We All Have Demons

Just a random little W2H story that didn't start out as a W2H story at all. It started out as a random thought and then I went from there. The story's got one of my OC's in it going by the name of Zion. The character can be either male or female but for this particular story Zion is female. This is just RANDOM, meaning there isn't really a plot. I hope you enjoy the story. c:


1. Chapter 1

She sits in her hallway covering her ears to block out the noise. There is an awful lot of noise today. It's not even just her parents this time, now it's storming. There's no windows in the hall so she decided it would be a better spot to sit rather than her room. Her room has got two relatively large windows, one by her bed and one opposite her bed. She doesn't like the sound of thunder. It scares her and she can't begin to comprehend why. It just always has and probably always will. Now, scary as thunder is, it is not the biggest of her worries at the moment. At this moment in time her biggest worry is her parents and the fact that they may be getting a divorce. Also the fact that she just moved to a new town in a new state. She may sound like a child but she is, in fact, not a child. She's sixteen years old and in the tenth grade. She is sixteen years old and one of her biggest fears is thunder. How grown up of her, don't you think? She likes to pretend that she's pretty, even though she believes the opposite. She's got a couple friends that she talks to occasionally though they live back home. Her parents say that she will grow accustomed to her new town in her new state and they're probably right. She won't express that verbally though. She's seen a few of the neighbors on her street but not many. She saw a tall boy with blonde hair on top and dark brown hair underneath who was wearing a grey jacket. He looked to be sneaking past one of the houses on his way to his house. She watched him from her window, which sounds slightly creepy but she was just curious. He lives two doors down from her on the right. He was sneaking past the house directly to her left. She thinks maybe a bully of his lives there or something of the sort. Tomorrow she will investigate the neighborhood she thought that day. That was two days ago and she has yet to leave her new house. It's Summer after all, she has no need to go outside until school starts. Which so happens to be in a week. She cringes at the thought. She can't imagine what her new school will be like. It's probably either huge or tiny, she thinks. She has expressed verbally to her parents on many occasions that she doesn't want to go to school here.

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