Too Young

If I'm too young to fall in love, why do you keep running through my brain? If I'm too young to know anything, why do I know that in just not the same. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


3. Three

"We'll have a house party, we don't need nobody" I sing to myself while I stare at a math problem.

"Turn your TV off, bring that boom box out" I hear someone else sing.

I look up to see Aaron at the doorway.

"One two three!"

We sing together, "We'll wake up all the neighbors till the whole block hates us, and the cops show up and try to shut us down!"

He sings, "If you're gonna be a home body, we're gonna have a house party"

"If you wanna be a home body, we're gonna have a house party"

We both start laughing.

We love that song and always sing it.

"So I'll be at your door in ten minutes, whatever you got on, baby stay in it!!!" We laugh.

"So, you wanna have a House Party tonight?" I jokingly ask him.

I tap my pencil on my book.

"Maybe, if there's peanut butter"

"There will be" I nod.

"Ill be at your door in ten minutes"

"Whatever you got on, baby stay in it" I giggle at his joke.

"Do you wanna ride home with me after your practice?"

"If your mom doesn't mind" he smiles.

"Aaron, man come on- What are you doing?" His basketball friend looks at me.

I feel awkward.

He seems like he doesn't know what to say.

"Talking to my best friend. We're going to have a House Party tonight" he says.


"And you are not invited" Aaron waves to me and marches out.

His friend, more confused than ever, follows him out.

I laugh and call my mom.

"You and dad both know he's way older, and I'm not gonna make out with him and stuff" I sigh.

"Okay, that's fine. I'll be at school at 5:30"

"Thanks, bye"

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