Too Fast (A Connor Franta Fanfiction)

They meet at Taco Bell. The connection is strong. She left her bad boyfriend. What could go wrong? He's a YouTuber with fans all over the world, but he starts to fall for this one special girl. She's afraid to fall in love; he's afraid he's not good enough. Will they sail smoothly, or will the waters get rough? So many twists and turns, do you think they will last? Will they love till the end..or decide they're moving Too Fast. Copyright © princessmarra1 All Rights Reserved.


1. Chapter 1

(A/N: This is my first Connor Franta Fanfiction, so please bear with me. It gets better, I promise!)

^Connor's P.O.V.^

"Well, other than that, I'm gonna go! So, today we talked about, coffee and how I'm obsessed with cats.." *closes hand on camera*

(A/N: How he originally ended his videos :D )

I just finished another video for my Youtube collab-channel, Our Second Life, that I make with my close friends, Jc, Ricky, Kian, Sam, and Trevor. I edited the video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Exhausted as I was, I curled up in bed for a nap.

*one hour later*

I rolled over on my bed and grabbed my phone from my nightstand. "I'm late!" I yelled, jumping out of bed. I ran to the bathroom to take a shower.

Jc and Ricky, my housemates, had scheduled for us to meet at Taco Bell today. We meet there for lunch frequently because they're always gone by the time I wake up for breakfast.

They said to meet them at one o' clock and right now it's one-fifteen.

By the time I made it out of the door to my car, it was one-thirty. I'm praying they won't hate me for being so late. I pulled up to the Taco Bell, at least a seven minute drive from my house, and got out of my car.

I hurried inside to see Ricky and Jc sitting down, waiting for me. "Thanks for not ordering yet, guys," I smiled at them. "No problem, Con," Ricky said, tapping the table.

"Yeah, we were waiting for a while and I was just about to activate my Connor Tracking Chip that I implanted in your brain while you were asleep," Jc said with a serious face. "Your w-what?" I stuttered, getting a look from the old couple beside us."I'm joking!" Jc said, laughing. "Not funny!" I said, hitting my hands on the table.

We got up to the counter and ordered our tacos.

For some reason, this Taco Bell has been quite barren a lot lately.

We walked back to our seats.

"Did you hear Tyler's back in Cali?" Ricky said. "That's great!" I smiled.

Ricky took out his phone, while Jc was already on his. Nothing bad about this. We're internet kids. I was about to take out my phone too, but something inside me told me to look up at that exact moment.

I raised my head and my eyes locked with the most beautiful baby blues I have ever seen.

After what felt like an hour, but could've only been a few seconds, the girl blushed and looked down at her taco.

Who is she and why haven't I seen her here before?

"Earth to Connor!" Ricky said, as he snapped his fingers in front of my face. "W-what?" I stammered, snapping out of my daze."Take a picture, it'll last longer," he mumbled, smiling.

I looked back up at the girl. She had silky blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. She was wearing a purple shirt that had a faded arrow on it. Right now, she was laughing at something her friend was saying. Her whole face lit up when she laughed.

"Con, are you okay?" Jc asked. "No," I said. "Who. Is. That." I breathed, pointing to the table with the girls.

Jc turned around, very casually, to see what had me so hooked. He looked at the blonde casually, but when his eyes landed on her friend, he froze. Honestly, looking at her now, her friend is really pretty. She had brown hair and dark brown eyes. But the blonde!

She was exquisite.

We ordered, ate, and chatted for a while, but I couldn't stop looking back at my mystery girl. She finished her meal with her friend and was about to leave, when I mustered all the courage I possibly could, and walked over to their table.

They looked up surprised, but I swear I saw joy in her eyes, so I talked fast."Hi there! I'm-" I started, but got cut off. "Connor Franta! Oh my god, I know!" The brunette yelled, and jumped with excitement. "I know who you are! You make YouTube videos with the group O2L and you guys are awesome!" She gushed.

"Well, thank you very much," I smiled, but my mystery girl looked confused. "Jen, you know him?" She asked, with her eyebrow raised.

"Yes, remember the guy Jc Caylen that I've been raving on about for the past year? You know, the cute YouTuber, but you didn't really want to watch the videos? Well, this is Connor Franta and they're in the same YouTube group!" Jen said, happily."Oh, well, you didn't tell me about everyone in the group." She said looking up at me, then looking away.

"Did I hear my name?" Jc asked, walking up behind me. Jen practically exploded, turning red, and covering her face; Then looking up to see if he was still there. She jumped from her seat and squeezed the life out of Jc.

Mystery girl gave me an apologetic look and I winked, which caused her to blush.

She finally spoke to me. "I'm sorry, Jen just really loves you guys," She said, smiling."And what about you?" I asked her. Okay, we're having a conversation. That's good."Honestly, I don't know much about any of you, except that you get my best friend very excited," She replied, shrugging.

I chuckled, "Well, I think I can change that for you. As you know, I'm Connor Franta," Don't say anything weird. Just tell her about yourself. "Um, I'm twenty. I love cats. I'm fully male," That was weird. "..I'm a YouTuber . I was raised in Minnesota, but I moved here recently. I live with Jc right here, and my friend Ricky over there," I said pointing to Ricky at the next table.

She looked over at Ricky, then looked back at me, took a deep breath, and replied.

"Well, I'm Lilly." She paused. "Lilly Sparks. I love all pets, except lizards. They creep me out." She made a weird face. "I'm fully female, and currently jobless. I just moved here recently with Jen, from Georgia. She's right there fawning over Jc," She said a little embarrassed.

So her name's Lilly. It's a beautiful name. I reached out and shook her hand and felt a warm tingle of electricity run through my arm. She must have felt it too, because she gasped and released her hand.

We looked over at Jen and Jc. Jen was finished fangirling, and Jc was smiling at her with an adoring look in his eyes. Ricky walked over and being the fearless guy that he is, he blatantly said, "Hello, my name is Ricky, as Connor mentioned. Since we don't know much people here, as you girls probably don't either, then maybe you two lovely ladies would like to exchange numbers with Jc and Connor and maybe we can see each again sometime soon." He said, with ease and a killer smile.

Jc, Jen, Lilly, and I all smiled and turned to each other.We took out our phones and started passing them around. I got Lilly's number and Jc got Jen's number.

"Can I get a picture?" I asked Lilly without thinking. She looked worried. Connor, that's because you're a creep. I quickly coughed, "for the called I.D." I said, playing it off. She nodded and smiled for the picture. "Perfect," I said.


Jen posed for a picture for Jc. We said our goodbyes and I promised Lilly that I would call her later. They started to turn around and I instantly felt a strong pang in my chest over her walking away, but I quickly brushed it off and walked out of the Taco Bell with Ricky and Jc. The second we drove off and were out of sight, Jc and I started high-fived each other at getting their numbers.

"See, you guys? First week in Cali, and you already met some girls. Bet you there will be more to come!" Ricky said, smiling widely.

Jc and I smiled for a second, too, but instantly got quiet. I don't know if it were for the same reason, but I can probably guess it was. I don't know why I'm so stuck on some beautiful girl I literally just met, but I just feel very sure that I don't want more to come. I don't know why, but I feel certain.

I wanted to call Lilly the second I got home, but I wasn't going to rush to call her and seem desperate; Then again I'm also not the "Wait Three Days" kind of guy either. I want to give her enough time to think over what happened and expect my call, but not long enough to wait forever and she forgets who I am.

So I promised myself I'd text or call her in an hour or so, and decided to take a quick nap.

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