In|Valid Feelings

"You want to know why?" I ask quietly, not turning to face them. "Why should I even tell you? you'll just make fun of me for it. It's not like my feelings are valid anyway." I say quietly picking up my bag again. I continue my journey to freedom at once and they don't stop me.


5. Chapter 5

-Double D-

I snuggle into Kevin's chest as we lay on my couch together. What if this is a trick? No, it can't be. The look on Jake's face looked genuine. Maybe he is a good actor? That's got to be it. The soccer team playing a trick on the naive nerd. Making him think that the soccer star of the school actually wanted to be with him. Making up a fake back story involving a dead brother for Kevin. Perfecting Jake's looks of rage and utter incredulity. All of it, just to make another jab at me, the well known dork of the school. How could I have been so ignorant?! Now Kevin knows how long I have felt this way and he will most definitely use it to his advantage, like the bully he has been since we were younger. Ugh, how I hate to be treated like this. I sit up abruptly, almost tumbling off the couch as I do. My movement causes Kevin to sit up as well and look at me bewildered. "What's going on? You okay D?" He asks me and I quickly compose myself to the best of my abilities. Nodding I stand from the couch "I have just remembered a task I must attend to. I have to ask you to leave immediately. My apologies." I say, shooting a glance to the front door. "Are....are you sure?" He asks after a moment and I nod before clearing my throat. "Please" I say quieter than intended "I'll speak with you at a later time if you wish" I add hastily. "Okay. Alright see ya later D" He says as he gets off the couch and walks a few paces toward me, making me tense. He kisses my cheek softly and heads to my door turning back before it was opened. He gives me a small smile that I try my best to return. He then leaves and with the click of the door I'm on my knees sobbing. What are you doing?! What if he was being sincere you fool! "He wasn't" I whisper over and over gradually increasing in volume with each word that leaves my lips. Once I realize I could attract attention with my screaming I stop and race up the stairs to my bedroom. What am I going to do now? I can't face him after I technically didn't but did reject him. Mother has always said how she wants to move from this 'wretched place'. Why not do exactly that? I walk over to the cell phone I was given the year before and pick it up. Taking a deep breath, I dial mother's number, in hopes I can reach her. I no longer want to be here. I hear her pick up with a soft hello. "Hello mother. How is the business trip?" I ask her with a sigh as she rambles on about her and my father's boring trip. "Why have you called Eddward? You typically don't unless it is of the utmost importance. What's going on?" She asks worriedly and I take a deep breath. "I think it is time for us to move to a different location. I know you have mentioned it a few times before. I think it is time for a change." I respond quickly. All I hear from the other end is silence for what seems like forever but could have been a few moments at most. "I think you are perfectly right Eddward. It is time for a change. Your father and I will get it set up right away." she tells me before hanging up the phone. "Love you too mother.." I mumble before setting my phone down on my desk. As soon as I grab my coat I leave my house to go for a much needed walk. As I walk past Kevin's house I look up to see him walking towards me. I sigh, hanging my head before looking up once again. "Hey D" Kevin mumbles. "H..hello Kevin" I reply. "You okay? You don't look too good" he asks and I nod. "I am fine. I assure you Kevin." I say as he kisses my cheek making me blush despite the cool air swirling around us. I start walking once more and he follows "Why are you out on a walk D?" he asks and I look at him as I walk. "I was in need of clearing my head. I did not want to be in that house any longer so I figured this was the best option." I tell him and he nods looking at the ground in front of us. "What's going on D? Please tell me" I hear and I cringe. "Well..I have just been informed that I am moving soon" I whisper, just loud enough for Kevin to hear. "What? Where?" he asks and I look at him "I am not sure. Somewhere far away I suppose. I am just waiting for my mother to tell me the rest of the information" I sigh. We end up walking up to a little park with a swing set on it. We immediately walk over to the swings and sit down on one each. "I'm gonna miss you D" Kevin mumbles and  I nod saying "I know." I look up at the stars beginning to illuminate the sky as the sun steadily goes down.

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