Diary of a Girl Gamer

I'm just a teenage girl gamer, but in this I'm just gonna vent about the sexism of video game players, the stupidity of some video game things, and some things that are awesome about video games


2. August 28

I've already introduced my self in the Intro but again, I'm Willow. I play many video games amongst which are League of Legends, Minecraft, Heroes of the Storm, Don't Starve, Assassin's Creed, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. Those are my general set. The most commonly played for me is League of Legends, so I think it's appropriate for me to rant a little about some people I've played with today and the lovely sexism I experience by playing. League is famous for it's toxic community, I've seen some amazingly relateable  posts that go along the lines of

"Do you play LoL?"

"No, I don't hate myself"

"I mean League of Legends"

"I know"

Funny right? It's accurate. But nonetheless I play this game on a regular basis with many friends, meeting new people frequently. I was on Skype with a friend of mine about to play a round when he asked if I minded if he adds some of his friends. I say it's no problem and they join the call and the queue for a match with us. I didn't say anything for a couple minutes as they did their greetings. Then the introduction happened.

"Hey [Caleb] this is Will."

"Hey man wassup" 

And then I make the mistake of saying something. "Nah much, you?"

The 2 guys that were just introduced to me go dead silent. Then stuff was said along the lines of "Omigosh it's a gamer grill. You didn't tell me your friend is a girl! Now we're gonna lose. This sucks." This is the usual reaction to me playing a match with guys. That or some sexual innuendo. I tend to remain mostly silent when encountered with these people. My friend apologised profusely afterwards, and at this point it was screamingly funny because I played better than them and I had a better KDA. So yes, good times. I promise there are many more fun stories just like this one to come. *rolls eyes*


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