Too Young

If I'm too young to fall in love, why do you keep running through my brain? If I'm too young to know anything, why do I know that in just not the same. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


7. Seven

We walk back outside.

He gets the fire going and the sun is slowly fading away.

"Blankets" he says.

"What about them?" I ask.

"We need some to sit on" he says in an 'isn't it obvious?' tone.

"I'll go grab some" I say and rush all the way back inside.

I come back out with the blankets.

"Here" I say.

We both lay them out on the grass next to the large fire he started when I was gone.

"Okay, Cathryn" he rests his arms on his knee, "I've noticed you're a little different"

"Different?" I ask.

"Like something's wrong, and...I'm just worried about you"

"Wait, you noticed something like that?" I gain interest.

"I notice a lot about you. Like how often you decide to straighten your hair, what your favorite brand of shoes is based on the kind you usually wear. I know how you walk. I know your smile. Your REAL smile. And you haven't been walking or smiling, if even that, normally"

I smile.

"See, there's your real smile. Why is it real right now?"

"Because you make/made me happy" I say.

He smiles, "Awe, Cathryn"

"It's literally only real around you. That's why you know it best"

"Now I understand why I can easily tell"

"I can assure you I'm fine. It's just school has been putting a lot of stress on me, and you know me. I cry over everything"

"It's okay if you do, because that's how you cope" he smiles at me.

I look down shyly, "I know"

"And to me its beautiful, and I can't explain why"

Aaron crawls over next to me and kisses my head.

"Why do that?" I ask softly.

"Because you're real"

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