We All Have Demons

Just a random little W2H story that didn't start out as a W2H story at all. It started out as a random thought and then I went from there. The story's got one of my OC's in it going by the name of Zion. The character can be either male or female but for this particular story Zion is female. This is just RANDOM, meaning there isn't really a plot. I hope you enjoy the story. c:


3. Chapter 3


I look at Sock sadly as he asks why he isn't good enough. I pull him into a hug and we sit there for what seems like hours until, finally, Sock stops crying. I pull the blanket off of us and seeing no signs of Zion, I shrug to myself. I hear a whimper "Jon" and I look back at Sock. "You're my best friend Sock. Don't worry about ever losing me. Okay?" I state and he nods slightly making me pull him into a tight embrace. "Do you want me to call your therapist so he can come over?" I question and he nods wrapping his arms around my neck, clinging to me. I grab my cell phone and dial a familiar number, one that I've had to call many times in the past. It rings and rings again before he answers. "Jonathan! What's up? Is Sock needin' me again?" He asks and I nod before realizing he can't see me. "Yes." I tell him and he sighs quietly before mumbling "He was doing so well" and hanging up. I look at Sock "He'll be here soon" I say and he nods, getting as close to me as he can. He does this all the time but especially when he gets into one of his moods. This one was mild compared to some of the other ones. Some times he doesn't talk, eat, or sleep for days on end and it's very worrying. He is my best friend after all and I care about him. He's been there for me for quite a while now and I will do anything in my power to help him feel better. A knock resounds from the door and I look up along with Sock, to see his therapist standing in front of us. "Mephistopheles" Sock says quietly and Mephistopheles nods in greeting. He goes over to the desk chair and sits down, directing his gaze on us. "It's been a while since you've had one of your..uh..episodes. What happened?" Mephistopheles asks Sock gaining a shrug in response.

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