Too Fast (A Connor Franta Fanfiction)

They meet at Taco Bell. The connection is strong. She left her bad boyfriend. What could go wrong? He's a YouTuber with fans all over the world, but he starts to fall for this one special girl. She's afraid to fall in love; he's afraid he's not good enough. Will they sail smoothly, or will the waters get rough? So many twists and turns, do you think they will last? Will they love till the end..or decide they're moving Too Fast. Copyright © princessmarra1 All Rights Reserved.


2. Chapter 2

 ^Lilly's P.O.V.^ 

The drive was long. I feel exhausted and starving.

Jen and I had just arrived in California a couple miles ago, from Georgia.

My ex-boyfriend, Josh, of four years dumped me yesterday, when he heard I was moving away. Well, he didn't exactly dump me, but we're not together anymore; That's for sure.I was scared to tell him I was moving, because he was the reason I was moving.

When he found out, he literally went crazy.

He was cursing and yelling and breaking things in my old house and started getting very violent and physical with me. He kept yelling that the only thing that could separate us was death and he wasn't afraid to act on that. It got to the point where I was bleeding from crawling on the floor trying to get away and him digging into my leg trying to pull me back. Eventually, the neighbors heard all the commotion and called the police, and he got escorted out of the neighborhood.

His last words were, "You're mine, and once I get out, I'll make sure you know that."

We've never had a healthy relationship, but that's because his temper and possessiveness always got the best of him.I couldn't leave him, though; That was my only problem. I caught him cheating on so much occasions, but I never left him. Through our four years of dating, this was the first time he really put his hands on me. 

Okay, that's not true. 

This was the first time he'd really out his hands on me at my house where people could possibly hear him.Other than that, he'd only freak out on me one day of the year and I could bear that; But yesterday, things got out of hand.

Jen came over and cried with me. She comforted me, till I was all cried out. I told her the whole story and she was pissed. I knew I should've told her sooner, like when he started hurting me, but I couldn't. Eventually, she cooled down.

We decided it would be best for us to leave that night. I knew Josh was going to look for me, his threats and actions made clear of that. 

I had to go somewhere far, far away from there.

Twenty-three hours later, here we are in California eating Taco Bell and chatting about different apartments in the area. I was about to bring my taco back to my mouth, when something told me to look up in that second.

With short paranoia that Josh had found me so quickly, I looked up. 

I found the most piercing green eyes staring back at me, and I felt my heart stop.It felt like we were held in time for like an hour, but it could only have been a minute at most.

I felt my face get red and hot, so I looked away as quickly as I could. After finishing my food, I was getting ready to leave, when I felt someone's presence beside me. I looked up to see green eyes looking down at me.

My heart leaped in my chest, but I prayed he couldn't tell. 

He had dirty blonde hair and a thin kissable lips.

He started talking, until Jen cut him off. She started raving about him, like I should know him, but if I'm being completely honest; I think I would remember her telling me about the handsome god looking down at me right now. The only thing I got from her rant session was that he's in a Youtube group and his name is Connor. I was so confused, so I asked her if she knew him. Then she started talking about her "long lost love", Jimmy Fallon. No, I'm kidding; Jc Caylen. 

Now, this is the guy that I've heard about a million times.A couple of minutes later, guess who just happens to walk over? The one and only Jc Caylen! I was certainly shocked, but Jen went berserk.She jumped up and squeezed him extremely hard. Jc looked like he actually enjoyed it, though.All I could do was just sit in my seat, embarrassed. 

I looked up at the boy, sorrily, and he winked. I started blushing again, and looked. He introduced himself as I did the same. His friend, Ricky, who is also a YouTuber, walked over and boldly asked us all to exchange numbers. 

I smiled for a picture for Connor, and Jen did the same for Jc. Jen and I walked to our car and I ignored the urge to look back at Connor. We got in the car, cheered for a little bit, then drove back to our hotel. 

I stayed up for a while searching for apartments online. It's taking me a while to get used to the fact that I'm safe for now, and that Josh wouldn't come looking for me so soon. Not across the country, at least.

Pushing him from my mind, I started to think about Connor. His face popped into my mind. Those green eyes would probably haunt me in my sleep. I knew he has said that he'd call me later. He didn't seem like the type of guy who would wait forever to call and I wasn't the desperate type of girl to wait by the phone. 

So I pleasantly closed my eyes and gave into sleep.

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