Too Fast (A Connor Franta Fanfiction)

They meet at Taco Bell. The connection is strong. She left her bad boyfriend. What could go wrong? He's a YouTuber with fans all over the world, but he starts to fall for this one special girl. She's afraid to fall in love; he's afraid he's not good enough. Will they sail smoothly, or will the waters get rough? So many twists and turns, do you think they will last? Will they love till the end..or decide they're moving Too Fast. Copyright © princessmarra1 All Rights Reserved.


3. Chapter 3

^Connor's P.O.V.^

She was so delicate in my arms. I didn't want to let go. We lay together on the sand and watched the waves of the beach flow down to the shore."Isn't it beautiful?" She asked. "Not even half as beautiful as you." I whispered, kissing her temple. She smiled as her blue eyes burned into me. "Connor?," She asked "Hmm?" I replied, still dazed from staring at her. "Is this a dream?" She asked. "Maybe," I replied. "I just hope I never have to wake up". "But you still haven't called me," She whispered as she started to fade away. She handed me my phone from the sand and disappeared.

I woke up sweating with my phone in my hand. The dream felt so real. I called her right away. Lilly answered the phone on the first ring, like she was expecting my call. I smiled and put the phone to my ear. "Hello?" She asked. "Hey, it's Connor." I spoke. "Hey Connor. I was waiting for your call," she replied. "Oh, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long". "Oh, no. It's okay. I literally just woke up like a second ago," she said. "So did I. Were you dreaming about me?" I asked, with a hint of tease in my voice.

"Well, honestly...yes. I'm sorry if that creeps you out because we just met, but it felt so real."

"Well, if we are being honest, I dreamt about you too," I confessed. "What happened in your dream?" She asked. "It's a little embarrassing. It'll give away the effect you had on me earlier.." I smiled. "Just tell me," She whispered. "Well, we were laying on the beach watching the waves. I was holding you against my body -don't worry, our clothes were on- and we were talking.. You said that I hadn't called you yet and handed me my phone. I woke up a second later with my phone in my hand and I called you." I said, taking a deep breath.

I was scared of what she'd think. After a couple of beats of silence, I got anxious.

"Lilly?" I asked, worriedly. "I'm here," She breathed. "Are you okay?" I asked her. "Yeah, I have something to tell you, just promise me you won't freak out." "I promise," I whispered. "I had the same dream," She said calmly, but I had a feeling that she was far from calm.

I took in what she just said and replied with a smile on my face.

"Really? What does this mean?" I asked. "I don't know." She answered, slowly.

Well, I hurried to change the subject even though I felt it meant something.

"So, um, are you- I mean, are you and Jen doing anything tomorrow?" I asked. "I don't think we have anything planned," She replied. "Well, would you like to come to our place tomorrow? Um, we're having a...pool party!" I said, at the top of my head.

A pool party, really? Really, Connor? She's gonna think you just want to see her in a bikini!

"Oh, sure. That sounds like fun!" She replied. "Great," I said. "Do you want us to bring anything?" She asked. "Nope, just yourselves and a towel. I'll text you the address and you guys can come by around two, or two-thirty?" I responded. "Well, okay! Sounds like a plan! We'll see you then," She said. "Okay, great. Goodnight, Lilly, and maybe we'll meet again in our dreams," I said, smirking.

"Yeah, maybe," She said, laughing lightly. "Goodnight, Connor," She said before ending the call.

I jumped up and ran around the house looking for Ricky and Jc. I finally found them on the balcony editing a video.

"Guys, guys! Guess what?" I yelled. I didn't even wait for them to answer. "We're having a pool party tomorrow!"

Ricky looked at me with a confused face. "But we haven't been here long. Who are we going to invite?" He asked.

"The only two people that matter right now!" I replied, smiling.

He and Jc both looked at me confused this time.

"Lilly and Jen!!" I yelled, giving them a 'duh' look.

Jc jumped up, happily, and Ricky rolled his eyes. We drove straight to Target and went hunting for food.

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