Diary of a Girl Gamer

I'm just a teenage girl gamer, but in this I'm just gonna vent about the sexism of video game players, the stupidity of some video game things, and some things that are awesome about video games


4. September 2

So, I've been busy lately because it's my dad's birthday today and lo-and-behold; one of my best online friends shares the birthday :/

However, today will not be a negative rant.

In my new theatre class, we watched a TED talk. This may seem mostly irrelevant to the subject, but today's TED talk was about the fine arts being ruined by modern day media and internet etc. One statistic they shared, which was mildly disturbing even to me was that more video games were sold in the last year than music and movies combined. Then I considered how skewed the statistic was given the whole pirating situation, but it did get me thinking about how much people game these days.. I still draw and do art and write, but a lot of that is on the internet too. Yeah, I just thought the TED talk was fascinating and felt relevant, link to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py1RrSdVt5A

I don't want this to all be negative rants, so that's all I'm gonna write today. Time to make milkshakes for the family!

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