Diary of a Girl Gamer

I'm just a teenage girl gamer, but in this I'm just gonna vent about the sexism of video game players, the stupidity of some video game things, and some things that are awesome about video games


1. Introduction

The description summarised this pretty well, but I'll go a little more in depth here. If you just wanna hear venting and stories skip this. I'm Willow, I'm a teenage girl that games a LOT. It's more than is probably healthy but I grew up in a gaming environment, my whole family games. I won't be saying usernames or real names or anything, any name I use will be in [brackets] to emphasise that it's not a real name. As a warning if you don't game this may be a little confusing for you. Bare with me, I don't mean to insult your intelligence but I will be using terminology and don't plan to explain most of it. So if that sounds OK for you then carry on and read about stupid people and fun video games. 

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