Diary of a Girl Gamer

I'm just a teenage girl gamer, but in this I'm just gonna vent about the sexism of video game players, the stupidity of some video game things, and some things that are awesome about video games


9. September 20

I am so sick of things failing me. Most things have been. Mainly my computer lately. 

I'll be in the middle of a TF2 match or just launching a league match and then it's just like "Naw, nah rn boo. What you need is a bluescreen!" 


Pardon my language

But just


I just wanna play a round to unwind and you gotta go rain on my parade like that. Is it that hard to just run the one match? Crash after I've just saved a project so I can't finish but I didn't lose anything. Why doesn't tech ever do that? I know it's not just my computer that's failing me though. My body's been failing me too. Having to deal with a potentially terminal disease is just terrible in general. We caught it early enough that I can take meds (which of course taste absolutely terrible and are bigger than my toe) but seriously. Is that what I need right now? It's hard enough adapting to the new school, starting dance again, and sound crew. 

World just give me a break, please?

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