In|Valid Feelings

"You want to know why?" I ask quietly, not turning to face them. "Why should I even tell you? you'll just make fun of me for it. It's not like my feelings are valid anyway." I say quietly picking up my bag again. I continue my journey to freedom at once and they don't stop me.


3. Chapter 3

-Double D-

A blush powders Kevin's face and his arm lowers. "I uh..I don't know e..exactly" he stutters out and I can't hold back the giggle that bursts from my mouth. "I'm sorry. This isn't a laughing matter" I mumble. I look at his shoes "So uh..can I come inside? Maybe?" He asks and I look at his face, seeing nothing but concern there. "I..sure. Of course. Come in" i say opening the door just enough for him to enter, and closing it after him. I hesitate near the door but quickly decide on heading to the sitting room, sitting down on the couch. Kevin sits next to me "So why didn't you go to school? This isn't like you" he questions. I look at him "I know it isn't a valid reason, but I simply didn't want to go. I couldn't bring myself to go, more like" I reply quietly. I start when I feel something being wrapped around me. I soon realize it's Kevin hugging me, whispering "I'm sorry" over and over and after a moment of hesitation I wrap my arms around his neck. We embrace each other for what seems like both forever and no time at all. His grip loosens enough so he can see my face "You have depression, don't you?" He asks quietly and I stare at him, mouth agape. " do you know?"  i ask incredulously. "Did no one tell you I had a brother once?" He asks sadly and I shake my head slightly. "He was my best friend when I was young, one of my only friends actually, until I moved here. He commited suicide when I was six. I didn't realize how depressed he was because I was so young. At his funeral, I promised him that I'd never intentionally hurt anyone and I broke that promise" he tells me and his voice cracks on the last word. I wipe the tears that are streaming down his face away with my thumbs. "I'm so sorry. That must have been a tragic thing to experience at such a young age" I whisper, hugging him tightly. "I have no experience in losing a loved one to that degree. I've always been an only child, my parents have never really been around, and I've never really had friends" I whisper "I cannot empathize with you but I can sympathize with you. I do care about your feelings, you know. If you ever are in need of someone to speak with of feelings of any sort, I will be there for you. Understood?" i say grabbing his face to make him look at me. He nods and I release his face, leaving my arms around his neck. He unwraps his arms from around my back, settling his hands on my waist. He leans in and without realizing it, I'm leaning in too. Just a few more inches and our lips would be touching. Do I want this? Yes. How long have I wanted this? Forever. I realized I like Kevin in sixth grade. Now he's a sophomore and I'm a freshman in high school and my feelings haven't once faltered. I never though I'd have even the slightest chance with Kevin but his actions seem to be proving me wrong. His lips brush against mine and my eyes slip closed. I'm about to close the distance between us when a shrill noise makes both of us jump away from each other, blushing a deep scarlet. I realize it was the doorbell that interrupted us and I look towards the door in wonder. "Who could possibly be here now?" I wonder aloud and Kevin shrugs, finding the carpet in front of him particularly interesting. I will my face to go back to it's normal color and I answer the door with a "Hello?" and when I see who it is, I freeze on the spot. "Oh..h..hello Jake. may I be of a..assistance to you today?" I stutter out "Where's Kevin? I saw him go in here a little while ago" He demands and fear paralyzes me, making me unable to answer. "What do you want Jake?" Kevin asks, with a note of malice in his voice. "What are you doing here with this nerd? I thought you left something at your house not his" Jake snarls. "Gentlemen please" I say, coming out of my daze. Kevin automatically backs off, retreating a few steps into my home, but Jake takes a step closer. "Please refrain from fighting on my property." I say quietly. "Come into the street then Kevin. We can fight out there" Jake practically hisses. The color drains from my face and I look at Kevin. "You heard him. Get the fuck outta here Jake" Kevin says leaning against the door. "Why are you being so protective Kevin? What are you, his boyfriend?" Jake sneers, face contorting in disgust at the thought. I jump when Kevin wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me to his side. "Maybe I am. Got a problem?" He growls and I stand there, eyes wide. 

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