. Hemmings explained some stuff about math i doodled a bit on my hand.
Yes Mrs. Hemmings as in Luke Hemmings mother. She works here, so i don't get how Luke gets away with everything. The only subject that he always shows up to is math, so his mom wont expect a thing.

I find it strange.

Luke has been calling me names all day, and i met his mates, who also hate me now. I didn't get what the hell i did wrong. Except maybe have Luke knock me over because i was in his way. But that doesn't give them a reason to torture me, right? Or is everyone in Sydney like this.
After math i was finally free from this hell hole.

'Luke and Mrs. Summer will be working together.' My head shot up and the sound of my name. My eyes widened in horror. I have to work with Luke! No, no, no! It's my first week and I’m already bullied, and now i have to work with him?

'I can do it by myself Mrs. Hemmings! I don't need a partner.' I said.

'Nonsense, you and my son shall work together, and i will make sure that you do.' She said.
I banged my head on the table a few times until i finally heard the bell. I grabbed my stuff as fast as i possibly could and dashed out of the door. I started to run to my house, and i was almost home before someone yelled my surname.

'Summers!' I turned my head and saw Luke smirking at me, from the other side of the street.

'What are you doing here?' I asked, trying not to sound scared.

'I live here darling. I never knew you lived right across the street from my house.' He smirked. 'By the way, be at my house 1 pm tomorrow.' And boom, he was gone. He just disappeared into his house. I wanted to protest, but now i don't really have a choice, do i? I sighed and walked into my house. I don't get why the hell he hates me so much. I don't even talk to him. I grabbed a stroopwafel (A/N: It's a Dutch thing, and she's Dutch, so... Get it? Btw those things are like heaven.)
I walked up to my room and opened the window and curtains. I sat down behind my desk and started making homework.

{Luke's POV}
'I live here darling. I never knew you lived right across the street from my house.' I smirked 'By the way, be at my house 1 pm tomorrow.’ I  told her and quickly walked into my house. I grabbed some food and walked up to my room to start making math homework. Because if i didn't do it, mum would kill me. I looked out of my window and saw Abby opening her window that was right across of mine. O shit, she was the girl undressing in front of that window a few days ago! Damn.

 I hate Abby. I hate her so much. She looks just like her. And not only does she look like her, but she also had the same personality. Very shy. I know she can't help it, but i just hate her. Each time i see Abby it makes me think of how i killed her. It's been nearly three years, and I still think about it each day. And that bitch Abby isn’t helping.
I threw my math books to the floor and punched the wall out of frustration.

‘I don’t want this anymore! I want her! I NEED her!’ I yelled, pulling at the roots of my hair. I wanted to hurt myself so bad, but I knew she would only be disappointed in me if I did. So I held back and punched the wall again.

She was on the back of my bike, holding me tightly as if she would fall and die if she didn’t. I could feel her laughing in my back, causing me to smile. I loved her so much.

‘Luke?’ She asked.

‘Yeah?’ I replied, turning my head so I could see her slightly.

‘I want you to know that I love you, and I always will love you.’ She smiled.

‘I love yo,-‘ She cut me off by screaming.

‘Luke watch out!’ 

I looked to the right and saw a car coming at us very fast. I tried peddling away, but I was too late. The back of my bike was practically torn of, together with her. The car drove further, over her body. I dropped the bike and ran over to her. 

‘NO! Stay with me, come on keep your eyes open. Please, I love you!’ I screamed, holding her body, I didn’t give a shit that my shirt was covered in her blood, I just wanted to hold her.

‘I-I love you to Luke. A-and If I die, please move on. I love you.’ She whispered, before I could feel her body going numb. She was dead. The girl that I have loved for three years. Dead. Because of me. I called the ambulance, even though I knew it was too late. 

‘I love you Lydia.’ I cried, pressing her lifeless body against mine even tighter. 
~End flashback~

‘Please Lydia, come back. I love you.’ I silently cried.

‘Who’s Lydia?’ A voice suddenly asked. I turned around in a flash and saw Abby standing there.

‘How did you get in my house? Why are you even here?’ I growled.

‘I heard you yelling and punching stuff, so I came to see if you were okay. And you left the door open. Not so smart. But you didn’t answer my question. Who is Lydia?’ She asked, again.

‘None of your fucking business, now get out.’ I grumbled, picking up my books.

‘No.’ she said, clearly not listening.

‘What?’ I spat. Standing up and turning towards her.

‘I think I was pretty clear.’ She glared at me.

‘So… Little miss Summers has a boost of confidence, does she?’ I growled, slowly walking towards her. ‘Well, I can already see the confidence you had slowly disappearing, I mean, why else would you back up into the wall?’ I smirked.

‘I-I, uhm… Just tell me. I want to know.’

‘Why the hell do you want to know so bad?’

‘Because I know it has something to do with me!’ She yelled.

I was startled. How did she know that? Was she stalking me or something? No. No way, I would have noticed. I started getting really angry with her.

‘You have to shut up and leave right now, before I fucking mess you up.’ I growled lowly.

‘And why the fuck would I do that?’ That was it. I got sick of her attitude, mostly because Lydia would act like this a lot, challenging me and stuff. I raised my hand and hit her. I didn’t realize the impact I had, until I watched her fly across the room, hitting the wall, screaming in pain.

‘I told you to leave.’ I growled, walking up to her and punching her in the stomach.

‘You sick bastard! You’ve only known me for a week and you do this?! What would your parents think?’ She screamed. I narrowed my eyes at her and kicked her in the ribs.

‘Don’t you dare talk about my parents.’ I spat, and walked out of my room.

{Abby’s POV}
I laid on his floor groaning in pain, when I heard the door slam downstairs, meaning he left. I gained some strength, and lifted myself up with the help of his desk. He was a freaking maniac. I looked around the room until something caught my eye. It was a picture of Luke with his arms around a girl, kissing her cheek. I guessed that that was Lydia. She looked just like me, it was like we were twins, except she was thinner. And she actually looked happy. I never look happy, and I know that. But I don’t try to be happy, because it will fail anyway. I stared at the picture. The something hit me.
She died. Lydia died.
That’s why he hates me. I look like I could be her twin sister. And she died. He misses her. A lot. I think I remind him of her, which he doesn’t want.
Damn, that’s deep. 

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