Outsiders Preferences

This will be preferences for S.E Hintons Book.

If you have any suggestions or have any requests for a personal imagine let me know.


3. How He Turns You on

~~Ponyboy: He likes to act like the characters in a romantic novel. He acts out a dramatic scene and then at the end he would kiss you passionately .


Sodapop: He would give you massages but he would let his hands wander while he did so. In the places you are most sensitive.


Darry: He would cuddle with you. Rubbing your leg and slowly move up.


Steve: lip biting. He would always bite his lip absent mindedly turning you on.


Johnny: He was they shy type but he would turn You on when you kiss he would have a whole different rough side. You loving the rough side of his personality.


Dally: He would whisper dirty things in your ear.


Two bit: he turned you on with his dirty jokes

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