Too Fast (A Connor Franta Fanfiction)

They meet at Taco Bell. The connection is strong. She left her bad boyfriend. What could go wrong? He's a YouTuber with fans all over the world, but he starts to fall for this one special girl. She's afraid to fall in love; he's afraid he's not good enough. Will they sail smoothly, or will the waters get rough? So many twists and turns, do you think they will last? Will they love till the end..or decide they're moving Too Fast. Copyright © princessmarra1 All Rights Reserved.


4. Chapter 4

^Lilly's P.O.V.^

Jen and I decided it would be a good idea to stay up and watch two seasons of Pretty Little Liars back to back and fell to sleep around four in the morning.

Yawning and stretching, I rolled over and looked at my phone. I screamed and jumped up and pushed Jen off her bed.

She fell off with a loud thump. She groaned and glared up at me with tired eyes.

"No time for getting mad at me. It's one-thirty, and the guys' pool party starts around two! We have to hurry up!," I yelled, while struggling to put on some blue jeans and brush my hair at the same time.

Eventually I failed, and tripped over the leg of my pants, to fall on my face. Jen laughed and ran to the bathroom.

"Oh, thank you soo much for helping me up, Jen! You are the bestest friend ever!," I yelled, sarcastically.

"Next time don't push me off the bed,' she yelled back. "And I suggest you put on a bathing suit or something under those clothes unless you want to go skinny dipping in front of Connor!" She shouted from the bathroom. "Not that he would mind," I heard her mumble.

I rolled my eyes and put on a light blue bikini that matched my eyes. I finally tamed the bird's nest of hair attached to my head and put it in a loose bun to take out later. Brushing my teeth, I looked in the closet for a towel.

Thank goodness for hotel towels

I grabbed two towels.

Pulling Jen out of the bathroom, I grabbed my purse and we rushed out to the car. I quickly texted Connor for the address and not even a full minute later, he texted back.

I put the address in the GPS and turned up the radio. We drove off singing Royals by Lorde at the top of our lungs.

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