We All Have Demons

Just a random little W2H story that didn't start out as a W2H story at all. It started out as a random thought and then I went from there. The story's got one of my OC's in it going by the name of Zion. The character can be either male or female but for this particular story Zion is female. This is just RANDOM, meaning there isn't really a plot. I hope you enjoy the story. c:


2. Chapter 2


"There's a new family right next to us Sock. They live in the house to our right. They moved in a few days ago. Why don't you go say hello?" My mother says from the kitchen table. I hop up from the living room couch, my skirt swishing around me. "Sure thing!" I shout as I skip to the door. The handle is turned and the door opened with a flourish one can only expect from Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski, better known as Sock. The door is slammed causing mother dearest to groan aloud. Once I've gotten half way to the new neighbors house I stop and sigh. I regain my happy composure and skip the rest of the way to the neighbors' house. I rap my knuckles on the door four times and take a step back. The door is pulled open from the inside and a lady is standing there. I study her for a moment noting her most prominent features. Hair like black licorice and electric blue eyes. A beautiful combination that worked perfectly with her complexion. "I'm Sock. I live right there" I say pointing to my house with a grin. She gives me a warm smile "I'm Debra and my husband's name is Jeremy. Would you like to come inside and meet him and Zion?" She asks kindly and I nod vigorously. She takes a step aside to allow me entry and I skip inside. "Jeremy! Zion!" Debra calls out and a man one can only assume is Jeremy walks into the room. His hair is a chestnut brown and his eyes a light amethyst. I stick out my hand for him to shake and he obliges. I hear footsteps as I'm about to tell him my name and I look towards the sound. A girl just shorter than me walks into the room. Her hair is a dark chocolate and her eyes a hyacinth violet. "Zion?" I question and she nods gaining a smile from me. "And you are?" she asks and I cock my head to the side slightly before sighing momentarily. "You won't laugh?" I ask and the three look at each other warily before nodding. "My name is..Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski. But you can call me Sock." I say the last part cheerily gaining a chuckle from Jeremy. "So you just moved in a few days ago?" is heard as I look around the room examining things on the walls. "This is a nice place to live. My best friend Jonathan lives a few houses down. You''ll really like him! He's really cool even if he is a bit shy at first. He likes this band called Valhalla Soundbox. He listens to them all the time!" I ramble on and when I realize that I'm rambling about Jonathan I blush and look away gaining a few laughs. "Soo do you wanna meet him?" I ask Zion and she shrugs before nodding. I jump up and down and skip to the door motioning for her to follow and she does.I pull open the door and hop outside leading the way to Jonathan's house. I rap my knuckles on his door four times and wait for him to answer. After a few minutes I knock again this time gaining a response from his mother. The door is opened and Mrs. Combs smiles at me welcomingly. "Hi Sock. Who's this?" She asks and I introduce Zion as the new neighbor in town. "Jonathan is in his room. You know the way" she says as she walks back to the dining room table to continue reading her newspaper or magazine. I lead Zion up the stairs and to Jonathan's room rapping my knuckles on his door a few times. After no response I put my ear up to the door and hear him listening to Valhalla Soundbox, of course. I smile and open the door, ushering Zion inside and stepping in after her before closing the door. I skip up to Jonathan and wrap my arms around his neck in a surprise hug making him jump. He pulls his headphones off and looks at me "Hey Sock" he says before noticing another person in the room. "This is Zion, the new neighbor. Isn't she pretty?" I announce and he laughs while Zion blushes. I smile proudly at my new friends and a thought makes me frown. What if they just tolerate me? It wouldn't be a first for that. Jonathan tolerates me every day and now that Zion is here he's going to ignore me, isn't he? I walk over to the window and sit on the window sill looking outside. I lean my face on the cool pane of glass and close my eyes. "Sock?" I hear Zion ask and someone pulls me down from the window sill onto their lap. Jonathan. "I don't just tolerate you and you know that Sock. You're my best friend and always will be, okay?"He says and I wrap my arms around his neck, burying face in the crook of his neck. "That's not true and you know it" I whisper before pulling back to look him in the eye. "There's always someone better than me. I've brought someone here so you could make a new friend. I'm not good for you and you know it Jon." I say and push off of him to climb into his bed like I usually do when I feel like this. "Don't worry about him Zion. He gets like this a lot although he hasn't in a while. I just have to comfort him and he'll be fine." I hear Jon say and I cover myself up completely with his blanket. "Sooock. C'mon Sock. You know you're my best friend" he says and I curl into a ball in the middle of his bed. I hear a sigh and feel a gush of cool air as he pulls up the blanket and gets underneath it with me. I face him and swipe at the tears on my face. "Why am I not good enough Jon?" I whimper.

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