~Broken Heart~

Broken Heart...


1. ~Broken Heart~

~Broken Heart~

By: Eigen Escario


Shattered is your Heart, when the one you love does not love you in return;

Destroyed is the center of your very being, by being forced to look at their face that never in a million lifetimes you can get.

You feel like you are being enveloped by Dangerous Whispers, beckoning you to fall from the face of the earth, so you will be able to weep freely, alone, in the core of the of the Deep, Dark Pit.

The one full of life now crumbles and turns into Pure Bitterness And Anger;

Because of the Devil with the sins of a thousand men came back and now wore The Face Of An Angel.

Your whole world disintegrates, your Brethren turn their back on you, because of a deadly confession.

The magical euphoria changed an eternity, but taking one word long; No; its Poison strong enough to transform every being it caresses to turn against each other and bring Anarchy And Chaos;

Someone you once loved Deeply will Always Break Your Heart, not caring about the human they just smashed, their hearts in a thousand, Million pieces; Wondering which path of Broken Fragments of their Humanity to follow to find their Destiny, if they even have One.

And so the moral is permanently Engraved in my heart, my mind, and my soul:

Everybody in the world, the galaxy, and even the whole universe; you cannot Trust because there is Darkness in the countless souls revolving around us; the bad succeeded by the worse, the worse superseded by the worst;

But even through all this, hanging by a Thread on the brink of existence, a microscopic ray of Goodness that shines weakly through the Shadows,

Though it may not bring you back to a normal and happy Sanity, it can, but barely, help you stay on the verge of Life and Death.

Ever heard of “True Love Prevails”? That is a big, Malicious lie.

It gives False Veracity that gives you Hope, only to find it returned when you recognize;

Face the Cold Brutal Truth. And only The True Truth.

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