Torture {Luke Hemmings punk}

Abby was new to school in Australia. She was in year 12 and couldn't wait to graduate, because lets face it. Her life sucked. She got bullied by the most feared guy in school, maybe even in whole Sydney! Luke Hemmings. The tattoo and piercing covered guy who gets everything he wants with a snap of his fingers.


1. Chapter 1

{Abby's POV}

Ugh. Today is the day. I'll be going to school again. Yay. 

If i still lived in The Netherlands, i would be exited, because i would see my friends again. But no. We just HAD to move right before my final year of high school began. To freaking Australia! Like, at least just move to Germany, or Brussel!

Right, back to today. My alarm blared at 6:30 am. So early... I groaned and turned it off. I rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and sighed. I've never been happy with myself. I used to cut, but because of my amazing friends i'm almost one year clean. The scars are still there though. I starve myself, but i still think i'm too fat. Which i am. I'll always be fat i guess.

I stripped down and stepped into the shower. Turning on the hot water. I washed my hair and my body quickly and dried off. I opened my closet and picked out a Fall Out Boy top with black ripped skinny jeans and white vans. I dropped my towel to the ground and put on some undergarments and my clothes for today. I heard a wolf whistle coming from outside so i checked it out. I realized i just changed in front of my window, without curtains. 

I looked around but saw nothing. Probably wasn't for me i guess. I mean, who would. I'm fat. I blow dried my hair and brushed it. I applied loads of make-up, to cover up my ugly ass face. Lots and lots of foundation. 

I walked downstairs and grabbed the breakfast my father made me. I guess he already left for work. Oh well. I dumped my eggs in the bin and grabbed my bag, since it was 8:00 am already. I had to walk to school, which i didn't mind, but i did today. It was really hot. Not something i was used to. 

After walking for about twenty minutes i arrived in front of the huge building. I rushed into it, looking for a place to pick up my timetable. I didn't see someone walking right in front of me, of i bumped straight into him, which caused me fall flat on my ass. 

'Watch where you're going!' The guy yelled. I could feel my cheeks heat up as i scrambled to my feet. 

'S-Sorry.' I mumbled. When i looked up i saw a, very handsome i might add, boy glaring at me. He was at least a feet taller than me. His arms where covered in tattoos and his face was full of piercings. His blue eyes bored into me as i just stood there awkwardly. 

'Are you just gonna stand there or move out of my fucking way!' He hissed. I nodded and quickly stepped aside. 'Watch where you're going next time fat-ass.' He growled, continuing to walk. I felt tears stinging in my eyes but i refused to let them fall. He wasn't wrong though. I finally got to a small office with a friendly looking lady behind a desk. 

'Can i help you?' She asked, flashing a toothy grin. 

'Y-yeah, i'm here to pick up my timetable, i'm new.' I whispered.

'Speak up dear, i cant hear you.' 

'I'm new, and i came to pick up my timetable.' I said, a little louder this time. 

'Ah, ok, whats your name sweetie?' She asked, looking at her computer and typing something.

'Abigail Summers.' I said. I hated my name. I mean, who would call their child Abigail?! That's why i wanted everyone to call me Abby. 

'Yes. Here is your timetable, i will send someone to show you around. Just hold up one minute.' She said, picking up a phone. 

'Hi Harry.' Pause. 'Yes, i'm good. Sorry to disturb you, but i need one of your students to show a new girl the way around school.' She grabbed a file and read it. 'Luke Hemmings.' 

I awkwardly sat down in a chair, waiting for the boy who would show me around. Suddenly the door was thrown open.

'Thanks for getting me out of that hell Mary.' A painfully familiar voice said. I looked up and saw the tattooed boy smirking at me. 

'Be nice to her Hemmings.' Mary warned. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my wrist. I flinched and pulled away. 

'Whats your problem? Are you one of those attention whores who cuts?' He asked, with an annoyed look on his face. 

'N-No, i just don't like people touching me.' I lied. 

'Touch you... like, this?' He smirked, and put a hand on the small of back. I stepped aside, not wanting his hands on me. Something gave me a bad vibe about him. 'Give me your timetable.' He demanded. I gave him the piece of paper, with shaking hands. 'Aw shit, we have all our classes together.' He said, clearly not liking it. 

I mentally cursed the sky's for putting me in this situation. 

'Let me make this clear to you... Abigail. I can already see that you're a nobody, and you'll always be one. So after this, don't speak to me, unless i tell you to. The rest of this year is going to be torture for you. Because of me. Got it?' He hissed. I gulped and nodded. 

What a nice thought. I thought as i followed him around the school. 



Hello! So... This is my first ever story on this site, and i really hope you all like it! Sorry if i got some thing wrong, but i live in the Netherlands, so my English isn't 100%. Anyways.... Thanks for reading! 


xxx Mali. 

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