Diary of a Girl Gamer

I'm just a teenage girl gamer, but in this I'm just gonna vent about the sexism of video game players, the stupidity of some video game things, and some things that are awesome about video games


3. August 29

I typed those last 2 yesterday but forgot to publish them which is why the date doesn't match up with publishing so oops sorry. 

Today I was playing a Minecraft server I quite enjoy and multiple issues came up so it's time for a double rant. I have a female skin in Minecraft because I made it and I actually like it. The main problem with this however is that any sexist jerk that's on will target me. I was playing a game in Minecraft called SkyWars, basically floating islands and you kill eachother. I'm pretty good at it if I say so myself, I lose a lot but I win a lot too. Well I got really good starting gear, and I go to another island and kill a random guy. He didn't manage to even hit me once before I killed him. This sent him into a rage. He starts spouting stuff about the fact I'm a hacker, and I'm not even good and while spectating he notices my skin and he goes into talking about the fact I should be in the kitchen making a guy a sandwich. There was of course lots of profanity mixed in but I'm leaving that out for the world's sake. In most cases I would just mute him but this wonderful server didn't even have a mute function, so I had to proceed to win the game with him spamming sexist and profane words at me. Later I played another round and the same guy was there, but FLYING, AKA hacking. He flies straight at me and one shots me, but before I do so I take a screenshot of it so I may report him. I die but don't really care, I didn't stand a chance against the hacker. So I'm sitting there with a shot of him flying around the map, and I go to the forums and post it hoping he'll be banned so nobody has to deal with him anymore. Then a moderator posts on my photo "You need two pictures or a video to submit a report." I was dead so quickly it was impossible to get another screenshot off. The screenshot I have has a clear username and he is very very clearly flying, but since I couldn't get anymore, this guy got off with not even a warning. Yay community! So there's my fun rant of the day... 

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