The Forbidden Forest

Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers
Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters
A man who's pure of heart and says his prayers by night
May still become a wolf when the autumn moon is bright
-Florence and the Machine


3. Chapter Three

Despite the somber atmosphere, the Weasley home was always on the move. Elise laid in bed for a long time watching the posters on the walls with the people who flew on broomsticks in and out of the frames. Sometimes she saw them visiting other posters. Sometimes they just sat there, staring off into space as if they weren’t paper and had their own thoughts.

Even though she never left the room, she could hear the house. She could hear the thumping of footsteps on the stairs and the floors above her. Sometimes laughter drifted from far away. There were times when she even thought she heard someone crying. And once or twice she heard a groaning sound that came from far above.

Remus never returned. After he had left Elise in the upstairs bedroom, she heard him say goodbye to whoever was downstairs. Later that day as she sat there listening to all of those lively sounds she finally heard feet on the stairs and a tap on the door. She rolled over, wincing from the aching pain, and faced the door. When it opened a woman with curly red hair smiled in at her.

“Hello, dear. How are you feeling?” she asked. Elise wasn’t sure how to respond. But the woman seemed so warm and friendly that the truth didn’t seem the right answer.

“I’m alright,” she said. The woman pushed the door opened and stepped inside with various bottles balanced on a tray in her hands. Her mother, Patricia, followed along behind her, so Elise focused her attention on her. Her face was tired, her eyes were red, and it appeared as if she hadn’t slept, ate, or lived in days. She was holding another tray, but this one was balancing a steaming bowl.

“Hello, sweetheart,” she said softly as she set the tray down on the stand beside the bed.

The redheaded woman bustled over to the other side and deposited the tray of strange bottles on the nightstand. Then she reached for an oil lamp and turned up the flame so that the room wasn’t so dark. Patricia cautiously took a seat on the bed beside her daughter and pressed her hand against the girl’s burning forehead. Elise’s eyes fluttered closed at her cool touch.

“How are you feeling?” Patricia asked. “And I want you to be honest with me. We can’t help you if you don’t tell the truth.” Elise sighed heavily and opened her eyes again.

“My skin feels hot,” she told her. “But my bones feel cold. My body can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold. And everything hurts. But mostly my leg.” Patricia gave a sympathetic smile.

“I know, darling. This is Molly Weasley. This is her home. She’s a witch like in the stories you like. She’s going to do her best to help you.” Elise turned her eyes on the unfamiliar woman, watching her uncork one of the bottles. Mrs. Weasley gave her kind smile again.

“I’m afraid there isn’t much I can do,” she told the girl. “At least not for a werewolf bite.” Elise glanced at her mother just in time to see her expression fall. She looked down at the moth-eaten blanket. “I can take some of the pain, though, and I can help you get some sleep. But you will need to eat first. This potion works quickly.”

“Like a magic potion?” Elise asked. She smiled again and nodded her head.

“Yes, a magic potion. And someday you will learn how to make potions too.” Elise felt herself smile back.

“Do you really think I can be a witch like you?” Mrs. Weasley sat down beside her, jostling the bed and squeezing her between the two older women.

“I think you’ll be better,” she said. “Now eat up. You must be starved.”

“I suppose I am. I hadn’t noticed.”

Patricia helped Elise to sit and Molly helped her eat the simple broth. It made her feel better, but she couldn’t eat very much before she grew tired again. But once Mrs. Weasley was satisfied that she had enough, she reached for the tray and lifted a potion bottle and a spoon.

Elise was apprehensive at first because she didn’t know if she would feel the magic or whatever ingredients were inside the potion. But it tasted bitter like old medicine, and there were no strange or unfamiliar feelings. Mrs. Weasley and her mother helped her lie back on the pillows, and she immediately drifted off to sleep.



Sorry this is so short! Like I said, I'm just making shit up as I go along. I just knew I wanted more Weasley's. Even if just for a minute.

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