Too Young

If I'm too young to fall in love, why do you keep running through my brain? If I'm too young to know anything, why do I know that in just not the same. // Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


5. Five

"Alright guys, we're leaving now" my mom says walking into the living room with my dad.

"Oh okay, have fun" I stand from the couch and hug them both.

"You too" my dad says and they leave.

"So, what now?" I turn to Aaron.

"Just wait"

He takes me outside.

"It's a little chilly, so wear a coat" he smiles at me.

I pop back inside and grab both of us two jackets.

He takes off his flat bill baseball cap and places it on my head.

He looks down at me and adjusts it so the bill is facing forward, not crooked.

I smile and pull the sleeves over my hands.

He leads me past my backyard gate and closer to the woods.

"What are we doing?" I brush some hair out of my face.

"Going into the woods" he laughs.

"Wow" I roll my eyes. "Watch it. There's holes in this area" 

I look around. I can't see them because of the fall leaves everywhere.

"We'll be okay" he looks back at me.

We come to a fallen tree.

"Let's walk across it" he smirks at me.

He crawls onto the tree.

"I can't get up there" I whine.

"Give me your hands" he holds out his.

I take hold of his two hands and place my foot on the side of the tree.

I push upward while he pulls me.

I stand on the top and run into him.

He starts to fall back but catches his balance thanks to my grip.

He situates himself but bumps into me.

We're a literal inch apart, standing on the tree that's barely a foot wide.

He looks down at me and smiles.

I smile shyly, "What?"

"You look adorable in the hat" he smiles still and hand gestures me to balance my way across the tree.

I begin to walk slowly, one foot in front of the other.

He follows behind.

"But seriously" I reach the end and jump off, "what exactly are we doing?"

"I want to build a fire with you. So we're getting sticks, but the better ones are way back here"

He jumps off as well and lands next to me.

We both start rushing around gathering large branches and twigs.

I wander over to where he is. I can barely see him because I have to many in my arms.

"Oh my gosh, Catherine. That's too much for you to carry" he laughs and rushes over.

He doesn't have even half of what I do.

He takes a load off of me.

"Thanks" I laugh at how idiotic I am.

"No problem. I think we have enough, thanks to you" he jokes.

"Be quiet!" I knee the side of his leg softly.

"Sorry" he smiles at me.

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