In|Valid Feelings

"You want to know why?" I ask quietly, not turning to face them. "Why should I even tell you? you'll just make fun of me for it. It's not like my feelings are valid anyway." I say quietly picking up my bag again. I continue my journey to freedom at once and they don't stop me.


6. Chapter 6


I look to Double D as he looks up at the sky. He's moving away. I grab his hand in my own, intertwining our fingers. With a sigh he looks over at me then to our hands and back. "You're moving away.." I mumble and he nods. My eyes land on our intertwined fingers and I can't look away. He's moving away. I can't believe it. Just when I finally figured out my feelings for him. Will he ever be back? Where is he going? When is he moving? Why is he moving? So many questions to ask. I don't want to ask right now though. Right now I just want to enjoy this moment with him, possibly one of the last ones I have. How did This even happen? It went from me standing by as he was bullied, to me making out with him on his couch, to him moving. So much has happened the past few days. All of it being life altering in different ways.

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