In|Valid Feelings

"You want to know why?" I ask quietly, not turning to face them. "Why should I even tell you? you'll just make fun of me for it. It's not like my feelings are valid anyway." I say quietly picking up my bag again. I continue my journey to freedom at once and they don't stop me.


4. Chapter 4


I don't know where I got the courage to wrap my arm around Double D's waist but I'm glad I did it. The look on Jake's and Double D's faces are both priceless. Jake freezes for about thirty seconds before he bolts back to the school at record breaking speeds. The door closes with a soft 'click' and I press Double D to the door in one swift motion. "Where were we?" I whisper in his ear and his face turns a dark scarlet. My hands are on his waist and I feel him wrap his arms around my neck, inviting me to continue. I softly press my lips to his, gauging his reaction. When Double D pulls me closer I press my hips onto his, causing him to gasp. I take my chance and slip my tongue into his mouth. Our tongues battle for dominance and mine wins so I use this opportunity to explore his mouth. I run my tongue along his gums, across his tongue, and in the gap between his teeth before retracting my tongue from his mouth. We part to breathe and I look into his eyes, a smile on my lips. "Do you know how long I've wanted to do that? Because I don't" I chuckle "I didn't even know I liked you until just earlier" I add quietly, still looking into his eyes. "Sixth grade" he whispers and I look at him, confused. "What?" I ask and he smiles sadly "I've known that I wanted to do that since sixth grade" he says and I pout. "I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner" i whisper kissing his cheek. "I'm so sorry I let Eddy pummel you all those times. I couldn't bring myself to stop him. I'm so so sorry" I whisper nuzzling into his neck. "It's okay. I understand." he says softly and I pull out of the hug to look at him. "No" I say and he looks confused then heartbroken and I pull him to me. "It's not okay. That shouldn't have happened to you. You deserve so much better than that. And I promise from now on I'm going to keep my promise to my brother and I'm going to protect you. Forever." I say and I feel him hug me tighter. I feel the spot where his face is on my shirt get moist and I pull back to look at him. "Oh dear. I'm terribly sorry for that" he whispers looking at my tear stained shirt. I wipe the tears from his face with my thumbs "Don't cry" I murmer. "I've just never had someone who I'm so besotted with to actually care for me. I've actually never really had anyone care for me. I've been terribly alone for the entirety of my life. It's a very agreeable feeling to have someone care for me in such a way." He says so broken like that I can't help but hug him really tight. "Maybe if I hug you tight enough I can put your broken pieces back together." I whisper without meaning to. "Well it seems as if you're trying" He gasps out and I release him. "Sorry" I say sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck. "You should return to the school at once. Your education is important you know" Double D mumbles and I look at him. "Are you going? Like, do you want to?" I ask him and he looks down at the floor then back to my face. "I will refrain from going to school for today. I realize it's uncharacteristically of me but I'm not feeling up to it today." he says finally and I nod. I pull him into my lap, my arms encircling him and I nuzzle my face into his neck. "I think I'll stay here with you for today" He looks at me "B..but Kevin. Your education. An..and your friends. What about soccer practice?" He says and I smile. "I could be saying the same thing to you about the education. And fuck my friends. I'm sure they won't miss me at soccer practice anyway." I mumble and he looks like he's trying to think of anymore reasons. He opens his mouth to speak but I place  a chaste kiss to his lips, efficiently shutting him up before he's even spoken. "Trying to get rid of me already?" I question teasingly, raising an eyebrow. "! Not at all! I was just giving you the option to leave. In case you don't actually want this" he whispers the last part gesturing slightly to himself, an anguished look on his face. "Oh baby, no." i whisper pulling him closer, kissing his temple. "I'm here for the long run baby" I say looking into his eyes. "Okay?" I ask and he nods cuddling into my chest. A warmth spreads through me starting in my chest and I smile at the frail looking boy in my arms. I lay back on the couch, pulling him with me and his eyes fly open. "What're yo-" he starts but I kiss him and lay him down on my chest. "Getting comfy" I murmer and close my eyes. 

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