My love

The girl fall in love with a boy whom she wanted to meet after seeing only once and suddenly they met.


1. The Exam Day

Teacher was telling everybody to be seated or the question paper will not be given to them on time. Mohan was there standing in the corner may be looking someone to initiate the "sitting ceremony" in the examination day. He was very dark irresponsible careless kind of boy. Always wanting to escape from exam and tests. 
"All of you please be seated, Mohan just seat there", said teacher.
"Umm ma'am let the others seat , tell girls to sit first", replied Mohan.
"Sai go and sit", teacher asked a girl to sit, she was looking toward the boy who was trying to make the girls sit before him.
He sat in front of her. She just saw him and couldn't stop her to see him all the time. He seemed her very strange but cute. 
The examination was over next day as this was the last paper. She was looking for him all through the school but didn't get him.
Summer days started and she was left with those beautiful memories of the last day of exam which was of a "starnge but cute" boy of her own school.

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